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    Starting a campighan

    hey guys! i've been doing a campighan with two other friends of mine and its turned into a pretty exciting experience. We started with a map of Mexico, and broke it up into 10 regions. There are three of us playing, A Imperial Guard player, a Tau player, and a Necron player, me! So each of us started at three different locations on the map. each turn you get to move an army, roll to see if you get to create a new one (take the number of regions you control and rolll a number between it and 2), and if you move into a region already controled that has an enemy army on it, then you get to fight. then the person who wins the strategy roll gets to decides the type of game.
    Right now weve decided on only 1.5k armies, cause thats the max we got, but im hopeing that soon we will be able to decide the point value for when we fight against one another.
    When we land on a new piece of terrian, we roll to see what type of terrian it will be throughout the campighan, but made sure three regions will stay city, as to practice our city fighting skills. Also, when you land on a new piece of terrian, there are certian bonuses you can get. you roll a dice and if you roll a 3-6 theres a special bonus you get that we listed. Also, we added two orbital drop armies, so that people dont get kicked out of the campighan too quickly.

    So far the IG control most of the regions, the Tau only have two while i control 3. the games gotten pretty intense, weve had 3 battles so far, and ive yet to fight IG. What i think is really exciting is that each army has a fluff and each is has fluff for trying to control the planet. Also, after each battle, everyone types a battle report and staples it on the wall, giving the game a real realistic effect.

    wish the StarGods luck guys

    PS when you win a match, the other enemy army dies.

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