Combat patrol IG vs TE-Bunker defense - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Combat patrol IG vs TE-Bunker defense

    Combat Patrol
    Imperial guard vs Tau Empire
    85th Ragnarok Stone Legion vs Voir'la Dragoons
    Defense of bunker 138

    2x6 fire warroirs
    12 Kroot
    2 hounds
    2 crisis suits, burst cannons, misslies, shields

    Imperial guard
    Squad 1 H.Bolter+Gernade luancher
    squad 2 +Flamer
    LT Bolt pistol, missle luancher, Plasma gun, Melta gun+Commisar with plasma pistol, power weapon
    Sential + auto cannon
    6 man renament squad all with lasguns.

    Close order drill

    IG defending, tau attacking
    I have 2 bunkers and barricades, theres hills and jungles and ruins for the tau to take cover.

    Turn 1 i get set up
    Turn 1 she gets set up.
    Turn 2 Sentail shoots and kills on fire warroirs.
    Turn 2 she has her fire warroirs take cover behind ruins and shoots renament squad.
    Turn 3 Squad R kill one fire warroir, Squad 1 and 2 kill 2 kroot
    Turn 3 Fire warroirs kill 2 more R Squad members, Kroot kill 2 on squad 1. Devil fish avoids missle luancher, the other fire warroirs move to ruins to help out.
    Turn 4 Renament squad shoots and missis, Squad 1 and 2 kill 2 more kroot, LT move his squad to Squad R and Lets the tua have it. LT, Commisar, and Plasma gunner each get a kill.
    Turn 4 She Returnes fire and a bave guardsmen takes a shot for the LT and dies, Crisis suits pop shoot, and hide the main bunker, 0 kills, Kroot and and devil fish shoot squad 1, kill 0, yeah!!!
    Turn 5 Squad R merges with LT's CO squad and fires and fire warroris, kills 1. Squad 1 and 2 miss all shots...Arh!
    Turn 5 She misses all her shot as well.
    Turn 6 enough is enough. CO squad bull Rushed the fire warroirs and batteres them, 3 kills! Squad 1 charges kroot kills 2. Squad 2 moves out of bunker and gets ready to use the flamer and BBQ the kroot. Flamer guy yells out "this time we eat you!" Fire warroirs kill one guardsmen in combat, Kroot kill 4 guardsmen and the run away, Hound chase down and kill another guardsmen so that 5.
    Turn 6 she give up

    Camo was making her so mad and me so happy.
    So what do you think of the game?

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    Er, could you space out the turns a bit? And for the love of god spell check it? Warriors
    Grenade Launchers Sentinel The list goes on mate. Good fight though.
    Though unnumbered lurking perils await us, our blades will ever be ready.

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