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    1850 Take and Hold Alpha [Necrons vs IG]

    This is my first attempt at a photo battle report. As it was a Take and Hold mission, that little box in the center of the board is what we were fighting over. Gamewise, it was the last box of Anchovie Machine Oil left in the universe. Here goes.

    1 Res Orb Lord
    1 WS/DLord
    10 Immortals x 2
    10 Warriors x 3
    4 Destroyers x 2
    9 Scarabs

    IG (Not 100% sure, but here goes)
    3 Leman Russ battle tanks
    3 Hellhound battle tanks
    4 Chimeras (3 Autocannons, 1 Multilaser)
    3 Autocannon weapon platforms
    1 Sentinel with Las cannon
    4 units of Guardsmen. Rocket Launcher and Plasma rifle in each
    2 Special weapons units
    -1 5 man squad with 4 Plasma rifels
    -1 5 man squad, can't remember weapons layout

    Set up went a little something like this:
    Left side
    Right side

    I had won first turn and moved everything forward. The first thing I targeted with my Destroyers and one of my Immortal squads was his closer Hellhounds. I took one of the cannons and shook the other. My other Immortal squad fired on one of his Guard squads, as I assumed it was all I was in range for (and I was right), wiping them out. The warriors couldn't shoot due to range, and I Turboboosed my DLord and Scarabs up the right flank.

    Necron 1-1
    Necron 1-2

    In response to my taking out 2 of his tanks, he aimed everything that was in range at my Destroyers. Some unlucky (for him) LDs on the Guards and some lucky (for me) Leman Russ damage rolls negated my damage to a single Destroyer. On the other side of the board, concentrated fire took down 8 of my 9 Scarabs. Part of that concentrated fire was his Plasma Rifle squad. 4 Plasma Rifles came out of that city-camo Chimera and rapid fired. 4 hits and 4 missfires (three 1s and a 2) wiped out his squad. He was less then happy.

    IG 1-1
    IG 1-2

    Again, I moved forward with everything. I concentrated my fire on his remaining Hellhound and the Russ on the hill next to it. I took the other Hellhound cannon and shook the Russ. Some poor LD checks by my Immortals (and it wasn't the last either) forced me to shoot at the IG in front of the Russ. This time I wasn't as accurate and only killed 4 Guard (out of 12 I believe). Upboard, the DLord charged the idle Russ and managed to shake him as well.

    Necron 2-1
    Necron 2-2

    The next Guard phase saw much more accurate Chimeras on the hill, as well as the Russ battle tank ( you can just see the turret and cannon next to that Black Chimera on the hill). Their combined firepower took out the rest of the wounded Destroyer squad. Luckily, they were within 6" of the other squad. The Hellhounds, robbed of their flame tanks, opened up with secondary weaponry on my Immortals on the pyramid, dropping 4. His last Hellhound aimed on my Warriors by the light green hill, but failed to do anything. The Russ my DLord charged threw into reverse as his second special weapon squad hopped out of the green Chimera. Their shooting failed to do anything to him.

    IG 2-1
    IG 2-2

    WBB gave me back 2 of my 3 destroyers and 3 of my 4 Immortals. 2 of my Warrior squads held, while the 3rd moved into rapid fire range on the last Hellhound. Everything else moved forward with the exception of my DLord, he fell back a bit to charge the so far untouched Guard squad. More on that later. Thanks to the miracle of the WBB rule, my remaining Destroyer squad was now 6 strong. Their combined firepower utterly destroyed the Leman Russ by the two Chimeras (which you now just barely can't see as it's been flipped over.) The Warriors behind the Pyramid took the Multilaser off the green Chimera, and the gold Immortals managed to shake, stun, and immobilize the Russ on the hill in the middle. The black Immortals (you remember them, they failed an LD earlier) failed another LD and were forced to fire on the closer of the two Hellhounds. At least the managed to destroy it, though I would have preferred the final Russ. My mid-board Warriors plinked away at more Guardsman, dropping another 3, and the Warriors that moved took the flame cannon off the last Hellhound (I likes me some glancing weapon destroyed hits I guess) As for my Lord, he killed two of the Guadsmen he charged, wiping out the engaged models and negating strikebacks. They made their LD though, and held tough.

    Necron 3-1
    Necron 3-2

    This was the IG players best round. All told, he took down 4 Destroyers, 4 Warriors, and 8 Immortals (4 from each squad). Not only that, his second special weapons squad charged my Lord and forced a drawn combat. I killed 1 guardsman while he managed a wound on my Lord (both Sergants had power swords). Not only that, but the black Immortals failed yet another leadership on me. I think it's because I haven't painted them yet, their rebelling against me.

    IG 3-1
    IG 3-2

    My WBB wasn't as good this time. 2 of my Destroyers got back up, and only 1 of my Warriors did. 2 of the black Immortals and 1 of the gold ones came back as well. At least the black Immortals were done failing LD, because they rallied and opened up on the Leman Russ (making their LD this time). Between my Warriors/Immortals/and Destroyers I took out every vehicle he had left save his Hellhounds and the city-camo Chimera. I shook the two Chimeras on the hill, took the battle cannon off the Russ on the hill, shook the second one and stunned the Chimera near my Lord. My Lord again killed 2 Guardsmen but they held. They failed to wound him this time though.

    Necron 4-1
    Necron 4-2

    At this point, my opponent conceded the game. He had lost too much compared to me, and felt if we continued, it would just be a bloodbath for me. We have a rematch scheduled, but I'm quite pleased with how this army faired. He did roll below average, but we did some number crunching and I still would have ended up coming out ahead. All in all, it was a very fun game. I hope you guys enjoy the photos.

    Gyauayuayuayua! Ja! Ve vill crush da little girly men in deir little girl men awrmor! Ve vill see owur enemies driven befowur us, und hear da lahmentaytions of deir wemen. Und from owur home planet, de stayte uf Califowurnia, ve vill lawunch owur mighty offensive. Even if you kill us, ve'll be bach!! Gyauayauyauyauyau!

    -Arnoldunit Schwarzenecronegger; when questioned about the impending doom he would rain down upon the heads of his doomed enemies.

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    A victory for the toasters!

    Very nice BR, you put a lot of effort into it. Keep up the good work.

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    Well done alot of effort went into that I see, good win, have some rep.
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