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    1850; Tyranids Versus Alpha Legion (Annihilation, Long)

    First time at making a battle report. I don't have a camera worthy of pics yet, so you'll need to use your imaginations. I apologize. I'll try not to reveal the winner until the end.

    For the Chaos List, you can find it HERE (1850 Alpha Legion (Darn you Wolf_Pack!))

    For reference in the game, CSM groups Bartuc and Achmel carry the Plasma Pistols, and Ventar and Colenzo carry the Flamers.

    Graye is the Leiut.

    Havoc squads are Eyeback and Eldritch.

    The Tyranids were played by a friend of mine who didn't bother to create a list using his own models. He saw what I was playing beforehand, and decided to borrow my Tyranids to use for his own. Considering I like to run alot of Genestealers, this was most disconcerting to me. He ended up playing a variant vanguard army, with a couple minor tweaks.

    Tyranid List -
    Broodlord with Extended Carapace and Toxin Sacs
    Retinue of six genestealers, all with EC and Talons.

    Six groups of Genestealers, eight in each group. All groups have EC. Four groups have scuttlers.

    Two Carnifexes, both with EC, Enhanced Senses, Venom Cannon/Barbed Strangler.

    Three Raveners, each in their own group. Two have Spinefists, one does not. Talons + RC.

    One Lictor.

    The Hive Mind looked down upon the battlefield from upon high, noticing that the autonomous force was approaching Prey That Fights. Only four figures stood between the first wave and Prey That Does Not Fight. The Hive Mind knew this would be over soon.

    Graye watched as the first of the beasts scurried past his position. One had stopped and looked his way, and for a long moment, Graye thought his position was compromised. But Graye was a master at infiltration, taught by the greatest Legion to ever master the art. The beast moved on, heading towards the hill that Fabius occupied. Opening his vox channel, Graye confirmed that his four advance units were in position, and were ready to spring the trap...

    Chaos lost the roll, so had to deploy first. Three Obliterators were placed in a position that allowed them to look over a pass through two hills the Tyranids were forced to move through. Tyranid player placed one Carnifex behind a hill, just out of sight of the Oblits. Chaos player placed Fabius Bile near the Oblits, then happily declared "Done, for now". Tyranid player placed the other Carnifex near the other hill, intent on marching it up the hill for a vantage point. Genestealers were placed close enough to scuttle into a large patch of woods, providing cover.

    Infiltrators were then set up. One squad of Havoks were set up to watch over the Oblits, so no infiltrators could get near them, but still able to watch the pass. Broodlord and retinue sets up on far end of table, barely able to find a spot with no LoS and not within 12" of an enemy (This part took nearly 15 minutes - eventually we had to roll for it, and the roll was in his favor). The rest of the Chaos force infiltrated near the pass, hoping for a quick charge.

    Chaos Player rolled for genetic modifications. All four groups came out a success, getting +1 strength and +1 initiative.

    Lastly, scuttlers got to move. One group was able to get into the forest, and came into LoS (and later we found, charge range) of one CSM group. The others tried to get themselves through the pass as quickly as possible.

    Chaos Turn One
    Chaos won the roll for first turn. Oblits and Fabius moved up towards some Tank Traps to take cover. I never did figure out why I thought I should do that. CSM group "Bartuc" led his band towards the Genestealers that moved into the woods before him. CSM group "Ventar" followed closely behind them. CSM group "Colenzo" and CSM group "Achmel" stayed put. Neither Havok squad moved.

    Shooting erupted all around, and 'Nids died in droves. Finding only Genestealers for targets, that's what was shot. Bartuc's Bloody showed an amazing lack of skill, and managed to only hit three times, once with a Plasma shot. All three wounded, but only the Plasma shot managed to kill anything. One marine forgot that his weapon gets hot, but was barely saved by his heavy armour. Ventar's Unholy also opened up on Genestealer squad "A", and managed to kill every single Genestealer save one.

    Colenzo's Annihilators and Achmel's Cursed were not in range of any shooting. The Oblits fired Heavy Bolters at Genestealer squad "B", managing to blow away three. Eyeback's Unleashed fired four frags and two long range Bolter shots into Genestealer "B", managing to kill only a single 'stealer. Eldritch's Rectifiers attempted the same as Eyeback, yet were also unable to kill more than a single hardy 'Stealer.

