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    74 (x4)

    1500 Necrons vs Ravenwing army

    The name of the mission escapes me, but we needed to have the most number os scoring units within 12" of table center. Armies were comprised thusly:

    Necron Force
    Lord w/ Res Orb and Veil of Darkness
    10 Warriors
    10 Warriors
    10 Flayed Ones
    7 Immortals
    7 Immortals
    5 Destroyers
    9 Scarabs.

    Ravenwing Force (from memory)
    Command Land Speeder, TL Assault Cannon, TL HBolter
    4 man Bike Squad w/Power Sword
    4 man Bike Squad w/Power Sword
    3 Land Speeders, 3 Assault Cannons
    3 Land Speeders, 3 Assault Cannons
    3 Land Speeders, 3 Assault Cannons, 1 Multi Melta
    3 Heavy bike squad, each with TL bolter and Multi Melta.

    The board was set up as such.

    Upper left had a long hill running near the outer corner. A 3 story ruined building sat close to table center. The upper right quarter had a large hill in the center of the quarter. The lower right quarter had a large hill in the center. The hill was wooded. Lower Left quarter had a small wooded area.

    My opponent got the hilled side, while I took the woods. He set up one 4 man squad all the way on the left, in front of the long hill. His heavy squad was set up behind them. His second 4 man squad set up between the large hill and the ruins. His command LS set up on top of the hill (but behind the 4 man squad so I could not target him.) while all three LS squads set up behind the hill.

    I set up in a block between the two forests. The front line was my Warriors, the Immortals behind them, and the Flayed Ones and Lord in the middle. My Destroyers deployed on the left most side of the board, facing his 4 mans squad, and my Scarabs set up hugging the wooded hill on the right side.

    I won the roll off and gave the Ravenwing player first turn.

    Turn 1:
    The left most bike squad TBed across the board right in front of my Destroyers, while the heavy bikes moved towards the ruins to get cover and get in range. On the right, all 10 Lands Speeder flew over the hill to the open area on the right. One squad TBbed behind the wooded hill in my DZ.

    The heavy squad wanted to target my Warriors, but they were out of range. The Command LS could only reach my Scarabs, and managed to drop a base in a flurry of fire. The other 2 LS units opened up on my closer Immortal squad, dropping 4 through massed fire. They made their Ld and held strong.

    3 out of 4 successful WBBs for the Immortals.My movement consisted of my leftmost Warrior squad moving through the woods to get LoS on the TBed bikes and the rest of my army wheeling around to deal with the LS squads. My Scarabs TBed up the middle of the board to the other 4 Man squad.

    Between my Destroyers and my Warriors, his TBbed bike squad fell to a man. The firing on the left went just as well, with my 2 Immortal squads and my Warrior squad utterly wiping out a unit of LS.

    Turn 2:
    Undeterred by the loss of a third of his mobile AssCan, the Ravenwing player pressed on. The LS squad that TBed last round moved through the woods (above actually, to avoid Dangerous Terrain). The Multi Melta squad moved forward just enough to get the Ravenwing Jink save. The Commander did the same. The heavy bike squad moved into range of my Warriors and the remaining 4 man squad backed away from the Scarabs to open fire on them.

    The Commander and 4 man squad opened up on the Scarabs, killing 2 more bases and wounding 1. The Warriors on the left eat hot Melta death on 2 (1 made his forest cover save, so a poor tree went up like a Roman Candle). On the right, fearing the Rapid fire of the Warriors, he turned his Melta LS on them. Melta and AssCan shots only managed to drop 2 Warriors. The other squad, confident in it's AssCans, opened up on the wounded Immortal squad. Only 2 actually dropped.

    The Melta-ed warriors unmelt as WBB pulls their puddles back together. The Immortals also managed to shake off the AssCannon effects. One Warrior stays a puddle as the other two get back up (my rolls were pretty above average this game). Everyone moves to the right to deal with the remaining LS.

    Both Immoral squads open up on the LS in the woods. Jink saves reduce the number of incoming glances, but not enough. One died as its hover mechanism was destroyed, while the other two lose their Assault Cannons. The Warriors double tap into the Melta LS squad, stunning all three. The Destroyers managed to drop 2 with Immobilized results. Above, the Scarabs pour over the 4 man squad. Going first, and wielding a power weapon, the bikers only manage to score one wound. The onslaught of 6 charging Scarab bases managed to pull down 2 Marines (which is impressive since I needed 6s to wound him) The bikers, in true SM fashion, hold fast.

    Turn 3:
    As the CC in the Ravenwing DZ raged, his LS unit held fast while the Commander moved toward the stunned Melta LS. His heavy bikes opted not to move as I had left my Destroyers in plain sight.

    The firing phase was minimal as the Heavy bikes dropped 1 Destroyer with Melta fire and the HBolters and Commander dropped another 3 Warriors.

    In CC, the bikers kill the wounded base and wound a second, and the Scarabs fail to do anything.

    My Destroyer stays in hot golden puddle form, while 1 of the 3 damaged Warriors get up. The Flayed Ones make a move on the center objective (which happened to be the turret from a gun emplacement for representation). Everything else pretty much stayed in place.

