Here’s a battle report. My Tau versus my friend’s Eldar. The game was Seek and Destroy, Objective: Annihilation. 1000 points

Tau army list:
Shas’O with plasma rifle, missile pod, drones, target lock, shield generator, multi-tracker
Bodyguard-plasma, missiles, drones, and multi-tracker.
Bodyguard-with plasma, fusion blaster, target lock, drones
2 squads of fire warriors, bonded, shas’ui, markerlights, and drones
Hammerhead with railgun, smart missiles, decoy launchers, target lock, disruption pod.

Eldar (Biel-tan)Army List:
Farseer (joining the scorpions)
Dire Avengers with warlock
Dark reapers with warlock
Striking scorpions (with Seer)

The table had 6 pieces of terrain, evenly spaced. (FW’s will be noted with a number so that you can tell which squad)
From left to right: ‘Head behind terrain that FW1’s were in the suits also behind, a few feet to the right other FW2’s deployed next to terrain with Aun’shi. The Falcon was behind terrain across from the ‘head. Dire avengers made a line across that terrain to the next terrain, witch the Scorpions were on the other side of.. The reapers were in terrain across from the suits, with the lord in front of them. The Eldar won first turn.

Turn One: Eldar.
Used a bunch of defensive powers from the warlocks and seer. The Avengers, ‘Lord, and Scorpions moved forward. The falcon leaps forward and kills drone in FW1’s squad. The reapers killed a drone in FW2’s squad.

Turn One: Tau
FW2 shoots Avengers, none killed. FW1 shoots Scorpions, 1 killed. Hammerhead blasts a main round from its railgun and destroys the Falcon. The suits kill 3 Avengers.

Turn Two: Eldar
Avengers, ‘Lord, and Scorpions move forward. Reapers kill nothing.

Turn Two: Tau
FW2 rapid fires on the avengers, and Smart missiles finish the Exarch.

Turn Three: Eldar
Wraithlord kills a drone from the battlesuits, and the reapers finish off the drones. Each bodyguard has one wound left. Scorpions continue to advance.

Turn Three: Tau
Railgun wounds the Wraithlord. Both fire warrior squads, the suits and the smart missiles shoot the scorpions and kill five.

Turn Four: Eldar
The scorpions and farseer shoot the FW2 and kill 5. They charge, and the warriors kill 1, and Aun’shi kills none.

Turn Four: Tau
Suits shoot lord and wound. ‘Head shoots and misses. The Scorpions finish off the FW2’s and Aun’shi. Consolidate near the suits.

Turn Five: Eldar
Dark reapers move closer to the action (although they are still miles away).
Scorpions charge the Shas’O and drop him to a wound. The ‘O kills one.

Turn Five: Tau
‘Head finishes the Wraithlord. FW1 can’t do anything. (has 11 in squad)
The scorpions fail to kill the ‘O, who fails to kill any of them.

Turn Six: Eldar
Moves the reapers. Finishes the ‘O and consolidates towards the FW1.

Turn Six: Tau
The Hammerhead moves in between the scorpions and the FW1. A submunition round wounds four dark reapers, but 2 are saved from their Warlock’s conceal, and 2 die. The smart missiles and the FW1 together kill 2 Striking Scorpions, leaving the Exarch and the Seer.

This is getting tedious. To ease the end of the story (not much left anyway): The Scorpion and Seer killed 4 FW with Eldritch storm and pistol shot. The Warriors and Smart missiles killed the seer and Exarch. The ‘Head dances with the Reapers who are moving between cover. A first submunition round hits, but most are saved with Conceal. A second round kills them.

My Tau won with a Hammerhead and Fire Warrior squad remaining.