    Graye pointed his Kai gun at the remnants of 'Stealer squad "B", and dispatched two, leaving only a single one in that group as well. (Might I add, barely - out of four rolls, three were twos.)

    Bartuc's Bloody charged the lone stealer in squad "A", dicing him to ribbons. Two hardy marines died in the process due to diamond sharp claws rending straight through their armour. Bartuc's consolidated back 2" in the forest.

    Tyranid Turn One
    The loss of almost two full broods of stealers was harsh, but the Hive Mind promised to make up for it. Stealers came pouring through the pass at an alarming rate. Two Carnifexes made their way into view behind the lines, aiming their heavy guns in the direction of the Oblits. The Broodlord, having little option, moved out into the open and tried to make a break for some cover, in the mean time, effectively cutting off Graye's escape route.

    Genstealers then quickened the pace, fleeting their way through woods and open plains alike. Squads "C" and "D" rolled well, both making for the woods and closing the gap on Bartuc's Bloody. The lone stealer in "B" headed for Graye, but didn't expect to make it there. "E" and "F" headed for the Havocs, but rolled poorly and found themselves out in the open, barely clearing the pass. The Carnifexes both unleashed Venom Cannons and Barbed Stranglers upon the Oblits, hitting with every single shot. The Oblits nearly toppled under the weight of fire being leveled upon them, but their tough armour kept them alive. Not a single Oblit fell.

    Genestealers charged into the Marines. Brood "C" slammed into Bartuc's Bloody, easily getting every model into base contact or 2", but brood "D" was just short. No other charges declared. The combat was furious, and though the marines managed to kill three of the beasts, Bartuc watched as his marines were cut down to a man, leaving only him to face the snarling Tyranids. Flicking on his Power Fist, Bartuc smashed one into a pasty pulp, and prepared himself for a quick death.

    Chaos Turn Two
    No reserves. Ventar's Unholy moved to lend a hand to Bartuc, but would "unfortunately" arrive just a moment too late. Instead, they moved slightly to the North, allowing them a shot past the melee and into Brood "D". Oblits and Havoks didn't move. Colenzo and Achmel moved forward slightly, hoping for a bad fleet roll on behalf of the 'Stealers.

    Ventar's Unholy unleashed their bolter pistols on Brood "D", but were not in range with the Flamers, yet only one Genestealer died. The Havocs, having very poor luck with frag missiles, attempted to drop some Krak missiles on the Broodlord's retinue. Between the two groups, five missiles found and killed Genestealers, leaving only one left with the Broodlord. Graye fired his Kai Gun at the Broodlord as well, killing the remaining 'Stealer and causing a wound on the Broodlord. The Oblits opted for Lascannons on a Carnifex, and managed to cause two wounds to the gigantic beast.

    The only unit in Charge range was Ventar's Unholy, and they shot at a different unit, leaving Bartuc to his fate. And what a fate it was. Only one rending hit was rolled, but that was all that was needed to finish the champion off. The 'stealers consolidated towards Ventar's Unholy, preparing for a charge the next turn.

    Tyranid Turn Two
    Began by rolling for reserves. Two Raveners (both with Spinefists) arrived, and attempted to be placed near the Oblits, hoping to distract them. One scattered and came up right beneath the heavy foot of an Oblit, and was simply sqaushed before every surfacing. The other was dead on target, coming up 8" South of the Oblits.

    Movement was short, as units were about to charge. Broods "E" and "F" moved and fleeted, "E" scoring 5" and "F" scoring only 1". The Carnifexes stayed put, and the Broodlord beelined towards the nearest safety - CC with Graye.

    The Carnifexes opened up with their sinister bioweapons at the Obliterators, but the Venom Cannon's shots all went wide. One Barbed Strangler was dead on, and managed to bring an Oblit to an early demise [/i]("Instant Death for the win!" screams my friend. Jerk.)[/i]

    Charges were declared, and broods "C" and "D" both charged into Ventar's Unholy. The lone stealer in squad "B" caught up to Graye, and charged him. Brood "E" was barely in charge range of Colenzo's squad, and was able to bring only three models into the fight.

