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    Slaanesh 1000 vs. Rogue Trader

    I went to a local Rogue Trader, sort of on accident and they needed an 8th player so I stepped up. It was 500 pts using the Combat Patrol rules in the 40k Rule Book. Here's my list:

    Slaaneshi Lieutenant w/ Dark Blade, Bolt Pistol, Sorceror, Frag Grenades, Demonic Strength and Resilience, Personal Icon, Infiltrate, 6 Slaaneshi Minor Psychic Powers, Doombolt = 227 pts

    3 squads of 6 Demonettes = 90 pts per squad

    I played a heavily watered down list of my usual army. I got there late so I got a draw in the first round, which I wasn't pleased about. Finally round 2 rolled around and I got some action!


    My opponent was a friend who played his Ultramarines. I don't have his list but it involved 2 Tactical Squads one with Plasma Guns and one with a Rhino. The terrain was fixed and the mission was table quarters. I rolled for my minor powers and got Siren, the only one that matters. He started his foot squad in cover and his Rhino squad behind a different forest. My Lieutenant Infiltrated close to the foot squad, over 18" away.

    Turn 1 Ultra Marines
    He didn't have any movement and entered the Shooting Phase. I passed my psychic test however so he couldn't fire at my Lieutenant. He concluded his turn.

    Turn 1 Emperor's Children
    My Lieutenant moved 6 inches toward the Marines and used Doombolt which resulted in 1 Marine falling. My turn was over.

    Turn 2 Ultra Marines
    The Rhino went 12" away from the Lieutenant and the foot squad only managed to get 4" away. I passed my psychic test and he passed again.

    Turn 2 Emperor's Children
    All the Demonettes came in, 2 squads close to the Marines on foot and the other by basically nothing. The Lord went toward the Rhino and the Demonettes went toward the foot squad. Doombolt didn't hurt the Rhino but the 12 Demonettes got into assault with the Marines, most of which weren't in terrain. The whole squad died for the loss of 1 Demonette.

    Turn 3 Ultra Marines
    As the game was only 4 turns, my opponent conceeded. I had 2 table quarters and he couldn't get more than one and my Demonettes were behind cover so he couldn't shoot them.

    Game 3

    I played against someone I hadn't met before. He was an IG player who used Catachan models but not their list. The army was 3 Sentinels, a Command Platoon with Power Weapons and Flamers and 3 Catachan special snipers. He placed those in a semi circle around his main bulked force to keep my Infiltrating back so I was a little over 12" from the right most sniper. The mission was straight VP with Random Game Length.

    1st Turn Emperor's Children
    My Lieutenant ran for the main bulk of Guard and shot a Doombolt at a nearby sniper, who was killed by it.

    1st Turn IG
    The IG all ran toward the Lieutenant and took up firing positions. As he went into his Shooting Phase I passed ym psychci test for my Siren power (yay) which I than had to explain to him. He passed after reading it.

    2nd Turn Emperor's Children
    The Demonettes all came in pretty close to some Guard. The Lieutenant ran towards the Command Platoon and the Demmonettes made ready to assault 2 Guard squads and a Sentinel. The Lieutenant killed everyone but the Junior Officer who did nothing back. The 2 Guard squads and the Sentinel were all destroyed. The Junior Officer broke and was run down, leaving the Lieutenant in the open, and the Demonettes Massacred into the other 2 Sentinels and another Guard squad.

    2nd Turn IG
    Everything was in combat except the snipers who couldn't move according to their rules. After combat, the IG were all either dead or broken and run down and my opponent conceeded.

    After tallying up the scores ity was determined we needed a 4th round to see who got what placement. I had to play against another familiar face, my friend testing out a new Rough Rider/Storm Trooper list.

    The mission was VP but you pick a unit of your opponents that is worth double VP if destroyed or reduced to half. I picked his closest Rough Rider squad and he picked my Lieutenant. His Rough Riders all kept behind a forest on the left flank and his Storm Troopers took the back center. My Lieutenant took the center right Infiltrating.

    Emperor's Children 1st
    The Lord moved 6" toward the closest Storm Troopers and shot a Doombolt at them which ended up forcing a Ld test. They ended up not only breaking but fleeing off the board! I thought it was funny, I'd never seen that happen on a 1st turn.

    IG Turn 1
    The Rough Riders kept away and the Storm Troopers ran away as well. I passed my Siren test so he passed.

    Emperor's Children Turn 2
    The demopns came in all in bad positions. One squad went behind a forest, a turn away from the Storm Troopers. Another squad landed by the Lieutenant and another flew past the Storm Troopers. I moved the Demonettes into cover where I could, marching toward assault. I heard the sounds of hooves and feared for my Demonettes by the Lieutenant, who ended up firing a Doombolt at one squad and dropping 2.

    IG Turn 2
    The Rough Riders that were at full strength moved toward the Demonettes by the Lieutenant and the other squad went off to help the Storm Troopers. The Storm Troopers shot and killed 5 Demonettes of the squad in cover. In combat, the Riders and the Demonettes went simo. The Riders lost 5 and the Demonettes lost only 4, winning them the combat! The Riders than broke and were run down much to my joy.

    Emperor's Children Turn 3
    The Lieutenant and Demonettes all ran for combat. The Demonettes assaulted the Riders and the Lieutenant shot a Doombolt at the Storm Troopers, killing 2 but they held. In combat the Riders all died for no loss of Demonettes. Again, at this point my opponent conceeded.

    At the end of the Tourney I ended up getting Best Overall, which came in the form of a yellow paper certificate, now on my wall. This was awhile ago, so forgive the lack of a battle map which I must familiarize myself with. Also, if you're interested in finding out about me or my Warhammer club, visit for more information. More battle reports coming soon!

    Check my Blog for Battle Reports, useless ranting and more! Comments appreciated.
    Like to talk Warhammer or want some advice on Armies or Tactics? Drop me a PM!

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    Unfortunately you broke the rules in that game. If you use a major psychic power, like doombolt, then you can't use any minor powers during that turn, like siren. In this case, though, the term turn means game turn. A game turn is when both you and your opponent go once.

    It's kind of confusing and I admit that I broke that rule when I started playing Slaanesh too.

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