750pt necron vs demonhunters - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Senior Member tiaxrulesall's Avatar
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    15 (x2)

    750pt necron vs demonhunters

    this was my third game of warhammer, and my oponents 5th, so our grasp on the rules was still some what sketchy, also we were still in third edition.

    Necrons (me)
    necron lord=100
    3 destroyers=150
    13 warriors= 234
    10 warriors= 180
    8 scarabs = 96
    phase out=6.75

    demonhunters (paul)
    brother captain stern= 160ish points
    10 stormtroopers= 100pts
    8 grey nights, justicar= 225
    5 grey night terminators (with stern)=230

    we deployed 24 inches apart on a board with no terrain. paul set up the grey nights on his left, is strormtroopers in the middle and the termnators on the right, i set up the 13 warriors oposite the grey nights, my lord oposite his stormtroopers, and my scarabs, 10 warrior squad and destroyers were oposite his termies.
    i won the first turn

    turn 1 necron
    move= my lord and scarbs move forward full
    shooting= my warriors shoot long range at the grey nights, taking one down. the destroyers, and other warriors shoot at the terminators, killing one

    turn one DH
    move= all move forward full
    shoot= grey nights fire on necron wariors, knocking down 3. terminators fire at scarabs, kill one base, and wound another

    turn two necron
    wbb= 1 warrior stands back up
    move= lord moves within charge of stormtroopers, scarabs move up to terminators.
    shoot= warriors fire on grey nights, killing another. destroyers and warriors fire on termies doing one wound, paul puts it on stern. lord shoots side ways at termies, miraculously killing one
    assault= lord assaults stormtroopers, killing one, they attack back doing a wound to him, combat is tied. the scrabs assault the terminators, and are all killed before they even get to attack, lots of s6 means lots of dead scarabs, paul forgets to consolidate.

    turn two, demonhunter
    move= grey nights move forward, terminators move barely within charge range of 10 man warrior squad
    shoot= grey night nock down two more from the warriors, bringing them down to 9, terminators fire, and manage to kill the only two warriors in their charge range DOH!
    assault= stromtroopers put another wound on the lord, he kills two more, they hold.

    necron turn three
    - all four warriors fail WBB
    move= none
    shoot= warriors double tap into grey nights, killing 3, squad has 3 left. other warriors double tap into terminators, killing 2. and the destroyers kill the last one, leaving just wounded stern.
    assault= stormtroopers finish the lord off, and he brings one down with him, 6 left, paul forgets to consolidate again

    DH turn three
    move= stern and the greynights move into charge range of their respective warrior squads.
    shooting= greynights shoot at warriors, killing 1, stern shoots at his warriors to no effect, the stormtroopers fire long range at the destroyers, to no effect.
    assault= the grey nights charge in, killing two necrons, one gets WBB, the necron get very lucky and kill two of them back. stern charges the warriors, killing 2 permenently, the remaining 6 warriors get lucky again and bring him down.

    necron turn 4
    -the one warrior that can, and the lord get back up
    -move= none,
    -shooting= the lord shoots at the stormtrooper who are still standing around him, killing 1.
    assault =the lord charges the stormtroopers, although he doesn't have to move , he kills another one. the justicar from the grey night squad brings down 3 necron warriors with him as he finally dies.

    DH turn 4
    assault= the necron lord kills 1 more storm trooper, and they fail to damage him back.

    necron turn 5
    assault= the necron lord and remaining two stromtroopers killed each othe simultaneously.
    survivors= 3 warriors out of the 13 man squad, 6 out of the 10 man squad, and the destroyers

    Procrastination- hard work often pays off over time, but laziness always pays off now.
    Indifference- it takes 43 muscles to frown, and 17 to smile, but none to just sit there with a dumb look on your face.

    -Votewar 40K III= 1st place
    -Votewar 40k mini= 2nd place
    -Votewar fantasy 2= 2nd place

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    Member Smoking Barrel's Avatar
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    First of all congrats on the win but just one thing turn 2 your lord shoots the termies than assaults the stormsquad this i believe is illegal you can only charge the squad you shot at, so you cant shoot one squad then assault another one. Good otherwise.
    "Battlecannon shells are falling on my head but that doesn't mean i soon will be dead nannanana" A tribute to that terminator sweet 2+ save.

    And then there as those days when it gets hosed down with some plasma.......as it happened today damn you tau crisis suits!! :mad:

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    i think you can do that in third edition but im not sure he did mention he was using third edition rules

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    100 (x5)

    Quote Originally Posted by tiaxrulesall
    brother captain stern= 160ish points
    Try 141.

    Good job in the battle though. I have daemonhunters, and every time I play Necrons, I always win, so this is something different for me :p .
    Quote Originally Posted by Visitor Q View Post
    By the powers I have just made up I, hereby award you with the Signature
    LO's Offical Uber GM
    Quote Originally Posted by SilverMane View Post
    dr_nick you are LO's GMing god!

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