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    1k Necrons vs. Ultramarines

    Necron Forces:
    1 Lord w. Res. Orb & Veil of Darkness 200
    5 Immortals 140
    10 Warriors (Blue) 180
    10 Warriors (Bronze) 180
    4 Destroyers 200
    6 Scarab Swarms w. Disruption Fields 96
    Total: 996 points, 36 models, 30 Necrons, Phase Out at 7.

    Ultramarine Forces
    Master of Sanctity w. bolt pistol, artificier
    armour, teleport homer, & jump pack 146
    Terminator Squad of 5 w. 2 heavy flamers 220
    Tac Squad of 5 w. missile launcher &
    plasma gun. Veteran sergeant w. bolt
    pistol, & master-crafted close combat
    weapon. Razorback transport w. extra
    armour & pintle-mounted storm bolter. 210
    Scout Squad of 5 w. missile launcher, &
    2 sniper rifles. 85
    Predator Annihilator w. heavy bolters on
    side sponsons, extra armour, and pintle-
    mounted storm bolter. 145
    Whirlwind w. pintle-mounted storm bolter
    & smoke generators 113
    Landspeeder Tornado w. assault cannon &
    heavy bolter. 80
    Total: 999 points, 19 models

    We tried a new method of terrain placement using a scatter die. We took turns choosing a terrain piece and rolling the scatter and 3D6. The first piece was placed 3D6 inches from board center in the scatter direction. The next piece was placed 3D6 inches from the edge indicated by the next scatter die roll and we repeated this process. On a bull’s eye, the player chose the direction of placement at the rolled distance. When a scatter went off the board, we placed the piece touching the edge and then rolled for the following piece until we got a scatter that landed back on the board. We were very satisfied with the final result, as some pieces were much more clumped and others likewise more isolated than usual, with a few large open spaces. Having to adjust our deployment and battle plans to the board without having being able to “cherry-pick” specific locations for specific units made the game much more interesting.

    “It’s no good, Sir! The storm’s so strong that I can’t set her down to deploy your armor. With the Emperor’s help, I may be able to pass low enough to lay down a couple of squads. I’ll have to pass a few klicks south to unload the rest”, the pilot shouted above the buffeting roar of the Thunderhawk as he battled the controls. Outside, angry red clouds of sand in the shrieking winds clawed at the hull. Somewhere down there was a party of scientists and tech priests. Julius Dreopin’s job was to find them. He turned from the forward screens, deciding which of his sergeants to throw to the wolves first.

    The mission we rolled was Seek and Destroy at the Omega level. The Escalation bit promised to be interesting, since the Necrons would start with a wad of warriors but they could lose quickly if the Lord shows up late. The marines will start with a Tac squad and the scouts can infiltrate to a good firing location, but without some support they’ll soon be gauss fodder.

    They were here. He couldn’t see them, but when you’ve been in so many battles across so many systems you know. Some things just don’t change. Like this mission. A ruined backwater planet in another insignificant out-of-the-way system. Somebody sees some funny rock or gets some static on an orbital scanner sweep and the xeno boys damn near wet their robes. They rush out half-****ed to examine and record every possible number on every last piece of sand. He didn’t understand at all. Bolters. Power armor. The smell of death. These he could understand. Now, the group of robes sent here months ago haven’t called home in a few weeks. We come all the way out and I expected we’d see that the eggheads got all caught up in their little numbers and forgot the daily sitreps. That was the usual scene. But not this time. They’d found what might have been a camp nearby, but the local sandstorms hadn’t left much. No sign of the priests they were sent here to find. This was something else and Veteran Sergeant Anos Braanthel wasn’t feeling good about it at all.

    The layout centered nicely on a Necron obelisk near board center. I’ll refer to the SM deployment area as South and the Necron long board edge as North. Three large rectangular buildings placed NW, NE, and SE of the obelisk (facing it) were to bound almost all of the battle. A tower was SW of the obelisk, and a rocky outcrop was due S near the board edge. A low circular bunker was due N of the obelisk close to the board edge. The marines first placed the Tac squad at the corner of the tower. The Necrons placed the unit of bronze warriors W of the bunker and the blue warriors between the bunker and the NE building. The SM scouts then set up on the tower above the Tac squad. The marines went first.

    Now he knew why he didn’t like this. The reason was in the center of the small plaza ahead. A tall tapering column made of black-green stone. In itself the column was not so disturbing. The Necrontyr symbol on it’s front was though. Signaling his squad to get down, Braanthel motioned Jenthan toward a ruined tower. The scouts crept to the structure and silently disappeared inside. From the top the sergeant scanned the area with the macrobinox. Nothing but sand, ruins, and that dark obelisk. He was just moving the binox off of the stone’s symbol when a slight motion in the background made him stop. Refocusing on the farther spot, Jenthan saw the barest trickle of sand sliding down a small rise on a dune. The trickle became a stream and then a cascade off the figure rising from the ground. And it wasn’t alone, as close to a dozen other chromium skeletons began to stand and raise weapons.
    “BURN ‘EM!!!” the lead scout bellowed to his squad.