    Ventar's Unholy managed to only strike down two Genestealers from brood "D" before they were set upon by the two broods. Six marines were shredded to pieces in an instant. All other wounds were superficial, the great Power Armour protecting them. Ventar himself smashed two Genestealers with his power fist. Ventar's squad passed their morale check, and held their ground.

    The lone Genestealer left from brood "B" flailed at Graye, and for a moment, even made Graye think his time was up. But instead, his armour held, and Graye sliced open the Genestealer's head with his Power Sword.

    Five marines in Colenzo's squad were shredded without mercy. Two more fell to bites and bashes. Only one Genestealer was killed in retaliation, and even Colenzo couldn't manage to kill a single one. Being either extremely brave, or extremely stupid, the squad stood its ground. [/i](Rolled double 1...)[/i]

    Chaos Turn Three
    Movement was short and sweet. Fabius moved away from the Oblits and towards the Ravener. Achmel's Cursed moved towards brood "F", and Graye moved away from the advancing Broodlord, incidently putting him near the Cursed.

    The Oblits led with the first shots, again opting for Lascannons. Both shots were barely on target, but managed to bring one of the gigantic, lumbering Carnifexes down. Graye took pot shots at the Broodlord, but only managed to score one wound. Achmel's Cursed shot their pistols into brood "F", managing to score seven hits, yet only succeeding in killing a single Genestealer. Eyeback's havoks let loose four Krak missiles into brood "F", killing two. Eldritch couldn't spot the 'Stealers, so opted to shoot the only thing worth his time - the remaining Carnifex. Every missile was dead on, and the Carnifex took four wounds.... and managed to save against every single one of them. Fabius fired his needler at the Ravener, managing to cause one wound.

    Charges included Achmel's Cursed charging brood "F", and Fabius charging the single Ravener. The combat with Fabius was worked out first, with the Ravener managing to not even come close to harming the ancient marine. Fabius smacked him over the head with his Rod of Torment, managing to take away the remaining wound and kill the Ravener.

    Ventar showed a large amount luck, losing only one marine to a Rending attack. The marines struck back, with Ventar being the only one able to kill anything. Two dead Genestealers left only one in brood "D", but five were still in brood "C".

    Colenzo lost his last two marines, although neither were Rended. Colenzo, about to share the same fate as Bartuc, smashed two in hopes of holding out for just a little while longer... but then thought better of it, made a break for it, and was cut down as he turned his back.
    Meanwhile, Achmel's Unholy lost two marines to Rending. The Marines were able to kill three Genestealers, and Achmel smashed a single himself, leaving only one Genestealer left alive in the brood.

    Tyranid Turn Three
    Reserves amounted to both the Lictor and remaining Ravener showing up. The Ravener popped up right in front of the Oblits, hoping to distract them. The Lictor popped into a forest near where Graye was, and prepared to run him down.

    Little movement was accomplished. The Broodlord trudged towards Graye. He'd be in charge range next turn, if he managed to live that long. The Lictor edged nearer to Graye. Brood "E" moved towards Eyeback's Unleashed, well within Charge range after a very good Fleet Roll.

    The remaining Carnifex took pot shots at the Oblits, managing to miss or failing to penetrate armour. In the assualt phase, the Lictor charged Graye. Brood "E" charged Eyeback's Unleashed.

    Ventar and his squad were Rended into oblivion, never seeing it coming amidst a sea of flailing claws. Achmel's squad easily dispatched the last 'Stealer of Brood "F", taking no casualties in return. They consolidated 4" towards the Broodlord. The Lictor managed to do what few people in real life can manage to ever do - he made my friend curse out loud. Out of four attacks, only one hit, and that even failed to wound. Graye in response cut off a wound from the Lictor with his Power Weapon. Eyeback lost all six of his marines to Rending attacks, leaving him standing there dumbfounded. One Stealer came up behind him and casually plucked off his head while he stood around. The 'Stealers were able to consolidate a whopping 1" towards their next meal - the other Havoc squad.

    Chaos Turn Four
    Fabius Bile the only one to move, he moved back into safety of the Oblits, ready to counter charge the Ravener.

    Achmel's squad fired at the Broodlord, and while every shot found the mark, a Plasma Pistol was the only one to wound and claim the kill. Eldritch's Rectifiers fired Krak Missiles and Rapid Fire bolters into Brood "E", the Krak missiles claiming four dead Stealers, leaving only one alive. The Bolters were ineffective. The Oblits shot more Lascannon shots at the Carnifex, doling out two wounds to it.

