2500ish Tau/Eldar vs 2000ish Space Marines - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    43 (x3)

    2500ish Tau/Eldar vs 2000ish Space Marines

    Ok, this is all from memory and was basically a friendly game, so if any rules are wrong, it doesn't really matter.

    The objective was to get the most scoring units into the enemies deployment zone. We set our units up to 15'' on the long ends of the board.

    Terrain. The bottom right corner (from my perspective) had 3 houses and a graveyard. There was a small grove of trees 30'' to the left. The left half of the board on my side (Tau side) had randomly placed wall sections and a big rock in the corner (to hide my Ionhead). The top right area had another grove of trees, the upper left also had trees and some ruins.

    Armies. My Tau Highland Brigade.
    Aun'Anbhas (Aun'Shi for game purposes)
    Shas'O Buaigh'Ar with TL Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, HW Multi-Track

    2 Crisis Suits (Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Multi-T) Bonded *Deepstruck*
    2 Crisis Suits (Burst Cannon, Missile Pod, Multi-T) Bonded
    6 Stealth Suits (Bonded) *Deepstruck*

    12 Fire Warriors x 2 (Bonded, 12 Pulse Rifles)
    12 Fire Warriors (Bonded, 5 Carbines, 7 Rifles)
    Kroot Carnies (Shaper, 6+ Sv)

    8 Pathfinders (3 Rail Rifles, 5 Carbines)
    8 Gun Drones *Deepstruck*
    2 Kroot Hounds

    Ionhead (Burst Cannon, Multi-T, Target Lock)
    Railhead (SMS, Same upgrades)
    2 Broadsides (SMS, Multi-T)

    The Eldar
    Farseer (Spear, Mind War)
    5 Wraithguard
    Wave Serpent (Starcannon?, Held Warlock and Wraithguard)
    10? Jetbikes
    Some Storm Guardians

    SMURF 1
    Chaplain (Power Weapon, Pistol)
    Assault Squad
    5 Termies (2 Assault Cannons)
    Attack Bike
    Tactical Squad with Lascannon x 2

    SMURF 2 (Dark Angels)
    Terminator Command Squad (assault Cannons) *Deepstruck*
    2 Tactical Squads in Rhinos (Plasma Gun, Rhinos had Smoke)
    Venerable Dreadnought Neo (DDCCW, Assault Cannon, Storm Bolter, Smoke)

    Aun'Anbhas when into the Graveyard, as did the Broadsides (protected by the houses). The 2nd Crisis team went in behind a house. The Pathfinders stayed in thier Fish, which sat behind the grove of trees near the houses. The Fire Warriors lined up in a straight line, with the Kroot in front of them. The Tanks flanked the Fire Warriors with the Ion on the Left. Shas'O Buaigh'Ar went behind his Fire Warriors to boost Morale (and to minimize shooting).

    The Eldar deployed everything save the bikes near the village. The Bikes went by the Fire Warriors.

    The Angels put a Rhino Squad on each end of the board. The Dreadnought deployed straight across from the Fire Warriors.

    The Other marines put a Tactical squad in the Ruins, the other in the top right forest.
    An assault squad went around the Dreadnought. The Chaplain went with the Assault Squad. The Attack bike sat between the Ruins and the top left forest.

    I played the Tau, Lost Nemisis played SMURF 1. 2 Non-LO memebers took the other two spots. So Lost Nemisis...anything to add before we go on to the action?

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    Blood for the Blood God! Beer for the Bronze Keg!

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    830 (x8)

    The Marines owned. ^_^ 'Nuff said.

    "My" army (friends BA that I used as normal Marines):

    Chaplain w/ P. Pistol, Crozius, Jump Pack, T. Honours, Teleport Homer
    Master w/ Termie Armour, Lightning Claws x2

    Two 7 (or man Tactical Squads w/ 1 Lascannon

    Single attack bike w/ Heavy Bolter

    Assault Squad w/ ... 7 or 8, including Vet. Sergeant w/ T. Honours and two plasma pistols in the squad. (Chaplain led)

    Command Squad w/ 6 Terminators, including 2 Assault Cannons, all w/ storm bolters/p. fists (or the cannons)...(Master led)

    My other friend's army:

    Dark Angels (played as generic marines)

    Master w/ Termie Armour, Lightning Claws

    Full 10-man Terminator squad (normal) w/ two assault cannons

    Two 10-man Tactical Squads including Vet. Sarges w/ Power Weapons mounted in Rhinos

    Venerable Dreadnought - Lord Neo!!! w/ Assault Cannon

    I believe that's it with the SM.

    Don't exactly know everything by turns, but the end result (roughly 2850 vs. roughly 2100 or so) in the Recon mission was:

    Space Marine Scoring Units: 3 (in enemy deployment)
    Tau/Eldar Scoring Units: 1 (in enemy deployment)

    If the next turn had been played out, I believe more scoring units for both sides would have been included.

