This is a summary of the week 3 game in an escalation league at my GW store. Posted the first 2 games earlier. At this point, armies where 1000pts and allowed up to: 3 troops, 1 HQ, 1 fast attack, and or 1 HS. My opponent was Martin, playing space marines (so in 3 games, I played against all 3 marine players in the league).

My army: <<chapter Bruinor>>
Chaplain w/bolt pistol, termie honors
Command squad x5 w/two meltaguns
2 tac squads x10 w/melta gun, heavy bolter, powerfist sergeant
1 tac squad x10 w/melta gun, lighting claws sergeant

All troops had infiltrate.

Martin’s army: <<chapter Ultramarine>>
Master w/power weapon, plasma pistol
2 tac squads x8 w/flamer, missle launcher
1 rhino
dev squad x5 w/heavy bolter, missle launcher, plasma cannon, lascannon
biker squad x3 w/no upgrades

I think that’s right.

The scenario:
The store had a specialty scenario called unplanned assault. Basically, we roll on turn 3 to see what the objectives are. Deployment is basic troops choices only, awesome.
The battle:
The deployment zones are lopsided and diagonal. I wind up with the larger side. All my guys infiltrate, so he has to deploy his two squads first. The rhino is on a board edge in the middle of his zone, and the foot squad deploys in a large office building to my left. I deploy 1 squad as close to the office as possible, and the other two in the middle of the board.
My turn 1:
I get first turn, and run forward.
Martin turn 1:
Moves his rhino towards my squads, and disembarks behind it. Fires at us with a missle launcher.
My turn 2:
The command squad and whirlie arrive. Both are VERY far from the enemy.
Advance all the squads, pop the rhino with a meltagun. It explodes, killing one ultra, and 2 of my marines. I shoot his rhino squad with the whirlwind, no kills.

Martin turn 2:
Shoots up one of my tac squads pretty bad, they fall back. His bikers and dev squad arrive. The bikes assault my tac squad near the office. No casualties on either side.
My turn 3:
<<<I roll for the mission objectives: Seek and Destroy!>>>
Advance with the tac and command squads that can. Whirlwind kills one ultra in the rhino squad. The lightning claw squad assaults his rhino squad, barely making it into base to base. We kill a biker in the ongoing cc.
Martin turn 3:
The office building squad shoots up my tac squad that just rallied, only 3 marines left. Quite a thorn in my side! His devs kill 2 marines in the command squad (las and plasma cannon). I kill the rest of his bikers with some fancy powerfist attacks. The rhino squad begins losing their combat. Badly.
My turn 4:
My whirlwind is out of range of everything, and stupidly deployed behind a wall that traps it against the board edge, doh! My tac squad that killed off the bikers advances on the offices, meltaing a marine, then charges. We lose one marine, then pile in. The rhino squad breaks and is wiped out.
Martin turn 4:
He rolls another 1 on his reserves roll for the master. The devs blast away again, finishing off a tac squad. His office squad loses several marines in cc, breaks. We catch them. I didn’t realize it, but he should have lost more guys due to being outnumbered under the “no retreat? rules.
My turn 5:
My command squad has made it to mid-table. I melta the devastator sergeant, and assault the rest of the dev squad. I wipe out his office squad. And consolidate partially out of the office. I kill 3 dev marines in cc.
Martin turn 5:
His master arrives and assaults the ongoing devastator combat, killing 2 of my marines.
My turn 6:
My other tac squad assaults the devastators/master cc mess. We finish off the devastators. The master misses everything.
Martin turn 6:
The master misses everything again. We are unable to damage him.

My forces:
1 chaplain undamaged
1 command squad x4
1 tac squad x6 powerfist squad
1 tac squad x5 lightning claw squad
1 whirlwind undamaged

Martins forces:
1 master undamaged

I win with massively more victory points. We shake.

I probably should have deployed all my squads by the offices. Enemies in cover are a pain, and I was not able to concentrate my forces as well as I could have. The only players left are eldar, tau, tyranids. I have a post in the SM army lists forum if anyone has thoughts on the next 250pts for next week. Thanks for r