== 500 pts ==
My Chaos list:

HQ - Daemon Prince w/ Strength, Resilience, Aura, Speed, Mutation, Essence, Stature, 2x CCW, MoCU, Frag
Elite - Obliterator x 1
Troop - 5x CSM w/ Lascannon & bolters
Troop - 8x CSM w/ Bolt Pistol & CCW, Champ w/ Power Fist, frags, infiltrate, MoCU

-- First Match vs. Space Marines --
His List:
HQ - Chaplain w/ jump pack, rosarius, crosius
Troop - 6x Scouts w/ Heavy Bolter, 4x Sniper Rifle, sgt w/ pistol & CCW
Troop - 10?x Marines w/ Bolters, sgt w/ pistol & CCW (not sure what other weapons they had, I think a flamer)
Fast Attack - Speeder x 1 w/ Heavy Flamer & Multi-melta

The Mission: Seek & Destroy, Gamma
The Map: Hills in the left 2 corners, one in center top of the map, bunker in bottom right corner, tree stands to either side of center a bit, and one more in top right corner.

Marines had scouts & speeder behind top left hill, tac squad behind center hill, chaplain on edge of trees near the tac squad.
Chaos had lascannon squad in the bunker, obliterator behind the edge of the right-center trees, Prince behind the Left-center trees, and the inflitrating assault squad on the other side of the hill from the scouts & speeder.

Marines get to go first.

Turn 1 - Marines:
Speeder moves up 12" around edge of the hill, tries to use the flamer on the assault squad causing zero wounds. Assault Squad breaks out the marshmellows and makes smores. Scouts move up on top of the hill to gain a view of the battlefield, but can fire at nothing this turn. The tac squad and chaplain both move up onto the center-top hill to close with the daemon prince, but are still out of firing range.

Turn 1 - Chaos:
Assault troops move up to the speeder, shoot at it to no effect, sparking laughs from the pilots. Then they assault the speeder, resulting in it's untimely crash, and consolidate towards the scouts. The Obliterator moves out from cover to get line of sight and fires the heavy bolter at the tac squad on the hill, dropping 1 marine. The Lascannon also fires on the squad, dropping 1 marine. The Prince moves up, fleets, and then charges the tac squad, killing 3 and getting tickled in return. Remaining marines pile in.

Turn 2 - Marines:
Chaplain joins the fray with the Prince. Although he and the marines get initiative, they cause only one non-power weapon wound, which is then saved by armor. Prince retaliates killing 2 more marines. Scouts shoot at the assault squad, but are unable to inflict any wounds past the armor saves.

Turn 2 - Chaos:
Lascannon squad starts making it's way out of the bunker to slog towards the melee with the Prince, knowing they'll probably miss all the action. Obliterator meanders 2" closer as well, smelling the flowers as he goes. The Prince wipes out the last 3 marines in combat just after they inflict a single wound on him. The Chaplain hits as usual, but is unable to get past the toughness difference and now faces the Prince by himself. The Assault squad closes with the scouts, shoots (dropping 1) and then assaults, killing 3 more (none from the powerfist, which misses all 4 attacks). Remaining troops pile in.

Turn 3 - Marines:
Chaplain tries to inflict damage on the Prince, failing once again to get past his toughness. Prince inflicts only a single wound in return, apparently thinking him not a threat. The scouts continue the fight with the assault squad, inflicting no casualties, and recieving 1 in return (again, power fist misses all attacks).

Turn 3 - Chaos:
Assault squad hits back again, and the Champ remembers how to punch things and kills the last of the scouts, taking no losses in return. Meanwhile, the Prince gets initiative and polishes off the Chaplain before he can fight back.

Result: Total Massacre by turn 3 for Chaos And a marine player vowing to pack a missle launcher next time.

-- Second match vs. Tau --
His List:
HQ - Crises suit w/ Smart Missles, Burst Cannon, Shield Generator, and 2 gun drones
Troop - 12 Fire Warriors w/ 2 gun drones, bonded
Troop - 12 Fire Warriors w/ 2 gun drones, bonded

The Mission: Recon - Gamma
The Map: Ruined 2-story building in top right, ruined building in bottom right and bottom left, ruined 4 story building in top left, statue in center with 4 globs of wreckage a bit above, below, and to either side of the statue.