    Give me a hundred Space Marines. Or, failing that, give me a thousand other troops.
    Quite accurate.

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    With Oden On Our Side... The Doctor's Avatar
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    I'm on a boat!
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    43 (x3)

    Perhaps, I will admit that I did not really look for "Close" units on the Space Marine side. But had the 6th turn been played, there would've been no more Eldar.

    I'll try to remember what happened by turns....Space Marines got first turn.

    Space Marine Turn 1.
    Movement. The Attack Bike moved forward, as did the Dreadnought and both Rhinos, who deployed smoke launchers. The Assault Squad moved forward as well.

    Shooting. Both Lascannons attempted to take out the Railhead, but to no avail. the Attack Bike took out a couple kroot, don't remember Eldar casualties.

    Assault. None.

    Taudar Turn 1.
    Movement. The Burst Cannon Crisis Team hoped over a house to gain LOS on the Rhino squad. The Pathfinders disembarked and the Guardians moved forward through the trees.

    Shooting. The Railhead shot at the Dreadnought, but the smoke prevented the penetrating hit, making it only a glance. The result, Can move but not shoot next turn. The Broadsides destroyed the right Rhino, the Crisis Suits killed one Marine from the Rhino. The first line of Fire Warriors also made a kill or two.

    Assault. Crisis Suits move back behind house.

    Space Marine Turn 2.
    Movement. The Terminators all fail to come in. The Left Rhino, Attack Bike, Dreadnought, and Assault squad all moved forward.

    Shooting. Attack Bike kills 1-2 Kroot, Dreadnought misses with Assault Cannon *I believe*, and once again the Lascannons fail to damage the Railhead. The Right Tactical squad shoot at the Guardians...nothing happens. (Maybe one loss)

    Assault. The Attack Bike assaults the Kroot, killing 2. The Kroot then take off 1 wound. I believe that was all this turn.

    TauDar Turn 2.
    Movement. The second Crisis Team and Stealth Team arrive from Deepstrike. The Gun Drones do not. Again, the Crisis hop over the house. The Shas'O runs to the right.

    Shooting. Railhead drops a Sub-Munition on the Tactical Squad in the Ruins, kills 2. Ionhead immobilises the left Rhino. Stealth Suits unload into the back of the Dreadnought, destroying it's Assault Cannon and Immobilising it. Plasma Crisis Team kills a Marine or two in woods. Broadside hits but fails to would a Marine *stupid 1s*. Jetbikes do something...

    Assault. Crisis Team goes back behind house and Shas'O goes to right again.

    Space Marine Turn 3.
    Movement. Assault Squad gets close to Kroot. Left Rhino Squad gets out. Marines from destroyed Rhino turn toward the Guardians.

    Shooting. Finally the Lascannons do something! They hit both the Ion and Railheads, getting the Crew Stunned effect *No move or shoot*. More Kroot die, I think a Guardian dies too.

    Assault. Attack Bike and Assault Squad w/ Chaplain kill all Kroot. Don't remember what all went on there...

    The Plasma Crisis Team continued to take out 1 or 2 Tactical Marines in the forest per turn, and 1 Suit was felled by the Lascannon. All Ld. tests passed. The Railhead was destroyed by some Termies, where the Ionhead just lost it's main gun. It continued to kill Marines with the Burst Cannon. The Stealth Suits were shot down to one man, who passed all Ld Tests and sat in the corner. The Pathfinders were all killed by Terminators, but their Devilfish killed 1 or two. The Gun Drones harrased whomever they saw, never killing more than 1 or 2 Marines. The Broadsides killed a few guys. The Wraithguard finally got out of the Wave Serpent to kill a couple Termies, then were killed. Farseer Mind Wared someone, Aun'Anbhas watched from the corner, never in any danger.

    End of Game results. Space Marines had 3 scoring units in position, Tau had 1 *stupid Eldar all dying* Tau had 1 Stealth Suit, 1 Cannonless Ionhead, 2 unharmed Broadsides, 6 of 8 Gun Drones, 1 unharmed Plasma Crisis, 2 unharmed Burst Crisis, a Shas'O with 2 wounds left, and Aun'Anbhas, who had not been touched. Also, a Devilfish was still buzzing around. And the Farseer was somewhere.

    Space Marines had two squads of 2-4 Termies, 1 Tactical Squad under half strength, 1 missing 3 or 4 guys, a useless Dreadnought, and some DA Tactical Marines being shot up by the Ionhead.

    Objectivly, Tau were soundly beaten. Militaristically, We stood a damn fine chance to win.

    All in all, it was a good game to knock the rust off *haven't played in 3+ months* and to just have fun. Maybe next time I'll get a game that doesn't heavily favor the Marines ^_^
    Half Gods are worshiped with Wine and Flowers. Real Gods are worshiped in Blood.

    Blood for the Blood God! Beer for the Bronze Keg!

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