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Thread: 1500 IG v's IW

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    1500 IG v's IW

    I had another game on Tuesday against an Iron Warriors player.

    Strangely there were 4 IW players there last night and they seemed mostly intent on butchering each other.

    My List:

    The Iron Warriors:

    Lord on Bike, lots of nastiness incaemonic Armour/Aura/Essence
    Lt on Bike at least Aura and Armour. Both with Plasma Pistols.

    6 Chosen Bikers
    All with Daemonic Aura, Armour, Furios charge, Power Weapons

    8 Iron Warriors
    Heavy Bolter, Plasma Gun
    Aspiring Champion, Powerfist Plasma Pistol

    8 Iron Warriors
    Heavy Bolter, Plasma Gun
    Aspiring Champion, Powerfist Plasma Pistol

    +1 Armour, Indirect Fire

    Predator Anhialator
    Lascannons, +1 Armour, ignored stunned/shaken


    A large hill on the left and a Building on the right cutting down LoS considerably to a small gap in the centre and annother on the extreme right.
    His deployment zone had a couple of walls, mine had a copse.


    My Russ was on the left with a Stormy Squad, my lascannons went into the wood with the Demolisher behind them. The 3 other Stormy Squads went spread out on the right. One Hellhound went on each flank.

    He put his Bikers and 1 squad on the far right, his Predator hull down in the centre and his Basalisk in the left hand corner. The Infiltrators hopped to the top of the LoS blocking building.

    IG Turn 1.

    The Russ and left Hellhound moved up, as did the right Hellhound.

    3 Lascannon at the Bikers killed 1. 3 at the Predator shook it which it ignored.
    The Russ missed the Squad on the roof and the Hellhound wounded 5 but he saved them all.

    IW Turn 1.

    His Bikers Turbo boosted over to the right, nearing the gap past the building. His infiltrators advanced as did the squad behind.

    His Predator could only expend its lascannon power cells on the Lascannons, killing 1.
    His Basalisk took a pot shot at a Storm trooper squad and missed completely. The Squad on the roof of the building stunned the Hellhound with thier plasma but killed the gunner in the process.

    IG Turn 2.

    I moved the stunned Hellhound to block the gap between building and table edge to prevent his bikers turbo boosting arround.
    1 Storm trooper squad advanced towards the squad on the roof.
    The Russ moved closer to the hill intending to crest it next turn and attack the Basalisk.

    Shooting went well. The Warriors on the roof were anhialated by 3 Stormtrooper squads a Hellhound and a Russ.
    In the centre despite an obscured roll being made the Lascannon teams blew the Predator away.

    IW Turn 2.
    His Bikers moved up to the Hellhound and the other squad to the foot of the building.

    His plasma pistol toting lord Blew up the Hellhound sealing the Bikers on that side. The Basalisk scattered off the lascannon onto 1 storm trooper and 1 command squad member killing them.

    IG Turn 3.

    My Foremost Stormtrooper squad moved onto the buildiing to over look his squad. ****ing thier plasma guns as they went.
    My Russ rolled over the hilltop to draw a bead on the Troublesome Basalisk.

    Shooting saw the Open topped Basalisk stunned by a Battle canon shell (2d6 take the highest twice!) The fore running Storm squad rapid fired into the Iron warriors killing 3.

    IW Turn 3

    His bikers went over the wrecked Hellhound towards one of my Storm Squads and the IW squad moved to the foot of the building.

    In assault 1 Chosen made it into combat with the Storm troopers, killed 4 and with the Lord and Lt ran them down to end up in front of the Other Storm trooper squad and the Demolisher.
    Unfortunately due to abysmal difficult terrain rolls his other squad remained at the foot of the building staring down the barrels of more plasma guns.

    IG Turn 4.

    The Squad near the Bikers backed away to cover the demolisher, which turned its turret on the bikers.

    Shooting killed the Basilisk form the Russ and the Storm troopers the remaining chosen, plus the Lt with their Hellguns and Plasma.

    The Demolisher then shot the Lord, and converted him to Fertiliser.

    Once more the Stormies rapid fired the IW squad knocking down 2.

    IW Turn 4 onwards.

    His Squad finally charged the Stormtroopers losing 1 to the hellgun bayonets and one to the Sgts power axe. Killing 2 themselves to draw combat.
    Next turn the Veteran Sgt killed a IW and the turn after that repeated the feat. Leaving himself and 3 Men left.

    Imperial Guard Victory.

    As the chosen and characters cost so much I expected them to do better and the performance of some of my units was heroic.

    Happy Gamer is me.

    Every time you read this sig: a fairie dies!

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    Gratz on the win. Good to see the Guard working some mojo on Chaos.

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    I'm tempted to give your list a try. ^_^

    Well done!
    Anzac Clan!
    Final Fantasy!

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