Tau had fire warriors in the top of the building in the upper right, with the second squad on the ground to the left of the building hiding behind some rubble on the building's side, and the suit tucked just behind the building.
Chaos had the lascannon squad in the bottom right building, Obliterator behind the lower center glob of wreckage, Prince in the doorway of the bottom left building, and assault squad in the top left building.

Tau got first turn.

Turn 1 - Tau:
With the assault marines too far in the building to fire on, they take pot-shots at the lascannon squad and obliterator with one fire warrior squad each inflicting no damage.

Turn 1 - Chaos:
Obliterator edges out and combines Autocannon fire with the Lascannon squad to drop 2 fire warriors from the ground-squad on the left. Prince moves up, trying to keep the statue between him and the cluster Tau, while the assault squad starts heading out to hit the Tau's flank.

Turn 2 - Tau:
Once again, squads fire on Obliterator (5 wounds, all saved), and the Lascannon squad (1 casualty).

Turn 2 - Chaos:
Lascannon fires and misses, Obliterator moves up some more and lets lose with the Heavy Bolter at the upper-level firewarriors that have been annoying him, killing 2. Prince moves up, reaching around the edge of the statue now. Assault squad continues to close.

Turn 3 - Tau:
Ignoring the Obliterator now, the upper firewarriors pour fire at the lascannon squad, inflicting 1 more casualty, but the squad holds firm. The other fire warriors shoot at the closing assault squad, killing 1. The Suit finally shows itself, jumping up to fire a volley at the Prince before hiding back behind the building, inflicting 2 wounds on the big guy and getting a very dirty look in return.

Turn 3 - Chaos:
Lascannon and Obliterator both fire on the top warrior squad, dropping 1 more. Assault squad keeps trying to close, and is getting close now. Prince surges forward and charges the lower squad of firewarriors, killing 3 on the charge. They valiantly club back at him with thier rifles, but he just grins at them. Fire Warriors pile in.

Turn 4 - Tau: (The Turn of Pain)
With the prince engaged, the suit moves up and fires a full volley into the assault squad, which rolls mostly 1s and 2s for armor saves, resulting in 5 dead. Chuck and Frank look at each other and vow to avenge thier Poker game partners, continuing the battle. The un-engaged fire warriors gun down another member of the Lascannon squad, finally breaking them and they flee for the board edge. The Prince eats 4 more fire warriors like candy bars, but they somehow stay in the fight.

Turn 4 - Chaos:
Chuck and Frank keep slogging forward, determined to be more then target-practice this battle. Lascannon boys make it off the board to await thier repremands/floggings in the aftermath. Obliterator drops a couple more tau from the building. Prince reduces the squad he's fighting to only 2 living members, who somehow keep fighting.

Turn 5 - Tau:
Suit fires again, but this time fails to hurt the last two assault troopers, then jumps back to hide behind his 2 drones. The obliterator continues to laugh at the fire warriors' pulse rifles. And the last 2 tau fighting the Prince are promptly slaughtered, and he then consolidates towards the suit that hurt him earlier, to the combined cheers and grumblings of Chuck and Frank ("avenge our buddies! but leave some for us next time dang it!")

Turn 5 - Chaos:
Obliterator continues to whittle down the fire warriors and kills another. Prince makes it into combat with the suit and crushes the drones like soda cans (he's an alchohol-free daemon, so no beer cans). Remaining assault troops keep closing in a desperate bid to do *something*. Suit piles in to fight the Prince.

Turn 6: - Tau:
More pointless shots at the obliterator (He's been eating his Wheaties). And the suit gets mauled by the prince for 2 wounds, without doing anything in return.

Turn 6 - Chaos:
Chuck and Frank, frustrated at thier lack of targets, close to get a pot-shot off at the remaining warriors, not even getting thier attention. Obliterator drops yet another warrior from the squad. And the Prince manages to finish off the suit.

Result: Solid Victory for Chaos in Turn 6. And aTau looking into adding a Railgun to his army.