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Thread: Conflict

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    Using my list which of the top my head is (750 points)

    7 marines 1 with lasscannon 1 with plasma gun
    7 marines 1 with plasma gun
    6 marines 1 with plasma cannon
    5 assault marines 2 with plasma pistols 1 is a vet sarg with pwr fist
    master of sanctity bearded to the teeth
    5 scouts 2 with snipers, 2 with bolters and 1 with missile launcher

    I entered the painting comp just being out of the under 14 comp (im 14) so I entered the 14-18 comp and came 4th. So not to bad result
    I will only be doing highlights of the games:
    Game 1:
    Night Lords, cleanse
    All deployed as usual he had
    lord on bike
    5 bikers
    2 oblits
    2 squads of marines 1 equiped for close combat.

    My lord and assault squad charged in against squad of 8 marines killed 6
    later on they charged bikers and killed them except for lord. But by then end both assault squad and chappy were dead. They took down
    Lord on bike
    3 csm on bikes
    6 csm for close combat

    ALl though my plasma cannon kept on overheating and I passed armour saves every time
    He was a good opponent with a nice army
    Result: Crushing victory

    2nd games Nids recon
    8 genestealers
    3 warriros
    2 squads of gaunts
    bearded up carnifex

    Broodlord was killed 2nd turn
    assault marines assaulted genestealers in cover and lost 2 and killed them all:p
    5 bolter shots into carnifex
    all hit
    3 wounds
    he rolled 2 1's and a 5 Hoorah
    Rsult: Crushing victory

    Last games :thousand sons never vs them before
    Have to go will post rest up later

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    Is looking good so far spongebob, keep 'em coming.

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