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Thread: Batlle Report

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    Batlle Report

    I had a game against my freinds Tyranids yesterday and want to post it for you guys. It was my second time playing a Mech list and my first going against the "new" Nids. This is my first battle report so please let me know how I do.

    Mech Tau: (1500)

    Plasma, Burst, SG, hw MT, BSF (134pts)

    ELITES (x2)
    Monat Crisis
    Fusion, Missles, MT (122pts)

    Stealth Suits x6
    Bonded, Team Ldr w/ ML (215pts)

    Pathfinders x8
    Bonded, Railrifles x2, Fish w/MT, DL, TA (246pts)

    FAST ATTACK (x2)
    Gun Drones x6 (144pts)

    TROOPS (x2)
    Firewarriors x12
    Bonded, Fish w/MT, DL, TA (460pts)

    Two BC, MT, TL, DL, DF (175pts)

    Total: 1496 pts

    Nids: (don't know codex so bear w/ me)

    Hive Tyrant
    Venom Cannon, Enhanced Chitin? (2+), probably CC goodies also
    Tyrant Gaurd x1

    Tyranid Warriors x4
    Venom Cannon x1, Rending x2, Scything x1, goo spit? (dont know how many)

    TROOPS (x2)
    Shooty Gaunts x12 (can never remember which are horms and terms)
    w/out number

    TROOPS (x3)
    Genestealers x12
    Scuttlers, think that was it

    Slashy Gaunts x16
    Scything Talons, something called "THE BEAST"!

    Flesh hooks, other stuff I think

    Total: ?

    Wheh! on to deployment then.

    We Played on a beautiful 6x4 table given to the shop by the wonderful folk at GW. It had stepped banks on each side leading to a green river in the middle (3 steppes each side).
    A few smell woods and crystal formations dotted landscape as well as a bunker on my left side of the table.

    I deployed, from left to right about 10" in;(LEFT) Railhead behind bunker, Shas'o behind Crystal Terrain.(MIDDLE) FW (squad A) outside Fish, Crisis(A) behind Crystal, PF's outside Fish in woods for cover, FW ( outside Fish, Drones(A) out in front of middle firing line.(RIGHT) Crisis( behind a small woods, Stealths, Drones(.

    He deployed at edge of his DZ (from my point of veiw on my side)LEFT)Genestealers(A),
    Shooties(A).(MIDDLE)Warriors, Shooties(, Slashies, Tyrant.(RIGHT)Genestealers(, Genestealers(C). All genestealers made full scuttle moves.

    He got first turn. Uh'Oh

    Movement:Whole army moved closer (duh!)

    Shootingverthing fleeted but he made poor rolls(nothin above a 3)

    Assault:Genestealers(C) being the only squad to fleet 3" assaulted. got base to base w/ my entire right flank(crisis, stealths & drones)!killed drones, crisis, and 1 stealth but stealths held killing 2 in return.

    Movement:Railhead moved 6" from behind bunker, Shas'O jumped w/in range of Genestealers(A),FW(A)embarked and moved to left flank towards Genestealers(A), Crisis(A) jumped into range of Genestealers(, PF's held ground, drones(A) moved foward to block Slashies charge, FW(, being too close to combat on right flank embarked in Fish and moved 12" left putting empty PF Fish between.

    ShootingF's lit up Genestealers(, 4 hits. Railhead used light and fired SubRG at GS(, guess what i rolled? you know it, a 1! PF Fish and Fish( used light for BC's on GS(, killed 5. Crisis used last light for Missles and killed 1. Fish drones and Drones(A) killed 4 more. Railhead fired BC's at GS(A) killing 5. Fish(A) killed 2 and Shas'O killed 3.

    Assault:Cisis jumped behind crystal, HQ jumped away from GS(A), Drones(A) moved 1" into face of Slashy Gaunts. Stealths were wiped out by rends alone! GS(C) consolidated 1".

    Movement:Lictor appeared in woods w/ PF's. Everything moved foward. nuff' said.

    Shootingverything fleeted, again nothing above a 3! Slashy gaunts were circled around Drones(A) for max attacks. Tyrant shot VC at Fish(, crew shaken.

    Assault:GS(A) w/ 2 left, assaulted Railhead w/ rending for no effect. Slashy gaunts ripped up Drones(A), consolidated 1". GS( w/ 2 left assaulted Fish( for no effect. GS(C) w/10 left assaulted PF fish and caused glancing 6 wrecking it, consolidated 1", PF Drones survive. (3 D6 consolidations so far all 1's!) Lictor charged PF's and wounded once....SAVED! PF's fought back causing a wound(TAKE THAT BUG!). Lictor used hit and run 14" behind GS(C).

    Movement:Railhead moved 6". Fish(A) w/ FW inside moved 12" up left side of table. Shas'O moved towards right flank, as did Crisis(A). Fish Drones(A) disembarked near GS( w/ PF Fish Drones. Fish( moved behind GS(C) and unloaded FW's in rapid range. PF's moved through woods 2" to gain LOS on GS(C).

