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    Imperial Guard vs Emperor's Children 1500 points

    HQ- HSO, Bolt Pistol,ID, GL, ML
    Inquisitor Lord- Power Sword, Bolt Pistol, Artificer Armour, Warrior Henchmenx3, Meltax3
    Troops 1
    Platoon HQ- JO, HI, ID, Bolt Pistol, GL, ML
    Infantry Squad x3 - Plasma Lascannon
    Troops 2
    Grenadier Stormtroopers- Vet Serg, Bolt Pistol, STx9, Plasmax2
    Hardened Vets x2- Vet. Serg, Plasma Pistol, Meltax3, Drop Troops
    Callidus Temple Assassin
    Heavy Support
    Leman Russ x2- Hull Heavy Bolter, Side Bolters
    Basilisk- Indirect Fire
    Doctrines, Grenadiers, Drop Troops, Iron Discipline, Veterans

    Emperors Children
    HQ- Daemon Prince, Daemonic Stature, Daemonic Talons, Speed, Str, Armor, Aura, Essence, Mark of Slaanesh, Orcerer, Doom Bolt, Personal Icon, Bionics
    CSM Squad x2- Marks of Slaanesh, Bolt Pistols, CCW, Aspiring Champ, Blastmaster
    Chaos Havocs x2- Marks of Slaanesh, Bolter, CCW, Aspiring Champ, Blastmasterx3
    Daemonettes x3- 10 Daemons
    Chaos Defiler- Reaper Autocannon, Battle Cannon, Daemonic Possession, Parasitic Possession

    This is all from memory and I don't remember everything perfectly. I really need to start writing this stuff down or taking pictures!

    ++++Incoming Transmission++++
    Priority: Urgent
    Recipient: Regimental Commander, 81st Ophelian Grenadiers, General Kessler
    Date: June 1, 2006
    Subject: Chaos Incursion
    Orders: The 81st Ophelian Grenadiers are to join the forming battle group being routed to Rissen 3 to combat an apparent Chaos uprising. Chaos units that appear to be elements of the Emperors Children are reported. Most of the population on the southern continent is under Chaos’ sway.
    The Emperors will is Unquestionable
    ++++End Transmission++++

    81st Ophelian Grenadiers deployed at the mouth of a large valley just north of the small loyalist city of Corin. The Imperial Engineers Corps laid down concrete walls to act as cover for line squads.

    The valley was dominated by a large mesa in the center that would force units to either struggle over it or into one of two passes on both the right and left flanks. The left flank pass was the wider of the two paths.

    First and Second Squads took up positions and sighted firing lines into the left flank pass. Both squads had plenty of cover. Third Squad and 1st Grenadiers took up positions on the right flank. Third squad set firing lines into the right flank pass but could also lay down support fire on the left pass should the need arise. 1st Grenadiers were to advance into the pass and impede the progress of any enemy formations attempting to push through.

    Oddly, an Inquisitor Lord and his retinue attached themselves to the regiment to observe the battle. They were positioned behind the left flank.

    A basilisk from the artillery detachment was positions far behind the left flank position while two Leman Russ Battle Tanks were entrenched on the right flank.

    Observation positions did their best to identify enemy formations coming through the valley. Opposing First and Second Squad appeared to be a chaos marine squad and a havoc squad and a large demon like being. On the right flank appeared to be a similar setup with a chaos defiler.

    Imperial Guard – Turn 1
    1st Grenadiers advanced into the right pass to provide a screen against the chaos squads and defiler for the tanks.

    Acting first thanks to the foresight of Maj. Hoth the heavy artillery opened up on the advancing Chaos. The basilisk pounded a rise that a chaos squad and the defiler were crossing. The shot was devastating and killed everyone except a single chaos marine. Both the Leman Russ tanks were ineffective in their shooting against the defiler. First and Second Squads Lascannons opened fire on the advancing chaos units. The two shots resulted in kills. Third squad was unable to fire.

    Chaos – Turn 1
    All units moved forward and the demon lord using demonic speed jumped in front of his forces.

    The Defiler took a shot at the distant basilisk but the round just bounced off the armor. Blastmaster shots on Third Squad resulted in two deaths.

