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    1850 Recon Necron vs Orks

    Had a game today to test out my new 1850 list. I don't know exactly what my opponent had, but I'll do my best from memory.


    Lord-Res Orb
    Lord-Res Orb/Veil
    10 Warriors
    10 Warriors
    10 Immortals
    10 Immortals
    10 Flayed Ones
    9 Scarabs
    3 Destroyers
    3 Destroyers

    Warboss w/choppa 2 squigs, attack squig(extra attack)
    2 MegaArmor Nobs
    3 normal Nobs

    18 Shoota boyz/Mek with Force field
    18 Shoota boyz/Mek with Force Field
    10 Burna Boys
    18 Burna Boys
    10 Tank Hunters
    10 Tank Hunters
    3 Killa Kans
    3 Killa Kans
    10 Shoota Boys
    18 Shoota Boys

    I know I’m missing something, probably some of the squad sizes. The game was 137 models vs 67 models.

    The board was set up thusly:

    Upper left quarter had 2-level hill with a 5 story tower near the middle. Lower left quarter had a 2 story ruin near table center and nothing else.

    Upper right quarter had a very large 1 story building taking up 50% of the quarter, a small ruins was also in the quarter, between the Tower and the Large building. Lower right quarter had a large hill filling most of the quarter with a small bunker located on top.

    Necron setup was this:

    Warrior squad in the ruins in the lower left. Second Warriors to the left in the open area. Both Destroyer squads behind the second Warrior Squad. Res/Veil Lord in Ruins between the two Warrior units.

    Immortal squad 1 in a line between Ruins and Hill in lower quarters. Second squad in line right behind them. Flayed Ones behind ruins, Scarabs behind Immortal lines. Res Lord between Immortals and Scarabs.

    Ork setup was this:

    3 Kans between Tower and table edge. 18 Burna squad and 18 Shoota Boyz behind them (LOS to them blocked by Kans)

    3 Kans between Tower and Large Building with remainder of Orks (excluding Tank Hunters and 10 man Shootas) behind them. LOS also blocked to them.

    The ten man Shoota was in the Ruins between the Tower and Large Building, and the two Tanks Hunters Infiltrated behind the bunker next to my Immortals.

    Orks won first turn.

    Turn 1 Orks:
    The Kans all moved forward and opened up with their cannons. The left side wiffed against the Warriors while the right struck down 2 Immortals. All other Orks move forward. The Tank Hunters moved into the bunker and opened up with Rokkit Launchers, dropping another 4 Immortals (with the help of Ammo Runts)

    Turn 1 Necrons:
    3 Immortals stand up. The Immortals move out of charge range from the Tank Hunters and the Scarabs wrap around the Immortal squads to force Target Priority checks. No other movement.

    On the left, the Warriors and both Immortal squads fire on the Kans, destroying all of them. One Immortal squads open up on the Kans on the right, killing 2 and doing nothing to the third. The second squad opens up on one of the Tank Hunters killing 8.

    Turn 2 Orks:
    The remaining Kan moves forward and fires on the Immortals, dropping 1. The 10 man Shoota Boyz fires into the Immortals as well, missing and burning Ammo Runts. The Tank hunters drop another 3 Immortals. The other Orks on the right start to move around the Kans. The Orks on the left get tied up in the Kans (low diff terrain roles) and can’t get into range. The Burnas clear the debris, but the Shootas are stuck behind the Kans. The Immortals failed their moral and just barely miss running off the board.

    Necron Turn 2:
    None of the Immortals bother to get back up They do make their Ld though, so they get to turn and shoot. The Warriors and Destoryers on the left wipe out the Burnas to one man (who runs but Mobz up with the Shoota Boyz).

    The Warriors in the building open up on the 10 man Shoota squad and kill 5 of them. One Immortal squad kill the last Kan, while the routed squad kill the last 2 Tank Hunters from the squad. There is still a Tank Hunter squad in the bunker.

    The Flayed Ones start moving to the right side to support the Immortals.

    Ork Turn 3:

    The 5 remaining Shootas attempt to fire on the Immortals but fail their Ld and shoot at the Scarabs, doing nothing. The Shootas/Burnas move out from behind the Kan debris on the right and open up on the wounded Immortals squad, but all wounds are saved (Burnas were out of range but there were a few sluggas in the squad. The Tank Hunters in the bunker fail their Ld and kill 2 Scarabs.

    The Shootas roll an abysmal Diff Terrain test and decide not to move on the left.

    Necron Turn 3:
    The Warriors on the left move forward a bit, and the Destroyers reposition themselves to shoot towards the right past the ruins. The Destroyers and Warriors in the ruins kill 3 more of the 10 man Shoota squad. They fail their Ld, but mob up with the other Shoota Boyz. The Immortals open up on the Burnas and wipe out 12 of them. They fail their Ld, but mob up with the Shootas as well.

    The two Lords, sensing an impending charge on the Immortals, move to swap positions.

    Ork Turn 4:

    The Shootas on the left finally get a decent Diff Terrain roll (not really, but it was enough to get them into shooting range) and open up on the Warriors. 2 wounds. The Burnas/Shootas squad opens up on the Scarabs, killing all but 3 bases. They charge both the Scarabs and the Immortals behind (1 Shoota reaches BtB with the Immortals) The charge kills 2 Scarabs (1 was out of range due to shooting casualties) but fails to wound the Immortals. The Tank Hunters fire on the wounded Immortals. The lack of Ammo Runts send the incoming Rokkits flying wide.

