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    1000 pts Dark Eldar vs. Tyranids

    i played a game today at teh shop against my bros tyranid swarm army.

    i had

    1 dracon kittedo ut /w 4 incubi in raider w/ horrorfex+dissie+scythes+snares

    wyche squad in raider /w horrorfex and dissie+scyhtes+snares

    2 sniper squads of 10 warriors and 2 dark lances

    1 raider squads in raider with scythes and snares

    1 reaver jetbike squad

    1 ravager /w 3 dissie

    he had 60 spinegaunts 9 warriors, 20 horms, hive tyrant and 2 light dakka fexes

    We played on a 4 by 6 board with a massive kill zone without cover in teh center and the 2 board edges containing a massive city.

    We rolled the dice and the swarm lunged

    "Dracon Dethekus, the swarm approaches my lord.
    Good my loyal succubus, alert the troops, we strike at once.
    Order the raider pilots to fly straight across the swarm, regardless of casualties."

    Tyranid turn 1

    the tyranid swarms advanced at full speed towards my army. The warriors let loose some deathspitter volleys, but completely missed their target. Having done nothing to my army, i could tell my friend was rather scared of my first turn.

    DE turn 1

    MY jetbikes went boosted 24" to avoid the main force, hoping on the following turn to attack the ponderous dakka fexes. the Ravager moved behind some trees, while the raider moved 12" forward, straight over the hormagaunt brood. the dice gods where with me and in the snares wake, the entire hormagaunt brood was ripped to shreds, aside from one ucky surviver. the warriors, wyches, and hq gleefully jumped out of raiders, awaiting their chance at glory.

    In my shooting phase, the sniper squads fired on the leftmost warrior squad, instantly obliterating it. Without any synapse, the tyranids in the surorunding areas would have to take behavior tests, something much to his chagrin. the ravager squeezed off 3 dissentrigrater blasts on blast setting, carve a hugeswath in teh midst of the 2 30 unit strong spinegaunt broods. the disembarked wychs and warriors fired their weapons at the nearest brood of spinegaunts, but only managed to kill 2 of the xenos.

    At last the assault phase commenced. My wyches charged at the center warrior brood, crazed beyond belief (combat drugs). They plunged their weapons with horrific glee, destroying the warriors before they could return a single blow. The warriors plunged themselves into the 15 or so remaining spinegaunt broods, killing 4 more of the gaunts, while loosing 2 of their own. the archon and his retinue charged the remaining rightmost warrior squad, and like the wyches, obliterated the squad in its entirety.

    with almost all of his swarming units down, my friend was about to give up, but i insisted he play.

    Tyranid turn 2

    the dakka fexes and flying hive tyrant moved forward at full speed at the dark eldar enemy. Without any synapse, the remaining gaunts rolled decided to stay in teh fight. the dakka fexes unleashed their payload on the poor wych squad. Tiny microrganisms ate the scant clad gladiators alive. Without any other targets available, the tyranids moved into te assault phase.

    With a quick length check, it turned out the reaver squads had gotten to close to the fexes. The crazed jetbikes attacks barely scratched the carnifexes armored hide, and in turn were devoured almsot instantaneously.

    The remaining 10 spinegaunts launched n attack on teh entangled warriors, but with inferior initiative had their attacks parried, and all but 2 of them destroyed.

    The final and perhaps most devastating assault followed. Flying into combat, the hive tyrant charged the dracon and his incubi. Before they could even sense the attack, all 4 incubi where shredded into their basic biomass. the dracons agonizer failed to do anything to the monstrosity before him, and looked in awe at his fate.

    "The beast came out of nowhere, devouring my loyal guard.
    It was a truly ghastly sight. Where as the tyranids could not be tortured, it was a shame my money wuld go to waste. One day i would replace these men, but for now, te Tyranids were gunan pay..."

    Dark Eldar turn 2

    a shor and brutal shooting phase commenced. Turning their Dissentigrators on teh 2 carnifexes, the two beasts were gunned down in a massive hail of energy. In the following assault, the dracon managed to wound the hive tyrant twice, before being ripped toe shreds. the warriorskilled the two remaining gaunts.

    Tyranid turn 3

    The hive tyrant charged the warriors, but in a once in a life time miracle, was struck down by the sybraitse agonizer!

    Crushing victory for DE

    i had both sniper squads, most of hte raider warriors, the ravager, and all of the raiders left

    his army was killed too the man accept the fleeing hormagaunt brood survivor

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    Haruko put that thing down

    "its the pirate king"
    "its,its,its atomsk"


    DARK ELDAR 1500

    We are not your worst nightmare--- We are your EVERY nightmare

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    Nice report man if a bit one sided, funny when the warrors killed the tyrant:ninja:
    "Hey sarge, this lasgun is heavy. I wish we had something lighter."


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    good game there..iam going to find that nid player...and smack him..

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