First Battle Report

The lists

Dark Eldar (Me)

combat drug
splinter pistol
tormentor helm
7 incubi retinue
1 incubi master
All in raider

Hellion Skyboard
Animus Vitae


3x Raider squads
10 warrior in each
dark lance in each
sybarite with poison blades in each
Horrorfex upgrades

Fast Attack
3x Reaver Jetbikes
- Succubus w/ agonizer,
- 2 blasters
- haywire grenades

my opponent didnt give me his list, but it had commandd squad w/ comissar 3x basilisks, and loads of IG troops and 1 heavy weapons trio of three w/ heavy bolters and a sentinal squad of 5.

We role the dice and i go first.

The map is full of spires throughtout the map, but disturbingly little cover.

i deployed my raiders on the left, and my jetbikes on the right, with my hellion dracon in the middle.

He had the 3 basilisks lined side to side, with huge squads of guardsmen in front of the left and center ones and heavy weapons teams infront of the right one. He also had around 5 sentinals mixed around his command squad which was in the center of the army

Dark Eldar Turn 1

I turboboost everthing forward 24 trying my best to block LOS towards my Raiders.
Still out of charge range, i pass the turn.

Imperial Guard Turn 1

With a grin he commences firing using his basilisks
2 of the shots scatter harmlessly, but one of them hits two raiders, blowing both of them to bits. one of the squads is killed to the man (:-() but the other suffers only one loss. The Weapons Squads unload on my incoming jetbikes, but somehow survive the withering hail of fire. Some Guardsmen attempt to fire at my lords raider, but somehow by and act of g-d it survives.

Dark Eldar Turn 2

The Reavers move into charge range of the Heavy Weapon squads. The survinig raider squad and the Archon raider move forward 12 inches toward the left squad and my hellion moves into charge range. I unload my raider squad and archon nit, moving them closer to the enemy. I FOF my downed raider squad and move onto shooting.

The shooting phase is brief and spectacular. My Lone Raider squad's raider fired a dark lance shot at the center basilisk, connecting and exploding the vehicle. The warriors that disembark from the ship fire some shots at the left most guardsmen swarm managing to kill 5 of the hapless units. MY dracon fires off a splinter pistol shot at the center squad ending a worthless soldiers life. The archon raider also fires its dark lance at the left basilisk, but only manages to stun it. The jetbikes fire their blastesr, but completely miss their targets, perhaps off in a drug induced stupor.

My friend Jim was visably worried, the massive ammount of cc about to take place did not look good for him.

I rolled for drugs and my Archon got +1 Attack while my dracon got +1 Ws. The jetbikes also got +1 Ws. MY archon squad charged into the left most squad of guardsmen and annihilated the 24 unit squad down to 2. The unit lost morale and ran, but the archons wiped them out and consolidated into the center guardsmen squad. the large Raider squad joined the Archon and proceeded to charge the middle squad of 30 guardsmen, However, unlike their combat mad leader suprisingly only killed 1 guardsmen while losing a warrior in the process. THe dracon also ganged up against the center guardsmen squad and hacked 3 of the warriors in a rather unspectacular fashion.

With the winds of war raging, the Jetbikes assaulted the heavy weapons teams, and managed to kill 2 of the 3 heavy bolter squads.

Imperial Guard Turn 2

The battle was looking grim for the Imperiums forces. With 1 guardsmen squad wipeout, 1 soon to be, the heavy weapons squad on the brink, and 2 basilisks removed from effectiveness; it would take a miracle to turn it around. the sentinals moved forward to charge the main DE force along with the command squad. The basilisk without any other real target to fire at, turned its massive cannon at the jetbikes and with a massively savage scatter roll landed its shot right in the center of the jetbike squad, blowing every unit including his lone remaining bolter squad to kingdom come.

The Assault phase commenced and the brave squad of guardsmen attacked the Archon and his retinue, only to get wiped out in teh face of superior initiative. the sentinals charged the warrior squad and managed to kill off everything, except the line sybarite and his dark lancer. The command squad assaulted the dracon, but failed to pass a leadership test to assault the dracon. With all units tied up, and about to be slaughtered, jim abdicated in the face of the devilish dark eldar.

Crushing Victory for the pointy heads.

Edit: sry of this was written poorly, my friend who watched it wrote it down. Pictures will be up soon!