    In assault, the Lictor again failed to perform, with only one attack managing to wound, and that being saved by armour. Graye managed to score three Power Weapon attacks on the Lictor, effectively dicing it into little chunks. Graye made a sweeping advance into the remaining Stealer of brood "E", on a euphoric high of carnage.

    Tyranid Turn Four
    Genestealer broods "C" and "D" moved and Fleeted out of the woods where Bartuc and Ventar lay dead, bearing down on the Oblits and Fabius. The Ravener failed his Instinctive Behavior check, and beelined 15" towards his home edge.

    The Carnifex shot his weapons at the Oblits again, managing to take another Oblit down with the Barbed Strangler.

    In assault phase, the lone Genestealer attempted to fight off the crazed Leiutenant on him, and in a display of utter amazement, managed to kill him! Graye, in utter disbelief, fell to the ground, clutching the two gaping wounds in his armour.

    Chaos Turn Five
    Achmel moved his group towards the last remaining Genestealers and Ravener. Fabius moved towards the death site of Graye, aiming his gun in a calm manner and gunning down the last Genestealer of brood "E". The Havoks aimed their guns at the large brood of 'Stealers emerging from the woods, bringing down two with Krak missiles. The last Obliterator aimed at the Carnifex in a duel to the death, bringing the Carnifex down to a single wound.

    Tyranid Turn Five
    The fleeing Ravener barely passed his IB check, but regained morale and charged towards Achmel's Cursed. Two very poor fleet rolls brought the last Genestealers near the Obliterator, but not quite close enough.

    The Carnifex opened up on the Obliterator, and managed to hit twice with the Venom Cannon, but failed to kill it. (My friend admitted to a mistake later - normally he would've shot at Fabius for the VPs, but felt it was more dramatic to try to take down the Oblits)

    The Ravener charged at Achmel's Cursed. In a show that would only make the now deceased Lictor proud, the Ravener didn't manage to wound a single marine. The Ravener was quickly dispatched at that point. Using their consolidation move, Achmel's Cursed moved close to the last remaining Genestealers.

    Chaos Turn Six
    Fabius moved to the still body of Graye, standing over it. Achmel's Cursed run towards the Genestealers, hoping to score some last turn kills. The Oblit fired his Lascannon at the Carnifex, and with pinpoint accuracy blasted the head straight off the Carnifex, causing it to crash to the earth, spewing up dirt and dust in its wake.

    Eldritch's Rectifiers opened up with Krak missiles at the 'Stealers of Brood "C", claiming kills on all three of them. Achmel's Cursed shot pistols at the last remaining Genestealer, and just when we thought the game was over, not a single shot hit. Heck, I even managed to kill one of my own Marines due to overheating.

    The Genestealer lived until Tyranid Turn Six, where he was cut down in Close Combat.

    Things I learned -
    1) Genestealers are just as nasty in my opponents hands as they are in my own.

    2) Shoot Genestealers. CC, Bad. Shooty, Good.

    3) Obliterators can easily be worth their expensive cost.

    4) My Leiutenant is not, I repeat, NOT invincible. No matter how many times I scream it, and no matter how closely my voice matches the Black Knight from Monty Python, he can, and probably will, die.

    5) Broodlords suck when there's no good spot to infiltrate to.

    Chaos Player scored 1850 VPs.
    Tyranid Player scored 1149 VPs.

    Solid Victory for the Chaos Player, though it surely doesn't feel like it.

    We played a bit oddly, not really power gaming. We sacrificed tactics for fluff in some cases, like when Ventar left Bartuc to die alone with the Genestealers, and when the Carnifex shot at the Obliterator and not Fabius.

    MVP was definitely Achmel's Cursed - they just seemed to have the best luck when in CC with 'Stealers, oxymoron as their name is. Worst was tied between that horrible, horrible Lictor, and Eyeback's squad that managed to get themselves all killed in one round of CC.

    Oh, and Fabius was moving to Graye so he could revive him. Can't let my general die off to a lousy 'Stealer, can I?

    So was it worth the long read?

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    Awesome game and battle report! Keep them coming.

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    I enjoyed it.

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    Very good!

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    nice battle report! (Y) keep up the good work

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