Saturday I played a mech Black Templar list, This was my tenth game with my 1500 point ork tourney list. It was very fun.

3 runts
c body

X2 12 gitz
4 rokkits

X2 12 gitz
same only rokkits= bs

X2 16 grots

X2 8 trukk boyz


3 kanz with plates

looted bassie

The champion

termie armour

7 termie retinue
2 assault cannons

X2 Tac squad
7 initiates
3 neophytes
2 p fists

2 rhinos

pred with all las

pred with autocannon and las

Black Templar turn 1
move- rhinos rush up 12 in and pop smoke, las pred maneouvres to shoot kanz
shoot- las pred stuns two kanz, autocannon pred takes off the bassies turret after both las misses.

Orks 1
move- kan moves to get a shot on pred while keeping coherency, everything else chills
shoot- the one kan rolls a 5 to hit, 5 to glance, and a 6 to destroy the pred:w00t: . One rhino is destroyed killing a neophyte, the other is stunned, I was surprised that he did not have ea.

BT turn 2
move- termies come in right in front of my line, champ moves up, as does the tac squad.
shoot- termies fail ld and shoot at grots, the pred chooses to do so, their combined shooting results in the unit being a finished. bolt pistols drop a couple of gitz

Ork 2.
move- one trukk unit stops in front of rhinoo, one in front of termies.
shooting- 2 neophytes and 1 initiate is dropped in one uinit.
combat- I roll four 3s and a 1 to hurt the rhino and get a 6 meaning I am dead:x . The trukkboyz charge the termies resulting in four dead while only the nob remains who is run down.

BT 2
move- one tac squad moves to charge trukkers with the champion, the other advances, the termies move to charge the boss
shoot- a couple of gitz here and there die.
assault- trukkboyz are wiped out after killing the neophytes.The champion charges abd destroys the bassie. The terminators wipe out the gitz while 2 termies are the first to kill my warboss in 2 months, however they are brought down with him.

Ork 2
move- grots move torward termies, everyone moves to shoot tac squads. trukkz move to fire on the champ
shooting- grots shoot down a terminator , the squad with the champion is reduced to a power fist, while the other is non existant.
assault- grots charge the chaplain doing no wounds while 2 grots die, I hold.

Bt 3
move- emperor's champion and p fist move torward a git squad.
shoot- pred takes a couple of gitz down.
assault- amazingly grotz put 2 wounds on the chappie who responds with 3 grots dead who were then run down, I hate that guy. Obviously the power fist dies while the champion kills my nob

Orkz 3
move- trukkz move to shoot the pred, kanz move to kill the champ, gitz move to assault the chaplain.
shooting- nothing does anything.
assault- the kanz easily cut the champ in half. The flash gitz lose 4 of theirs but the chappy finally goes down.

bt turn 4
shoot- the pred kills a few gitz

Ork turn 5
move- trukkz move to get rear armour, killa kanz move toward pred, they will be there nbext turn.
shoot- pred loses autocannon and is stunned

Ork turn 6
move- kanz move to assault
shoot- nothing doing
assault- 9 automatic S10 hits will always do a pred in.

It was a very fun game, it was another succesful trial for my list and my 25th win for my orkz this year. Waaagh!