1800 Bad Moon Orks vc. 2000 SM w/ Witch Hunter Allies - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1800 Bad Moon Orks vc. 2000 SM w/ Witch Hunter Allies

    My friends list (SM):

    Chaplian w/ 5 man command squad
    Inquisitor with acolyte, chirugeon, 2 cherubs
    callidus assassin
    5 termies, 1ac, 1 ml
    2 8 man tac squads w/ apothecary
    6 man scout squad w/ snipers
    5 man assault squad w/ 2 plamasma and p fist
    10 man Devy squad with 3 misiles
    predator w/ all lascannons
    land raider

    My list
    Big Mek
    15 'ard boyz, nob w/ pk
    15 skarboyz, 3 burnas, nob w/ pk
    2 15 man flash Git squads w/ 5 rokkits
    15 Flash gitz w/ 5 bs
    5 gitz w/ bs
    22 slugga boyz, 3 burmas, nob w/ pk
    30 grots w/ slaver
    Looted Bassie
    3 zzap guns w/ a lot of grots.

    Deployment- I have played my friend a couple of times previously so I knew I was in good position when he let me have the side loaded with cover.
    Me (From left to right)- Big mek w/ skarboyz, 5 man git unit, zzap guns, 'ard boyz w/ warboss, rokkit gitz , slugga boyz, more rokkit gitz, last three units covered by grotz, bs gitz, bassie
    him- devy squad, land raider, inquisitor, predator, tac squad, termies, command squad, scouts, tac squad, assault squad.

    Turn 1 Orks-
    move- Everyone but the zzap guns and basilisk advances 6 inches or so.
    Shooting- baislisk fires at the scout squad in cover, the shot backs up 5 inches and kills off the chaplains entire command squad. Warboss fires at the termies with his kustom blasta and kills 1. Each bs aquads takes out 2 marines from the devy squad and the assault squad. Each rokkit squad takes out one marine from the tac squads. And the zzap guns end my favorite phase by destroying the pred.
    Assault- none

    Turn 1 SM-
    move- witch hunter inquisitor and assault marines move their full distance and that is it.
    shooting- land raider fire s at the zzap guns and destroys 1 and kills 1 grot. the devy squad kills 3 skarboyz after failing their leadership to fire at the flash gitz. the assault marines kills 2 gitz and the 2 tac squads kill 2 gitz each from the rokkit squads. the termies kill 2 sluggaz and 3 grots.
    Assault- none

    Turn 2 Orks
    Move- the cc specialists move up, the Big Mek seperates from the skarboyz.
    shooting- basilisk wipes out the scouts, warboss kills another termie. With shootas now able to attack, each of the rokkit gitz take out 2 marines. The big bs squad finishes off the assault squad, me and my friend agreed to not shoot at the inquisitor or the 'ard boyz and warboss.
    assault- none

    Turn 2 SM-
    Move- inquisitormoves up, callidus pops up right next to the basilisk.
    shooting- inquisitor takes oof artillery cannon, tac squads take out a couple of gitz, not too many. The Land raider and devy squad tears through the skarboyz forcing them to run, but they mobbed up with the 5 man bs squad. The termies also killed off plenty sluggaz. Also Hellguns killed 2 'ard boyz
    assault- callidus charges the basilisk and does nothing.

    Turn 3 Orks-
    Move Warboss and retinue, Big Mek, sluggas, and grots.
    Shooting- warboss and retinue kill off 3 of the retinue. bs squad kills another 3 devies. The other git squads kill off all of the tac squads except for one apothecary.
    Assault- warbosswas looking at how shiny his gun was and didn't make it with the difficult terrain check, Big Mek charges the devy squad and wipes him out with his pk, he consolidates into the land raider.
    Turn 3 SM-
    Move- callidus backs up
    Shooting, callidus's shot is ignored by the bassie's plates. Forgot to shoot the LAnd raider, chaplain kills a grot and the termies take out another chunk of the sluggaz. Rapid firing hell guns fail to do anything to the 'ard boyz.
    assault- callidus assaults basilisk and glances, however it is ignored, due to rapid firing his inquisitor could not assault.
    Orks turn 4-
    Moving- grots and sluggas move up, mek backs up.
    Shooting- chaplain goes down, however amazingly termies are unscratched, bassie's hb does nothing to callidus assasin.
    assault- Big Mek destroys land raider with his super stikkbomb. Slugga boyz kill of termies. Inquisitor kills warboss with force weapon, but 'ard boy squad finishes the retinue and inquisitor.
    Turn 4 SM-
    Move- none
    shooting- callidus destroys the bassie, apothecary kills a slugga boy.
    assault- none
    Turn 5 Orks-
    move- none
    shooting- flash gitz take out the remaining callidus and apothecary.

    please post your comments.

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