[1600] DH and BA vs. SW - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [1600] DH and BA vs. SW

    Well, me ( grey Knights) and my Blood angels friend(name on LO is Lusipius) decided that our Space wolves friend was due for a good a** whooping. here are the lists;

    Space Wolves (to the best of my memory)

    Wolf lord
    frost axe
    terminator armor

    Venerable dreadnought
    assault cannon

    5 SW scouts
    2 power weps

    5 SW scouts
    2 power weps


    10 Grey hunters
    wolf pelts

    12 bloodclaws
    2 CCW

    Heavy Support

    1 predator annhialator

    1 whirwind ( vengeance missiles)

    1 leman russ
    hull mounted lascannon
    turret mounted TWin linked autocannon
    sponson heavy bolters

    Blood Angels and Daemonhunters

    1 Grey Knight Grandmaster
    icon of the just
    3 terminator retinue


    8 Grey Knights
    justicar /w meltabombs

    7 Grey Knights
    justicar /w meltabombs


    sanguiniary high priest
    /w exsanguinator
    5 honor guard
    /w terminator honors
    /w power weapons

    Moriar the Chosen


    5 scouts
    bolt pistol/ CCW

    5 scouts
    sniper rifles

    heavy support

    Predator annhialator

    So heres how the battle went, in the first 2 turns, the blood angels predator annhilator destroyed the whirlwind and stunned the space wolves predator. the blood angels scouts were killed by the space wolves scouts but in return took about half of the space wolf scouts.
    The space wolves venerable dreadnought killed 2 grey knights.My friends only got 2 death company, but they were killed by turn 2 unluckily, by scouts and an autocannon.

    In turn 3, the predator anhilator stunned the leman russ and destroyed its lascannon. The sanguiniary high priest and honor guard finished off 1 unit of scouts, and a squad of grey knights killed the other. The Grandmaster and retinue deepstriked by the blood clawsand killed 2 in shooting. In return, the bloodclaws and wolf lord shockingly killed 2 Grey knight terminators.

    Turn 4
    moriar the chosen charges the venerable dreadnought but shoots it with an unsuccessful meltagun shot first. moriar charges into close combat valiantly, but with an incredible amount of bad luck, only rolls a 1 for his attacks, and all 3 of his S10 attacks fail to even glance the venerable dreadnought. Sadly, the venerable dreadnought, then took this hero of the imperiums life. Vengeance will be swift. Then, my unit of grey knights charged a unit of greyhunters and killed them all without suffering a single loss. Now, my Grey knights grandmaster and his 1 terminator, charge the bloodclaws, slaying 5. the bloodclaws retaliate and manage to destroy the remaining terminator. The predator annhilator destroys the leman russ, the 3rd tank that it has killed this battle.

    Turn 5
    Now, the fathful blood angels sanguiniary high priest with his honor guard come and help the grandmaster by slaying the rest of the bloodclaws. One of my units of grey knights charges the venerable dreadnought and destroys it with a meltabomb. The dreadnought fails to kill any grey knights.

    All that remains of the space wolves army is the wolf lord. now the blood angels player lets my grandmaster charge alone into combat without their help. This had to be finished one on one. the grandmaster charged wielding his nemesis force sword, his holy weapon and a symbol of the might of the emperor, and slew the wolf lord in only one mighty stroke of his arm. It was finished

    Space wolves: entire army (1600)
    BA and DH: 3 grey knights terminators, 2 grey knights, Moriar the chosen, and 10 scouts.(400ish)

    Result: Victorious Slaughter on victory points table in favor of the Grey Knights and blood angels.

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    Nicely fought.
    I am actualy very surprised at the result, as usually in a 2vs1 the 1 has more diversity in his army and wins. But, it seemed like you guys had some crazy rolls, and that the wolf player failed to exploit some pretty obvious flaws in your lists (such as an all power weapon honor guard with terminator honors that just screams "I'm worth 38 points a pop, shoot me!").
    All in all, very nicely played, expecially on your (DH) part, as it seems you made little to no mistakes.
    "There are only two infinate things in the world, the Universe and Humen Stupidity, and i'm not sure about the Universe"- Albert Einstein

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