750pts orks vs Space Marines - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    750pts orks vs Space Marines

    Wow, my orks just slaughtered the space marines in this game.

    My orks list was something like
    Warboss-power claw and choppa and evy' armor
    25 slugga boyz 3 big shootas Nob
    25 slugga boyz 3 rocket launchas Nob
    1 Dread Big shootas

    His Space Marine army was something like this
    Leader with apacthcary
    Tac squad
    scout squad
    2 bikes and attack bike with Heavy Bolter

    Rescue Mission-Marines won first turn and the long part of the board-The space marine leader that needed rescue was about 16 inches away from my line and about 14 inches from his.

    Deployment- He set his army up in a stright line with his dreadnought having full LOS of my army. While I set up with my sluggas in a direct path to the injured marine leader. My dread was closest to his dread and to the left of my sluggas.

    Space Marines-
    Tac and scout squads moved up closer to the injured leader. His bikes went full speed at my dread (stupid move) in hope to bring down some orks to the right of him. His dread, with his heavy bolters, killed one slugga and missed with the plasma cannon.

    Da Boyzz moved forward egar to get into the fight. One Space Marines was dropped to combined Big Shoota fire. The dreadnought moved to charge the Bike squad that threatened da boyz. Killing one, they did nothing back.

    Space Marines-
    The tac and scout squad moved up again, this time the scouts went into cover. The dread tried its best to take down my dread, but missed badly with its plasma cannon. Through combined heavy bolter and bolter fire, I lost 5 Boyzz.

    Da Boyz convered with the injured commander and were now in control of the game. The dreadnought bulldozered over the bikes and went over with the boss to fight over who gets to kill the loyal space marine dreadnought.

    Space Marines-
    Seeing the great mob of green apporch at almost full strength, the brave space marines charged forward in a last stand. The great green wave was just to strong and the space marines were trampled over by the great WAAAGH!!

    Because the dread was stunned, the warboss would have the fun of rippping the space marine dreadnought up in assult.

    The Ork Warboss stood a-top the hill, Choppa in hand shouted WAAAGH!! The victourious Orks shouted WAAAGH as the feasted on the prize! The injured Space Maine Commanders body was devoured in seconds by the mob of green! The day belonged to the Orks WAAAGH!!!!!

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    Nice battle report. I like the fluffy aspect to it.
    Congratulations on your victory!

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