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    1500 khorne vs 1500 undivided

    Well in this battle report i used both teams, yes thats right i played against myself thats how bored i was and i wanted to play test the undivided list and get it ready for tomorow and i didnt really write anything down so this is all from memory, yeh anyway heres the lists

    1500 chaos undivided (ME)

    demon prince wiggedy < wiggedy is his name
    dark blade, dem stature, dem resilience, dem essence, dem strength, dem mutation, dem visage and MKU

    chaos liutenant
    chaos bike, demon armour, power fist, MKU

    5 possessed
    talons, MKU

    5 chaos space marines
    1 lascannon, 1 plasma gun, 3 bolters, MKU

    5 chaos space marines ^ same as above

    5 chaos space marines
    1 auto cannon, 1 plasma gun, 3 bolters MKU

    5 chaos space marines
    1 autocannon, 4 bolters MKU

    5 chaos space marines
    1 heavy bolter, 1 flamer, 3 bolters MKU

    5 chaos space marines
    1 heavy bolter, 4 bolters MKU

    3 chaos space marine bikes

    1 Defiler Of Grandma's (thats what my mate used to call him cause he hated its battle cannon )

    1 predator
    autocannon, heavy bolter sponsons

    5 havocs
    4missle launchers 1 bolter MKU

    ok on the khorne list it was made pretty quick using armybuilder 2.2 and it was on my mums comp which i can access at the moment so i have to use my mental powers and try to remember mwahahahah

    1 chaos lord (squad omega)
    axe of khorne, dem strength, rage of khorne, dem mutation
    7 khorne berserker retinue, chain axes furious charge
    2 aspiring champions with rage of khorne, feel no pain, dem strength, power weapon

    7 khorner berserkers all chainaxes (Squad 1)
    1 aspiring champion, power weapon, rage of khorne
    mounted in rhino which has extra armour, smoke launchers

    7 khorne berserkers all chain axes (squad 2)
    1 aspiring champion with rage of khorne, power weapon

    5 khorne terminators (deepstriking)
    2 aspiring champions, dem mutation, dem strength lightning claws and combi bolters
    1 autocannon 1 chainfist ,1 power fist 1 combi flamer, power weapon and combi melta, power weapon and combi bolter < same as that one

    1 dreadnought with lascannon twinlinked , power claw

    OK on to terrain there were one hill on the far right of the undivided and there were some trees in the middle of the board (i didnt have that much terrain)

    Deployment Undivided
    the defiler went on the right of the hill and the havocs went on the hill predator was on the very far left right on the corner of the board the possessed was waiting in front of the defiler and the demon prince was waiting behind the hill now the 2 lascannon squads deployed left of the havocs the 2 autocannons squads deployed left of them as did the heavy bolter squads as for the bikes they joined up with the liutenant and deployed in the middle of my deployment zone

    Deployment Khorne
    The dreadnought deployed opposite to the defiler on the far right in the corner the rhino deployed in the middle right next to some trees so only half the undivided army could see the lord squad deployed left of the rhino as did the other 2 squads and the terminators were held in reserve for deep strike

    Khorne rolled and gained first turn

    Turn 1 Khorne
    the rhino advanced 12 straight foward only Squad 2 advanced 7 inches foward 1 on the roll for extra movement and every one else moved there normal 6' foward

    Shooting: dreadnought shot at defiler but rolled a 1 for AP and did absolutly nothing

    Assault: none yet

    Undivided Turn 1

    Movement: no one moved
    Shooting: YAY!!! ok the predator shot all its guns at squad 2 and killed 1 berserker the 2 heavy bolter squads focused its firepower on squad 2 and downed 2 berserkers the first autocannon squad shot at the rhino stunning it but because of its extra armour it will still be able to move next turn which is not what i wanted so the other autocannon shot at the rhino and destroyed it all the berserkers were wounded but only one died (im makin some damn good saves takes about 6 shots to kill 1 ) the lascannon squads put there fire power into squad omega and downed 2 the havoc squad shot and destroyed the dreadnought the defiler shot at Squad Omega and scattered and did nothing and that was it for first turn all that firepower and i killed about 4 guys

    Assault: none

    Khorne Turn 2
    terminators dont arrive this turn
    all squads prance around instead of going berserk, i didnt know if squad 1 was entangled or not because there fearless and immune to pinning so i just let them go and they moved 6' foward using some of the rhino for cover, Squad 2 moved another 6' foward as did Squad Omega

