Strange Allies Biel-Tan Eldar and Chaos Marines vs. Tyranids - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Strange Allies Biel-Tan Eldar and Chaos Marines vs. Tyranids

    (My next one will have pictures and more technical stuff. This is mainly to get my feet wet in doing a fluff write up for a battle report. We had an odd person tonight at the league [Me]... I hate being late... so we had a two on one situation going on. The chaos marine stuff is going to be slightly truncated as I'm not sure what all he had except for terminators and a war smith. This was only my second battle ever and uh... I don't think I've ever seen so many ones rolled in my life. I got my butt kicked. The chaos player didn't do so hot either.)

    Farseer Iselai Altea pointed her lithe finger to the north. "That is where the chaos mon-keigh lie in wait. We have traveled far, brothers and sisters. Yet, the Hounds of Ynnead never lose the scent of prey. Our rangers should be reporting in soon. When they do, we will strike out and slay the mon-keigh to the man. May the warp take them all."

    With this, there were nothing but solemn smiles and nods of approval. The Hounds of Craftworld Tal-Kine were known for their somber approach to battle. Even the youngest aspect warrior loses their excitement after two large scale engagements. Their entire lives were spent in one great hunt after another. The cleansing of chaos and the mon-keigh would never stop until the Eldar could finally regain their former strength. This was their job. A tall order... but the Hounds were up to any challenge.

    Iselai began to speak again but the words stopped just short of transfering through her psychic link to her warriors. The rangers were back with bad news. "Tyranids. Madam farseer, we have tyranids. They've already encountered the chaos spawn and are also approaching our position from the north. They've got us outnumbered two to one easily. I did some scouting and it appears this hive is mainly made up of genestealers, with two hive tyrants, a few zoanthropes, and a carnifex. This isn't an ordinary scouting force. This may be a full scale invasion of this sector."

    The farseer looked around at her depleted troops. She had sent the vast majority of her force around to close off retreat from the chaos spawn. There was no time for doubt. "Ranger Al'khen, did the chaos spawn look overly concerned with our presence?"

    Al'khen's mind voice answered after a soft hum of static. "No, madam farseer. I believe they are more concerned with the tyranids at the moment as they are even more outnumbered than us."

    Iselai nodded curtly to no one in particular. It was a habit she picked up a long time ago and never stopped. The intimacy of telepathic communication always felt as if the person were standing right next to you. It was hard for her to imagine treating it like a long distance transmission. "A large invasion force of tyranid are crashing down on us from the north. We can't afford to split our attention between them and the mon-keigh. We will try to stave off the tyranids as long as we can and sweep up what's left of the mon-keigh after. Hounds! To me! May their blood flow like the great rivers of Tal-Kine. We go to war."

    It didn't take long before the hive force was in sight and target range. Iselai boarded her jetbike, Fang of Khaine, and silently bolstered the will of a nearby group of rangers. To her right the warp spiders led by Exarch Rieval bristled in preperation for war. Behind her, the lone remaining squad of dire avengers stood silently with shuriken catapaults raised. Even further back, her squad of banshees mounted into the waveserpent with their ever present grace. The falcon next to it thrummed with ancient power. The guardian inside already had a lock on the lead hive tyrant.

    To the right of the eldar force, the chaos space marines cackled in expectation of the slaughter to come. Death was death. Blood was blood. There was more of the bugs to kill than the eldar. The skinny little xenos could wait.

    The rangers opened fire first. Their opening position in a nearby ruins allowed them brief sight of the hive tyrant. They took advantage as Ranger Al'khen steadied himself with years of training and gently squeezed the trigger back. The shot was not errant. Al'khen's projectile sliced between two of the tyrants plates and exploded into its soft flesh like a rock hitting a pond.

    The falcon crew fired next but the the wounding of the tyrant sent it reeling back and the falcon's munitions failed to do any damage to the great beast.

    Iselai took this opening to shoot up the left flank of the tyranids. Her mind opened up to the horrible beasts. If this war could not be won with physical combat, she would destroy them through the warp. As her mind made contact with the tyrant, the hive consciousness backfired. The combined strength of every single tyranid had stopped her psychic attack cold. This did not bode well.

    The warp spiders jumped closer to fire at some gathered genestealers but winds carried the otherwise deadly monofilament armaments east of their intended target hurting none of the deadly creatures. As the spiders landed safely from their jump back, they took a look around. One of their number was gone... his soul harvested by the warpway.

    As the battle continued on, the chaos marines began to falter. Their small numbers were being decimated by the overwhelming odds of the tyranid genestealers assaulting them. Iselai looked around and saw that her own forces were barely holding on as well. The falcon took aim one more time at the tyrant and blew a chunk out of its flesh with a precise blast from its pulse laser. The wave serpent began to move forward only to be blown out of the sky by the now angered hive tyrant. Thankfully, the skilled banshees managed to jump out of the careening vehicle as it crashed into the ground.

    With the tyranids now close enough to do real damage, Iselai knew the battle was lost. They had not inflicted near enough casualties at long range. Still, the Hounds of Ynnead never gave up until it was clear that retreat was the only option. The dire avengers, otherwise bored by their lack of combat, steadied their shuriken catapaults and launched a devestating volley into the ranks of massed genestealers killing 6 of the horrible beasts. With their numbers weakened, the banshees swooped in from behind the avengers to finish off the beasts.

    This new swing in momentum seemed it might break the unending advance of tyranids until the rangers took heavy casualties from a genestealer assault from another unit. Ranger Al'Khen gave his best to the farseer before bringing along the spirit stones of his fallen comrades with him as he retreated from battle. This breach in the eldar flank spelled doom for her army. Iselai wheeled around on her jetbike as five dire avengers died in one fell swoop of the hive tyrants blades. "Fall back, Hounds! These tyranid have done what we came to do. Any further casualties would be inexcusable!"

    As she retreated and protected the flank of her host, Iselai looked back. She couldn't see any more of the mon-keigh. They were covered completely by sickening tyranids of every sort. While she was sure some of the chaos spawn got away, she considered the operation a minimal failure. She would come back soon with her full host and put down these insects for good. This was eldar land. This was the her territory. Iselai would not stand for a repeat failure. Even if it meant awakening the avatar.

    (So there we go. I got my butt kicked. What could I have done differently? I'm thinking less bright lances and more starcannons. I was expecting to fight more imperial guard tank divisions tonight rather than tyranids. I also should have moved closer with my hover vehicles. I played them way too cautiously. I could have easily had three attacks with my wave serpent except I never took them because I was never in range. I REALLY like how the dire avengers performed. They chewed up the tyranid like nothing else. If I had had my full force, my dire avengers exarch would have slaughtered the hive tyrant in close combat. I know I'll eventually get the warp spiders down, but at the moment I'm finding using them rather hard. I got like 6 wounds on the tyrant with them but he saved all of them. Dammit! Anywho, I hope this was decent enough. Feel free to leave feedback of any type.)

    Edit: By feel free to leave feedback I mean please post pleeeeease. I'm an attention junkie and crave feedback whether good or bad. Did this entertain you? I'm guessing no since 50+ people have read the thread and no replies to a first timer. :/

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    well iam gald that u put it in 1st person perspective. but it would be nice if u put army lists..unlees if i skimmed past it..sorry realy tired.uhh yeah i faced eldar...starcannons r good vs nidz..nighty night..Btw good battle report.

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