    Necron Turn 4:

    The Veil Lord plays a dirty trick on the Ork player, by bamfing out and taking the charged Immortal squad with him. With only one Scarab base left engaged, the majority of the Orks are out in the open facing charging Flayed Ones and the guns of an Immortal squad.

    Between the Immortals and the charging Flayed Ones, a whopping 10 Orks fall. They follow suit and kill 6 Flayed Ones in CC.

    The Bamfed Immortals draw a bead on the HQ squad moving towards the Warriors in the ruins. Concetrated Gauss fire kills 2 of the normal Nobs.

    On the far left, the Warriors open up on the Orks stuck in the Kan debris, but only kill 2 of them. The Destroyers split their fire, one squad at the Orks, the other at the HQ. No wounds on either side. The Orks in the wreckage made all their cover saves, while the HQ made 2+ saves per the Ork Mixed armor rule (Not know which ruling we were supposed to use, we used the BGB version for the Immortals, since they were the first shots taken at the HQ, and 4,5,6ed it for the remaining shots. He got the roll, so any saves made from shooting followed the Ork Mixed armor rule which states the majority armor save is used by all the members of the squad...stupid 2+ Mega Armor). The Warriors and Lord in the Ruins also opened up on the HQ, but they failed to peirce the Mega Armor.

    Ork Turn 5:

    The Burnas and Power Klaws just barely fail to wipe out the Flayed Ones. Thanks the the Burnas causing 3 wounds, I was able to take the Flayed Ones out of reach to the slowass PKs. The Tank Hunters move forward to fire on the Immortals now in his Deployment zone. They miss with the Rokkit Launcher.

    The Orks on the left finally clear the debris and open on the Warriors. They drop 1. The HQ charges the Warriors/Lord in the Ruins. The Lord manages to kill both squigs, and the Warriors cause a wound on the normal Nob and the Mega Armor Nob, but in return they kill 5 Warriors.

    Necron Turn 5:

    The Warrior and 4 of the Flayed Ones get back up.
    The Veil Lord Bamfs next to the unengaged Warriors, to get them out of CC if needs be. The Warriors move into Rapid Fire range and open up on the Shootas, dropping 5. The Destroyers move around and open up on the Tank Hunters, only killing 3. The Immortals fire on them as well, killing 1. The wounded Immortals charge into Combat to aid the Flayed Ones.
    The combat goes well, as all but the two Orks with PKs are killed. 3 Flayed Ones also fall.

    The other combat doesn’t go as well for the Crons. I did score a wound on one of the Mega Armor Nobs, but I lost 6 Warriors and 2 wounds off my Lord.

    Ork Turn 6:

    The Shootas to the left open up and charge into the Warriors and the Veil Lord. They cause 2 Wounds on the Lord and kill 3 Warriors, routing them. The Lord holds, so the Orks can’t Sweep me, but the Warriors run 8" (outside of Veil range). The HQ unit wipes out my Warrior and Lord, they consolidate towards the Destroyers (in hopes of failed Ld shooting checks and 2+ armor saves). The Flayed Ones/Immortals/Scarab base wipe out the last 2 Orks and consolidate towards the HQ unit. The Immortals moved towards the Tank Hunters in the bunker.

    Necron Turn 6:

    My Warriors get 2 men back, putting them above 50%. The manage to rally and turn on the Orks that routed them, killing another 2. The Veil Lord Bamfs away and lands behind the Tank Hunters. He kills 1, and between the 2 Immortal squads and one of the Destroyers, I managed to drop him below half. The second Destroyer squad dropped the Shootas to 4 Orks (can’t remember the last number of kills). I charged into the HQ squad with my Scarab and 4 Flayed Ones. I scored a wound on the Warboss, but lost 2 FO in the process.

    After we tallied the points, he had scored 494 and I had scored 1460 something from him (with my Immortals in his deployment zone.

    I was very, very worried about being outnumbered. I knew I could cause a lot of shooting casualties, but I was terrified of getting caught in HtH against his boyz. Killing almost all the Kans in the first turn was dumb luck. It slowed him down enough that I was able to whittle away at his troops so when they did hit CC, it was as bad. Had the Kans survived, he would have been able to use them as a sheild to get his boyz into charge range.

    The Flayed Ones performed magnificently. I had originally been running with 8 Scarabs and a tooled up Destroyer Lord. I played an RT tourney with half the missions being Escalation and my Lord not starting with the Scarabs was very detrimental on their effectivness. The FO/Scarabs worked much better than the Dlord/Scarabs had been working, so I think I’ll stick with this list for GD Chicago.

    Gyauayuayuayua! Ja! Ve vill crush da little girly men in deir little girl men awrmor! Ve vill see owur enemies driven befowur us, und hear da lahmentaytions of deir wemen. Und from owur home planet, de stayte uf Califowurnia, ve vill lawunch owur mighty offensive. Even if you kill us, ve'll be bach!! Gyauayauyauyauyau!

    -Arnoldunit Schwarzenecronegger; when questioned about the impending doom he would rain down upon the heads of his doomed enemies.

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    Congrats dude. this is the first necron win on any battle report ive ever read on LO, as a matter of fact i was on my way to post mine, to change that lol. excellent win against the greenies.

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    With only one Scarab base left engaged, the majority of the Orks are out in the open facing charging Flayed Ones and the guns of an Immortal squad.

    Between the Immortals and the charging Flayed Ones, a whopping 10 Orks fall. They follow suit and kill 6 Flayed Ones in CC.
    I am little confused by that statment. Did the immortals squad shoot at the ork squad that was in cc with scarab base or at another unit? You can not shoot at unit in cc.
    Good battle report. Necrons are tough if used by a good player.

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