    Shooting: NONE

    Assault: none yet

    Undivided turn 2

    Movement: none
    Shooting: mkay, the pred once again did awesome scoring 6 heavy bolter shots out of 6 and wounding 4 but they saved all then i hit with the autocannons from the pred and killed 1 so 8 shots 1 death hmmmm the heavy bolter squads shot at the same squad and killed 1 they are takin a lil more damage now cause there in bolter range now both autocannon squads shoot at Squad omega and down 2 the lascannon squads shoot there plasma and lascannons at Squad 1 killin one of my plasma gunners and killing another 3 and the havocs fired all krak missles at squad 1 there were only 4 guys there now so i rolled all krak missles hit and then i rolled to wound 3 ones!!! so one died then the defiler shot and scored a direct hit on Squad omega 5 guys were under the template i rolled for the wound 4 black dice 1 red dice to represent the lord and wounding on 2's i rolled 3 ones!! but the red dice was a wound and therefore kill the lord outright so all in all not bad and killed another

    Assault: none

    Turn 3 Khorne
    still no terminators
    Movement, squad 2 bolts got a 5 for being berserk they run towards the predator there is now only 3 men of that squad and squad omega and squad 1 run foward another 6' nearly there.

    Shooting: none
    Assault none

    Turn 3 Undivided
    Movement: i moved the liutenant and bikes foward 6' to get into rapid fire range of squad omega nothing else moved
    Shooting: the combined efforts of the pred and both heavy bolter squads reduced squad 2 down to the aspiring champion the shooting from the autocannon squads and lascannons squads did really poor and kill only a mere 2 berserkers from squad omega the havocs blasted the last of squad 1 and i didnt shoot my defiler cause i didnt want a scatter the bikes rapid fired into squad omega and did nothing not good cause now they can get counter charged
    assault: nothing


    here is a update
    Khorne forces squad omega 3 men 2 of them being aspiring champions
    squad 1 destroyed
    squad 2, 1 aspiring champion

    Khorne Turn 4
    Movement: squad 2 goes berserk again rolls 3 have to move it towards pred cause its the closest target and squad omega prepare to charge the bike squad and liutenant
    Shooting: None
    Assault: squad 2 assaults the pred to no avail 13 front armour and squad omega charges the bike squad i rolled for rage of khorne on both aspiring champions and they both get 2 attacks extra so thats 7 attacks at strength 6 at Iniative 5 with power weapons great!! and 4 attacks for the other berserker with a chain axe then i fluff it big time with all those attacks i kill only 3 bikes and the liutenant strikes back with his power fist and kills 2 i make my leadership test for losing combat at thats the turn.

    Undivided turn 4
    movement, demon prince and possessed move towards the combat between the liutenant and the lone berserker
    Shooting the lone berserker from squad 2 gets shot to pieces and dies horribly
    assault: the berserker chops the liutenant into lil tiny pieces now only if i had given him dem essence he would of got attacks back but aww well he consolidates 1'

    Khorne Turn 5
    Movement: The terminators finnaly show up and teleport left of the autocannon squad and just in front of the lone berserker but there is a lil problem they scattered off the table and died but i thought that was a lil unfair and decided to accidently move the ordance marker back a lil bit so only 2 guys go back to the warp
    Shooting: so there are 5 terminators now and they shoot and do nothing (they shot all weapons at the autocannon squad right next to them even a flamer that covered all of them i just made the saves)
    Assault the lone berserker assaults the autocannon squad and rolls 3 extra attacks for rage of khorne and kills 4 the autocannon soldier strikes back and amazingly does nothing!! yeh thats the spirit! he makes his leadership test and holds em up

    Undivided turn 5
    Movement: the demon prince moves towards the lone berserker still out of charge range though i dont bother moving possessed cause i thought i could just blow everything up and not worry
    Shooting: ok everything that could draw line of sight to the terminators shot and killed a mere 2 termies
    Assault: they now strike at the same time and some good dice rolling mixed with some bad rolling resulted in the last aspiring champion fallin to a kick in the head from the autocannon guy and as he was falling managed to lop of the head of the autocannon guy lol poor buggers.

    Turn 6 Kh0rne
    Movement: terminators move towards second autocannon squad
    Shooting: NONE
    Assault: and charge ok there is 2 aspiring terminators with 6 attacks on charge at strength 5 with lightning claws and they kill 1 each now that isnt good rollin but the last terminator smashed the remaing marines and they consolidated 4' towards the demon prince there 2' out of assault range of demon prince

    Turn 6 Undivided
    Movement: none
    Shooting: none i wanted the terminators unscathed when vsing the demon prince of doom n stuff
    Assault: there demon prince charges the terminators with 6 attacks hitting on 3's wounding on 2's with no saves aloud and i make them all killing them each twice over and that was the game. i congratulated my opponent, handshakes exchanged and all was well in the land of glass table

    Khorne every thing dead
    Undivided 10 marines 3 bikes and a liutenant not bad considering 4 men did that

    i would like to thank every one for reading this and critisim is always welcome cheers

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    I cant belive you played against yourself. LOL

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    Doesnt playing yourself defeat the purpose of using tactics. Not that sratagy matters that much with khorne

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