Kroot/Tau vs. Imp Guard - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Kroot/Tau vs. Imp Guard

    2000 point battle is a city with NO trees or forest, how would I do?

    I had

    Crisis Suit HQ
    3 Hammerheads
    9 Vespid
    6 Fire Warriors
    5 units of 20 kroot and 12 hounds

    He had:

    Rhino with Space Marines and a Librarian
    Some snipers
    3 Sentenals
    Several platoons with rockets and auto cannons

    We started close to each other and I managed to contain his tanks (shaken and Immoblized) But his Hell hound wrecked unit after unit of kroot (they were not getting cover saves). My kroot tried twice and failed to close the distance to his heavy weapons and got shot up, so my surviving kroot traded shots between broken buildings with him. The Immoble tank killed 8 of 9 Vespids and Snipers got the other.

    His HQ squad got shot up by my fire Warriors, and then my kroot hounds finished him, that ended his attempt to assault me. That turn my HQ also got lucky and took out his Hellhound. The battle started to turn back my way.

    By turn 4 I gave up trying to destroy his tanks ( I was not managing to do anything to them, and by now one Hammerhaed had been destroyed) and started to use the Ord rail gun to shoot and kill his weapons teams. That worked wonders.

    The battle degraded into some pot shots at extream range. He tried to kill my HQ with a last barage of weapons (thank you 4+ shield) but failed, and the battle ended in a well fought draw. I learned a lot though.


    Assault guns and Auto cannons do nothing to kroot, they can take the loses without blinking.
    That being said, I should of taken out his Hellhoud first, and ignored his two big tanks until later.

    Mass kroot fire can be devestating to anything it unloads on. Kroot hounds are great at CC with thier I 5 and 3 attacks on the charge.

    Railguns are great when you can switch between ORD and single shot.

    Vespids are super sucky. If I did not have them I could of salvaged a win, but the 150 points he got for killing them got him the draw. No range, no durability. I may take a couple Stealth Suits instead.

    Kroot squads of 32 (20 men and 12 hounds) and Ld8 can take a lot of lumps before running, and can compete with most things in CC (took out 8 space marines including the Librarian)

    I would love to see them work with some forest. With forest Kroot would be downright nasty to play against.

    My new list is 1-0-1 so far, next up is Sisters of Battle, lots of flame weapons. Wish me luck!

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    3 hammerheads.. wow. That must have been extremely difficult containing them. I like how the marines ended up sneaking in with the guard :ninja:.
    "...a swarm of mechanised locusts sweeping over the land, stripping it bare of resources, bringing death and destruction to anything that stands in its path. Emperor preserve us against the predations of these so-called Orkish cults of speed!" - Cardinal Nomura at the Conclave of Hessen

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