    My Warriors on the right, being within 12� (mostly) of the LS over the woods, open up on them. Only 1 actual glance gets through (due to poor dice and Jink saves), but that one shot is enough to Immobilize one more LS. The wounded Immortals also target that squad, but they do even worse than the Warriors, managing only to Stun him (several stuns, but only stunned). Finding his armor much to thick (or the trees got in their eyes) the second Immortal squad turned to fire on the Melta totting LS, but one failed Ld later and they are turning on the one in the woods again, whiffing entirely. The Destroyers return fire on the Heavy bikes, causing 3 wounds total (1 and a half bikes). They hold, but grudgingly.

    In CC, much the same as before, 1 wound on the Scarabs, no wounds in return.

    Turn 4:
    Not wanting to face another barrage of Heavy Gauss fire, the Heavy Bikes high tail it around the ruins to bring themselves to bear on the Flayed Ones. The Commander and Melta LC lined themselves up on the Immortals, while the dazed crew in the woods admired the beauty of the leaves as they change color.

    Shooting went much better for him this round, as 2 Flayed Ones burst into so much evaporated mist (and being outside of Res Orb range, stayed that way) while his two remaining LS drop 4 of the 6 remaining Immortals (who easily make their Ld)

    CC also went much better for him this round, as he causes 3 wounds that remained unsaved. I lost a full base and still had 2 wounds on another Scarab. No activity from the Scarabs this round.

    Miraculously, all 4 Immortals get back up this turn. My Destroyers followed the Bikes around the building and just barely get LoS (one is blocked by the building). My Warriors marched slowly forward, and the Immortals lined up along the tree line of the hill.

    The Immortals managed to finally Gauss away enough trees to drop the LS (He wasn’t actually in the woods, I just kept missing/not glancing). My Warriors were close enough that I could target his Command vehicle, so I opened up on that and caused 7 glancing hits. He Jinked 4 of them away, but 2 Stunned and 1 Immobilized later, the Commander was done. The second squad managed to Stun the Melta LC again, but nothing else. The Destroyers caused 1 more wound to the Heavy bikes, killing the wounded one.

    In CC, I lose 2 more wounds (so one less base) but manage to finally kill a Marine. It’s down to 1 Marine and 3 Scarabs.

    Turn 5:

    With no scoring units left and only 1 mobile figure, I’ve won at this point, but as this was his first game with the 4rth Ed rules and his first with this army (bought second hand) we pressed on.

    His Heavy bike moved to table center and opened up on my Flayed Ones, dropping 2 with his TL bolter.

    The CC up top went his way again, with the Power Sword dropping another base and the Scarabs not doing diddly. 2 bases vs. 1 Marine.

    My Flayed Ones moved into assault position, but just in case, my Destroyers opened up on the Heavy Bike. I caused 1 wound, but that was enough. The Immortals finished off the Stunned Melta LS while the Flayed Ones charged. 24 attacks turned into only 3 actual wounds (damn that bonus bike toughness). He did fail one of the wounds though, so that bike went bye bye. The Scarabs also managed to drag the rider off the bike above, without taking any wounds either.

    In all fairness to my opponent, this was a learning game for him. The fact that the majority of his army was AV10 vehicles against a Necron force did not help him much. He had fun and enjoyed the game, even though it was one sided.

    Gyauayuayuayua! Ja! Ve vill crush da little girly men in deir little girl men awrmor! Ve vill see owur enemies driven befowur us, und hear da lahmentaytions of deir wemen. Und from owur home planet, de stayte uf Califowurnia, ve vill lawunch owur mighty offensive. Even if you kill us, ve'll be bach!! Gyauayauyauyauyau!

    -Arnoldunit Schwarzenecronegger; when questioned about the impending doom he would rain down upon the heads of his doomed enemies.

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    When I saw the lists, I knew you had a great advantage. You had clearly made your army list equally good against all opponents, but he would be very weak against some lists. Still, you did a good job taking advantage of that fact, and I always like seeing marines getting crushed!
    "When one man dies it is a tragedy. When thousands die its a statistic."

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    I was a little worried when I saw all the AssCan's! That can turn in to a lot of Rending hits negating all the Necron advantages.
    40K: Tyranid, Necron, Space Wolves
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    Wow his first game ever was witha powergaming ravenwing list... in a take and hold...

    Yeah Ravenwing is pretty innefective against crons, all you had to do was VoD his ass away and you're set. Staying in one place is not good for ravenwing.

    BTW get your friend to use LO so we can help him out.

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    99 (x5)

    True Necrons are bad opponents for Ravenwing, but that was really unimpressive. Well done, you laid down some good hits and Ravenwing can be lethal.

    However as Assault Cannon are not close combat weapons that negate armour saves or instant deathing rending isn't that brilliant against your basic tin.

    Plus Ravenwing Bikes have a 2+ save and a single wound. Causing 3 wounds would have killed tham all (though I resume he would have passed more saves on a 2+.

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