    Shootingn right flank FW( and PF's combined fire to wipe out GS(C). Detached Fish Drones [( and PF] and Crisis fired at GS( killing one. The other was out of synapse and ran w/ boxcars. Shas'O fired at tyrant squad to no effect. Fish( fired BC at lictor killing it. Fish(A) fired at Shooties(A) killing none (they were in cover and made 3 saves). Railhead fired BC's at GS(A) wiping out last 2. Railhead fired SubRG at Slashies and rolled a 2.@#$*!

    Assault:suits moved away from bugs.

    Movement:Warriors moved w/in assault range of Fish(A) on Left Flank. Shooty gaunts moved foward. Tyrant moved foward. Slashy gaunts move w/in Assault range of FW(. Lone GS( regrouped from tyrant and moved towards detached drones of Fish(.

    Shooting:Tyrant fired VC at Fish( to no effect. Warriors fired VC at Fish(A) to no efftect. Shooties( fired at Fish Drones( killing them.

    Assault:Warriors assaulted Fish(A) w/ rending, nuthin. Slashies assaulted FW( killing only 2(I made 8 saves). FW( kills 2 in return tying combat! Lone GS( kills Fish Drones(. consolidates...1"!

    Movement:Fish(A) moves 6"away from warriors and drops FW's in rapid range. Railhead moves 6" towards center. Shas'O moves w/in 18" of Tyrant. Crisis moves towards Tyrant and Lone GS(. PF's move towards FW( and Slashies combat.

    Shooting:Crisis fires at Lone GS( miising all shots. Shas'O is decides to shoot at GS( as well ovekilling it. FW(A) and Fish rapids Warriors killing Two. Railhead fires BC's at warriors killing 1 more. Fires SubRG...A 2!

    Assault: PF's join FW( in fight against Slashies. Bugs kill 4, FW's PF's kill4. Tied again! Suits jumpback towards table edge(running outa room).

    Movement:Lone Warrior moves towards FW(A). Tyrant, Shooties(A) and ( move towards Suits.

    Shooting: Tyrant uses VC to destroy BC on Fish(. Shooties( shoot fleshbores at Shas'o causing 1 unsaved wound. Shooties(A) just out of range of HQ.

    Assaultlashies cause FW( to flee off table but 3 remaining PF's hold. Warrior kills 1 FW(A) and takes 1 wound in return tieing combat.

    Movement:Both suits draw LOS to Tyrant. Railhead moves 6" toward left flank.

    Shootinghas'o and Crisis fire everything at Tyrant to no effect. Fish(A) and Railhead fire BC's at Shooties(A) killing all but 2. Railhead fires SubRG at Shooties(....A 1! @#$*!

    Assault: Crisis move away from Tyrant and Shooties( but dangerously close to Slashies who make short work of PF's and consolidate towards them. Warrior and FW(A) cause no wounds to each other and stay in combat.

    Movementhooties(A) are out of synapse and move towards warrior. Shootis( move towards Shas'O, so does Tyrant.

    Shooting:Tyrant fires VC at Shas'O but misses all. Shooties( cause 1 more unsaved wound on Shas'O. Shooties(A) fleet towrads combat w/ FW(A).

    Assaulthooties(A) join combat and w/ warrior kill two FW's who fail to fight back and are swept. Slashies assault HQ and Crisis but Tyrant and Shooties( are 1/2 inch out of range. Slashie cause 3 wound to Crissis...3 saves, and two to HQ...2 fails killing him. No return wounds.

    At this point the shop was closing so we called the game. We played Seek and Destroy and scoring units left on table were: (mine) Railhead, unharmed. Fish(A) unharmed. Fish(, missing BC. Crisis, locked in combat. (his) Tyrant w/ gaurd, unharmed. Slashy gaunts, 9 out of 16 left. Shooties(, unharmed. We didnt add up VP's and called it a draw.

    My thanks if you took the time to read this. I didnt plan on it being so long but I would love some feedback on the game and the report itself. I might not get a chance today but I will read all further posts and respond in kind.

    I should have posted in Battle Reports section. Sorry Im new to this and will do so in the future.

    Last edited by Phase Out; July 13th, 2005 at 18:27.

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    It's all good. ^_^ L-O is getting a lot of new players recently, and a few mis-posted threads are okay. If you want, you can PM a mod to get this thread moved.

    And a draw is much better than a loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lost Nemesis
    It's all good. ^_^ L-O is getting a lot of new players recently, and a few mis-posted threads are okay. If you want, you can PM a mod to get this thread moved.

    And a draw is much better than a loss.

    especially against tyranids (our exact polar opposite army).
    Donuts anyone?

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    Thanks guys. I don,t Know the points of the Nids units does it sound like we correct in calling it a draw?

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