    Imperial Guard – Turn 2
    Seeing a great opportunity and with their immediate availability Maj. Hoth ordered the drop troops in behind the chaos units on his left flank. 1st Veteran Drop Squad landed on target behind a weakened squad of chaos marines but 2nd Veterans scattered landing in front of the advancing army. The mysterious Callidus assassin also appeared amongst the weakened chaos marines. 1st Grenadiers continued to advance and took a position out of sight of the chaos troops.

    A Leman Russ opened fire on the defiler penetrating the armor with ease causing it to explode in a ball of fire. The basilisk and remaining tank missed their shots.

    1st Veterans opened fire on the weakened chaos units cutting several to pieces. 2nd Veterans missed all their shots with melta guns but the sergeant brought a marine down.

    The line squads seeing the lord all alone opened fire with their lascannons. Two shots appeared to injure him. Maj. Hoth and Lt. Graul ordered their missile launcher teams to also fire which caused an additional wound to the lord.

    The Callidus assassin charged the remaining members of the weakened chaos squad and cut them down while sustaining no injuries herself.

    Chaos – Turn 2
    On the right flank the tactical unit peeled off heading towards 1st Veterans. The havoc squad on that flank moved down the pass.

    The remaining squad on the left flank summoned a unit of daemonettes that also started moving towards 1st Veterans.

    The havoc unit on the right flank opened up on 1st Grenadiers and killed two men. The remaining chaos unit on the left flank opened up with blast masters on 2nd Grenadiers and destroyed the squad to a man.

    The Demon Lord attempted to charge the assassin but she successful jumped back out of the assault leaving the lord alone. The daemonettes were out of range for a charge on 1st veterans.

    Imperial Guard – Turn 3
    1st Grenadiers moved to their right for a better firing position on the advancing havoc squad. 1st Veterans and moved towards the remaining chaos squad near their flank. One leman Russ moved slightly to it’s left for better sights down the left pass.

    Again the basilisk fired and hit on target the unit of marines advancing towards 1st Veterans killing all but 2. The battle tanks again missed their targets. All line squads fired their lascannons at the Demon Lord destroying him. 1st Veterans opened fire on the chaos unit that killed 2nd Veterans and caused several deaths. Missile Launchers fired and missed as well.

    Callidus Assassin assaulted the now severely depleted chaos unit and killed another man but was unable to finish the squad.

    1st Grenadiers inflicted 2 kills on the havoc unit opposing them. A plasma gun overheated killing a man.

    Chaos – Turn 3
    The two remember members of the unit advancing on 1st veterans held their ground and summoned in another group of daemonettes. These daemonettes moved towards the firing line.

    The havoc squad on the right flank opened up with 2 blastmaster shots on 1st Grenadiers killing 5 men and the unit began to fall back. Two chaos marines opened fire on 1st Veterans killing 2 men. But the unit held its ground.

    A group of daemonettes assaulted 1st Veterans killing them to a man.

    Imperial Guard – Turn 4
    1st Grenadiers continued to fall back but were still in range of the havoc unit. The Inquisitor lord seeing the daemonettes began to advance behind the firing line with the intention to meet them in combat.

    All available fire except the basilisk was brought to bear on the daemonette horde advancing and killed all but 2. The basilisk fired upon the havoc squad decimating 1st Grenadiers and killed the blastmaster unit. 1st Grenadiers fired and killed another man from the unit leaving it with only an aspiring champion.

    The Callidus Assassin finished her deadly work and killed the remaining members of the squad engaged with her. She suffered no wounds.

    Chaos – Turn 4
    By this point the chaos units were ineffective but they chose to summon in a third set of daemonettes. This group attempted to assault the Callidus Assassin but she again evaded them
    At the end of this turn Chaos conceded the field of battle for 81st Ophelian Grenadiers.

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    Looks to me like the Chaos guy went a little demon heavy and not enough troops. Congrats on the win.
    May your aim be true, and your targets plentiful.

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    i would have to say the same thing. i dont think that chaos ever really stood a chance as such. but i am a guard player and would have said that regadless. :shifty:

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