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    Traits vs Vanillia marines, 1500

    Deathstalkers vs Vanilla Marines, 1500, Secure and Control, Gamma
    Me vs my brother.... the armies are fighting over three kegs of Guinness, for obvious reasons. This is the first battle I've put up so tell me how I can make it better.

    Deathstalkers Pod Force
    Advantages - Take the Fight to Them, Blessed Be the Warriors (which I didn’t use this time)
    Drawback - Aspire to Glory

    HQ – Reclusiarch, Lit Claws, Term Honors, Furious Charge
    + Com Squad [7], Vet, Fist, Champion, 2xPlasma, 3xBP/CCW, Furious Charge, Pod
    Troops – 3x Tactical [8], Vet, Fist, Melta, 6xBP/CCW, Pod = CCW 1 thru 3
    1x Tactical [8], Vet, Fist, Plasma, 6xBolter, Pod = Bolter 1
    Fast – 2x Speeder, AC, HBltr
    Elite – Veterans [8], Vet, Fist, Power Weapon, 6xBP/CCW, Pod
    Point Total – 1497

    Vanilla Marines Force
    HQ – Captain, Terminator Armor, SBolter, PWeapon
    + Termy Command [4], 2 AC
    Troops – 2x Tactical [10], Vet, Fist, Plasma, HBltr, Rhino (armor + smoke) = Tactical 1/2
    Scouts [6], Missile, 5xBolter
    Fast – Assault [10], Vet, Fist, 2xPlasma, 7xBP/CCW
    Heavy - Devs [8], 4xMissile
    Predator Annihilator, bolters, armor, smoke
    Point Total - 1497

    Dawn/Dusk did not occur. The entire Deathstalker army was kept in reserve for deep strike. The vanilla marines HQ is in reserve, tactical one deploys in a rhino on the far left of the large forest, tactical two deploys in a rhino behind the central hill next to the assault squad, the predator sets up between both hills, and the devs start on the large "T" shaped hill on the right. The scouts infiltrate to the center objective in the woods since I have absolutely nothing on the board.

    I roll first turn and naturally give it away. Heavy support in black will represent drop pods on the map.

    Vanilla Turn 1
    The army surges forward. Tactical one's rhino moves up behind the ruins/debris field, tactical two's rhino takes them toward the large ruins. The assault squad jumps on top of the central hill, the predator rolls forward turning to the left, and the dev squad moves forward on their hill.

    Deathstalker Turn 1
    Drop Pods rocket toward the battlefield.

    Vanilla Turn 2
    Tactical one disembarks in the ruins/debris field (rhino is now tactical 5), and tactical two moves up and disembarks next to the large ruins (rhino is now tactical 6). The devs move slightly on the hill, the assault squad stays put. The predator senses danger and pops smoke but sits where it is. The terminators do not arrive.

    Death Stalkers Turn 2
    The command, 2 BP/CCW tacticals, the Bolter tactical, and one speeder arrive. The speeder attempts to land behind the woods the scouts are hiding in but scatters badly, nearly crashing into the large ruins. CCW squad 1 scatters slightly but manages to land on the hill behind the dev squad. The HQ and Bolter squads land stacked neatly just above tactical two, and CCW squad 2 scatters from the left objective 8" out towards the lower left corner.

    In shooting, the HQ, Bolter squad and CCW 2 decimate tactical one, dropping 8 of them despite the cover of the ruins. The bad news is EVERY plasma gunner in my army fries himself at the same time, and they all die. The speeder drops 3 scouts and CCW 1 kills 2 devs.

    Vanilla Turn 3
    Terminators arrive. Tactical one's rhino moves down and cuts off CCW 2 by pulling up next to their drop pod. The assault squad doesn't have the range to get over the pod wall and jumps above bolter 1 to get in charge position. What’s left of tactical 1 moves toward bolter 1. The terminators come in close to the left objective via teleport homer.

