Hi guys a Few days ago i played a match against someone in my gaming club He had Imperial guard and i had my

Inquisitor Lord : Force weapon, word of the emperor,scourging, power armor, rosarius, bolt pistol and frag and krak grenades
familiar,chirurgeon,crusader and sage.
(Gamma)10 Storm troopers : Krak grenades, Flamer,grenade launcher, veteran with power weapon
(Upsilon)8 Storm troopers : Krak Grenades, grenade launcher, veteran with power weapon
7 Sisters of battle : Storm bolter, Krak and frag grenades and a veteran superior with a power weapon
10 inducted Guard : Grenade launcher, Missile launcher, Frag and Krak and veteran sargeant

Imperial Guard (Guess)
Command squad(4 veterans) with vox caster and lieutenant (i don't have codex so im not sure what its called)
(Alpha)10 Imperial guard troops with lascannon and sargeant
(Beta)10 imperial guard troops with sargeant
(Delta)10 imperial guard troops with sargeant
10 Armoured fist in chimera (Multilaser and heavy bolter) with flamer,sargeant and vox caster
Leman Russ Battle tank (grumble) with hull mounted lascannon and twin linked heavy bolters on side
Sentinel with lascannon
Sentinel with autocannon

We were trying to capture table quarters, whoever held the most at the end of the game wins. It was a 750pts battle. The board was roughly 4" by 4" with some trees scattering the area and three stone
buildings in a circular formation around the middle. We started in opposite corners to each other.

Turn One : Imperial Guard (dam)
The guard commander surveyed the battlefield and knew he had to take and hold the area until reinforcements arrived. He ordered the chimera with the armoured fists to dash along the left flank at top speed. His sentinels advanced steadily, their
large feet making miniature craters in the mud. They opened fire and an autocannon ripped a stormtrooper to pieces. The sentinel with the lascannon let loose a single shot which (completely missing the enemy) immolated a bird flying overhead. "Fools!" the officer
thought. Alpha squad moved to a defensive positon near a building and opened fire. The hail of las shots doing no more than to graze the side of a building. Gamma squad moved in to cover them but was out of shooting range. Delta held position for a while.
The leman russ moved steadily but so it could still fire its battle cannon. It let loose its deadly cargo which soared forward and landed a few paces from stormtrooper gamma, spraying them with mud.

Turn One : Witchhunters
Inquisitor Lord Stewy commanded his troops forward. He also began to dash towards the chimera. Only Squad Upsilon held position to contest the forward positions. The Sororitas moved towards the central area and opend fire at the sentinel but its frontal armour protected it for the most part. Gamma moved towards the left flank and fired its grenade launcher at the sentinel (autocannon) The Krak round penetrates the armour and the driver is flung out and lands in a charred heap on the ground. Inquisitor stewy concentrates his physcic abilities and lets loose scourging. The power smashes into the side of the chimera and immobilises it. The armoured fist unit leaps out of the speeding vehicle and four of them are mutilated. The rest stay put, pinned by the danger. Such destruction is not without its price however and a demon forces its way into the inquisitors mind and kills him outright (yep double one to use physcic power and takes an unsaveable strenght 6 hit). The inducted guard slowly make their way to the left flank to support the stormtroopers. Seeing a nearby guard unit they open fire and lasfire rips through two of them, flinging them to the ground.

Turn Two : Imperial guard
The guard commander watches as his men dive out of the tank and die. He orders Beta to charge the inducted guard for vengeance. They charge and fail to inflict but a single wound. In return attacks the guard lose their sargeant and one trooper. They run and guard do not pursue but hold position to control area. The sentinel bursts out of cover and its lascannon melts a stormtrooper into mush. Delta and alpha move in to support it. The armoured fists fire at the retinue of the inquisitor and kill the familar and the crusader with flamer ans lasguns. Leman russ fires its battle cannon at the sisters and a wall of flame engulfs them. As the smoke clears only one sister lies dead on the mud. The rest rise, faith in the emperor has saved them.(my opponent looked like he was going to explode after that)

Turn Two : Witchhunters
The Sisters , blessed by the emperor move forward and the storm bolter rips two guard to shreds. The remaining sisters charge into battle for the glory of the emperor
together the fell four guard and the rest flee but are brutally cut down by the sororitas. The guard unit fires a missile laucher and suceeds in destroying the second sentinel.
The remaining retinue of the inquisitor charge the armoured fists and the sage personally cuts down two with his immense ahem* strength. In return attacks the guard slaughter
them. The stormtroopers shoot at squad Delta and score three headshots.

Then we ran out of time. If we were doing victory points i would have had a solid victory. But i held one table quarter and contested two and he held one with his armoured
fist unit. I dont think a unit with two people in it can hold a table quarter but it doesnt matter, i had fun. This is my first ever battle report so please leave constructive critiscm.