    Turn One:
    Concealment was in effect, but the scouts were able to fire upon the bronze squad directly in front of them, downing two. The Tac squad opts not to fire at this range and advances.
    The two downed warriors fail their WWB rolls. The blue warriors advance on the Tac squad from the E while the bronze squad stands its ground and returns fire, killing two scouts.

    Braanthel led his squad at full run toward the warriors. At this range those gauss weapons would literally take them apart. Close in, they at least had a chance to send a few of those metal creatures back to the hell. Who knows, they may even survive until the backup forces arrived.
    On the tower, Hawker sent the krak in his tube screaming at the abominations. Detonating low left on a skeleton’s torso, his missile tore the machine to shreds. Sparks flew from the figures as sniper rifle and bolter fire sprayed off of them. How the infernal warriors even stood under the sheer force of the impacts could not be comprehended. Finally, one that had sustained a continued barrage of accurate bolter rounds went down with its metal skull breached. Heartened, the marines redoubled their efforts, until they saw the second group of warriors arising from the sand on their right flank. In the second they paused to process this new threat, the world exploded into green gauss hell.

    Turn Two:
    Terminators teleport in between the Tac squad and the bronze warriors and fire, knocking down 1 bronze warrior. All other SM shooting is ineffective.
    The fallen warrior stands back up. The destroyers come on between the bunker and NE building. The lord and immortals set up in the bunker. The blue warriors swing around the E side of the obelisk, trying to get behind the Tac squad and the bronze squad advances on the terminators. The destroyers and immortals fire uselessly at the terminators. But when the bronze squad rapid fires they miraculously kill 3 termies! The two remaining terminators fail their morale check and fall back to the Tac squad’s position.

    With the screams from the top of the tower still echoing, Sergeant Braanthel knew his Tac squad would never make it. The distance to the warriors was too great and their flayers were beginning to track towards his squad. Then the air in front of the marines began to shimmer as five of their brethren in Tactical Dreadnought armor appeared. The terminators were here and payback was on its way. In the inferno of flame and storm bolters unleashed by the terminators, one of the Necrons dissolves into a mass of flowing slag. The marines watched in unbelieving dismay as the puddle of molten metal reformed into a warrior, already raising it’s terrible weapon. The true horror, however, did not set in until they realized the trap into which they had fallen. For in addition to the two squads of warriors, a row of burly, white-faced immortals arose from a low bunker ahead of them. On their right flank a row of the dreaded destroyers flew into view. Then, amid the immortals, rose a single metal skeleton. Holding a glowing sphere, the Necron lord gestured with its staff toward the terminators. Walls of gauss fire converged from three directions upon the stalwart marines in their ancient suits. Tough as it was, that fabled armor was unable to resist the electromagnetic forces separating its atoms. Three of the terminators were caught in the crossfire and hung suspended by the energies as their armor, skin, muscles and viscera were sequentially torn from the skeletons. Thrown back by the concussion of the alien weapons’ energy, the remaining two scrambled blindly into the arms of Braanthel’s squad. In stunned disbelief upon the tower, Hawker only dimly registered the roar of heavy equipment to his rear.

    Turn Three:
    All remaining marines come on. The Whirlwind sets up behind the southern outcrop with the Razorback on its left and both the Landspeeder and Annihilator on its right. The Tac squad and termies (regrouped) advance to assault range and fire, knocking down 2 bronze warriors. Fire from the scouts downs 2 more bronzes. The Razorback brings down a blue warrior but the rest of the SM shooting yields nothing. The terminators and Tac squad assault the bronze warriors, dropping 5 Necrons and losing one marine.
    Scarab swarms deep strike to the east of the SE building. One bronze warrior and a blue one stand back up. The bronze squad is locked in combat and the blue squad swings back around the NE corner of the obelisk to assist and to shelter from the marine vehicles. Necron firing accomplishes nothing. The Destroyers back out of potential assault range while the Lord and Immortals advance toward the melee. When they assault, 1 more bronze warrior goes down, but the last 2 terminators are killed by the Immortals!