    The terminators and tactical 2 light up the command squad in a hail of bullets. Three marines drop and the chaplain takes a wound. The assault squad and tactical 1 fire into bolter 1, killing 2. The predator smokes the Deathstalker speeder, and the dev squad turns around and pulps three marines from CCW 1 with krak missiles.

    The assault squad and tactical 1 assault bolter squad 1 killing everyone but the fisted sgt, 3 assault marines die in return. The sgt somehow decides to stay in the fight.

    Deathstalkers Turn 3
    With lucky rolling the rest of the force, Veterans, CCW 3, and speeder 2, come into play. Speeder 2 attempts to land behind the predator and scatters off to the upper left, almost going off the table... it also flew out of the rear shot angle. CCW 3 scatters but the distance is lessened by objects on the table; they land close to the scouts guarding the center objective. The vets land perfectly right on top of the left objective. CCW 2 moves most of the unit around their pod, leaving the melta with a close range shot at tactical one's rhino.

    Four drop pods, the remaining HQ, and the veterans fire into the terminators with no effect. Speeder 2 fires at the side armor of the predator destroying the lascannon and shaking the crew. CCW 1 drops another dev with shooting. CCW 3 fires into the scouts with no effect. CCW 2 destroys tactical 1's rhino.

    The HQ charges the terminator squad. Sadly the captain cannot be put in base to base (hes behind a wall of termies) but the can opener chaplain easily cuts apart all 4 terminators, ending the round of combat. Both sides move in for more as the captain looks for revenge. 14 regular marine attacks can't drop the sgt from bolter 1 and he manages to kill off tactical one with his fist before he is torn apart; the assault squad consolidates toward the left objective. CCW 1 charges and kills 2 devs in close combat, losing 1 in return.

    Vanilla Turn 4
    The assault squad hops over the combat between the HQ units, drawing bead on the vets. The remaining rhino moves slightly to allow tactical 2 to move the majority of the squad into the large ruins. The predator, unable to fire due to smoking holes in its side, backs up against the hillside to protect its rear.

    The assault squad unloads on the veterans killing only 2. Tactical 2 directs an impressive amount of fire towards CCW 2 but only manages to kill one marine. The scout team fires at CCW 3, killing 3 of them and forcing them to re-evaluate the situation by running away.

    The assault squad charges the vets and the two power fisted sergeants go on a rampage. The vets lose 5 and the assault squad loses 4. Again an impressive morale check keeps the remaining Death Stalker sergeant in the fight. Both HQ units slug it out with the chaplain saving two wounds from the captain's power sword and delivering a wound to his enemy. The captain saves a would-be death causing power fist wound from the sergeant. CCW 1 tears apart the remaining dev marines and moves off the hill, beside the predator.

    Deathstalkers Turn 4
    CCW 3 regroups and moves towards tactical 2 in the ruins. CCW 2 moves toward tactical 2 also, from the other side. Speeder 2 moves toward the center of the board to get a firing line on the scouts at the center objective.

    The shooting phase sees CCW 1 use their melta to make an impressive fireworks display out of the wounded predator. Speeder 2 shreds the rest of the scout squad despite the cover save of the woods. CCW 2 and CCW 3 fire into tactical 2 killing 3 marines.

    Chaplain can opener drops the terminator captain, while managing to dodge all the power sword attacks. The assault squad finishes off the veterans, but not before losing 2 more members, leaving just the assault sergeant. CCW 2 and 3 charge tactical 2 and a massive bloodbath ensues. Regular attacks kill only 2 marines (one from each side) but the power fisted sergeants again go berserk, and the final tally is 3 marines dead from CCW 2, and all 7 marines slaughtered from tactical 2.

    Vanilla Marines Turn 5
    The assault sergeant charges the chaplain and is cut down before he can attack, ending the vanilla marines' attempt to capture the treasure trove of magical Guinness.

    Result: Pretty nasty slaughter to end this friendly game. The Deathstalkers ended up with 4 marines in CCW 1 and 2, 5 marines in CCW 3, 3 in the HQ, and a speeder.

    The winning chaplain and some of his buddies…

    Last edited by Sig121; June 13th, 2006 at 14:37.

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