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    Unit by Unit: How I play mech tau

    Winged HT
    3 Shooting Warriors
    3 Shooting Warriors
    12 Spine Gaunts
    12 Termagaunts
    12 Gargoyles
    15 Genestealers and Broodlord
    Shooting Carnifex


    Shas'el - twinlinked plasma rifle, fusion blaster, hwmt: Deep struck on the second turn. I wanted him behind the large forest on the right, he however scattered in front of it, shooting the zoanthrope and taking a wound off it. He then faced fire from termagaunts, warriors, and a zoanthrope, and lost 2 wounds. I moved him behind the forest. The gargoyles tried to deep strike near him to kill him but scattered off the board. On turn 4 I was able to move into the forest, finish off the zoanthrope at range, and then hide for the rest of the game.

    Crisis: twinlinked missile pod, mt. This guy came on in reserves on turn 4, on the left, taking a wound off the shooty carnifex up the other side of the field. He did no more damage, making it to the western counter by turn 6.

    Stealth Suits: Turning up turn 3, they moved up the left, shooting down 2 warriors on turn 4. Doing nothing else, they were at the western counter on turn 6.

    Fire Warriors in Devilfish: Turning up turn 2, they unloaded into the building in the south west. They shot at and killed lots of genestealers. They did nothing else, and were at the western counter by turn 6.

    Fire Warriors in Devilfish: Turning up turn 3, they unloaded turn 4. I turned the devilfish around, and unloaded them within a few inches of the gaunts. They however shot at the warriors behind and killed 2. They were assaulted by the HT and 3 gaunts in nid turn 4, killed the gaunts, and 5 were still in combat with the HT at the end of the game. The devilfish moved off and killed a warrior to the west.

    Kroot: Deployed at the west edge of the north west forest, they shot down 3 gaunts in turn 1 and turn 2, killed 5 in combat when assaulted, and shot the remaining one turn 3. 6 died to gaunt assault and gaunt + warrior shooting. The remaining 4 spent the last 3 turns heading south.

    Kroot: Deployed in the forest in the south west corner, they killed 2 genestealers turn 1 (they had deployed in the southwest building). They also killed one in turn 2. They did nothing else.

    Pathfinders: Hid behind the building in the middle for 3 turns, on turn 4 they moved through the building and shot the gaunts in front of the fire warriors, killing 9 with their devilfish in front of them. They then loaded up turn 5 and were next to the southernmost counter by turn 6.

    Ionhead: arriving turn 2, it helped shoot down the genestealers and broodlord. It took a wound off the shooty carnifex turn 3, and then shaken by said carnifex its turn 3. The ionhead finished off the carnifex in turn 5. It was on the western counter at turn 6.

    Railhead: Arriving turn 4, its burst cannons kills the last warrior in the east. It was on the southern counter by turn 6.

    I won by 1444vp.

    My Tau W/L/D is now 27/7/6

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    Quote Originally Posted by rikimaru View Post
    You have the option for instance of infiltrating, outflanking, pillboxing, or anti assault.

    And that's just with the Kroot.

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    wow... nice victory. good description, if a bit odd, seeing as how you did not do a turn to turn kind of description. but still good, like the diagram. again nice victory.

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