    Master of Sanctity Julius Dreopin grimly followed the battle on the monitors. His Razorback was hurtling across through the ruins towards the action. Behind his transport followed a Whirlwind MLRS, Landspeeder Tornado, and Predator Annihilator in close order. On a terse order from Dreopin, the Whirlwind slewed to a stop behind a rocky outcrop south of the ruins. As the crew lowered the stabilizers and cycled the Vengeance missiles into armed mode, the Predator took up a covering position to the right and the Tornado screamed ahead.
    Braanthel supported the stunned marine facing him. The man’s smoking Dreadnought armor was ablated down to the ceramite on the front. Tremendous as a marine’s enhanced physiology was, no amount of supercoagulation would stop the hemorrhaging from what remained of his left arm. The hand was completely gone and his lower arm bones dangled loosely from the exposed elbow joint. The upper arm was mostly exposed muscle with some remnants of skin toward the shoulder. The other terminator was in a little better shape with one leg bent at an unnatural angle. Filled with righteous fury by the savagery inflicted on his brethren, the sergeant incited his squad into the charge with a primal roar. As they close, a searing gout of flame passes Braanthel from behind to engulf the iron warriors before him. He heart fills with stirring pride to see the terminators charging with them, wounds ignored in their fervor. More of the metal monsters succumb to the combined fire of Jenthan’s scouts as the Tac squad crashes into the Necron line. Braanthel notes that more of the chrome skeletons were falling to their vengeful blows.
    “Sergeant, Lord to your rear!” yells one of the hapless terminators as he succumbs to the blades of a group of huge, white-skulled Necrons. As Braanthel whirls, he grimly realizes that his end is near, for it is too late to attempt to block the descending staff of the Lord. As he desperately tries to bring his own weapon to bear, he is slammed hard from the side. The intervening terminator, in a last selfless act, shoves the sergeant out of the way, only to be cleaved himself from shoulder to sternum by the Necron leader. Braanthel scrambles back to his feet in time to see one of his marines fall to the blade of a warrior that had reassembled behind the soldier.
    Unseen by the Predator vomiting lascannon blasts into the flanking squad of Necrons, a mass of metallic beetles erupts from the sand nearby…

    Turn Four:
    The Razorback advances and the Master of Sanctity disembarks. The Annihilator vaporizes one blue warrior and knocks down a second. The Tornado moves to the east of the SE building and scores 3 rending hits on the blue squad! No other SM shooting is effective and the close combat yields nothing.
    The Destroyers move above the NE building and fire at the Annihilator, destroying its lascannons. In close combat the SM Tac squad is wiped out and the Necrons consolidate into the Master of Sanctity.

    “Concentrate all fire on the flanking squad. Keep them off of the Sergeant until I get to him” Master Dreopin orders as he slams the Razorback’s port hatch open. He ignites his jump pack and is satisfied to see the warriors closing from the east become engulfed in a hail of punishment from the Tornado and the Predator. From the top of his jump he can see the sergeant and his two remaining marines fighting back to back, surrounded by a dozen Necrons. When he lands, the Necron Lord fixes the Master with its baleful stare. Almost contemptuously the construct eviscerates Braanthel with a backward sweep of its staff. A marine to the death, the sergeant snaps off two more bolts from his pistol before his face hits the sand. The Immortals grind the last two members of the tac squad down as the mass of Necrons converges on Dreopin. To the east, the squad of Destroyers rises above a ruined building and bathes the Predator Annihilator with green lightening. The lascannon and a large portion of its dorsal armour are vaporized.

    Turn Five:
    The tornado kills 1 destroyer and the scouts get a second. In close combat the master of sanctity stands alone against the lord, 5 immortals, 2 blue warriors and 4 bronze warriors. He takes 2 wounds and knocks down 1 immortal.
    The immortal and 1 destroyer get back up. The destroyers down the tornado and the scarabs immobilize the whirlwind. In close combat, the master of sanctity knocks down 3 immortals.

    As the Annihilator is hit, the scouts and Tornado turn their weapons to confront the Destroyers. Two of the floating engines are torn in the crossfire. The shattered pieces reassemble themselves into a single Destroyer, which rises to rejoin the others as they bring their awesome cannons to bear on the landspeeder. The small craft’s lateral stabilizer is disintegrated by the green bolts and it spirals into the dunes below. Light from the fiery impact reflects off of the metal carapaces of the Scarabs as they swarm up the sides of the Annihilator. Their tide flows through the gaping wound of the main weapon mounts. Screams echo from within the hull and crimson splashes darken the armored view ports and the vehicle grinds to a halt. This goes unnoticed by the Master of Sanctity as he charges to meet the abominations head on. One of the immense Immortals is the first to feel the Emperor’s justice with Dreopin’s Crozius Arcanum imbedded in its sternal plating. Twisting at it falls, the Necron’s weight binds the mighty weapon tightly. The Master manages to wrench his badge of office free, but in those precious seconds one of the surrounding Immortals brings the cleaver on its weapon down squarely from behind. Driven to his knees, Dreopin’s side is deeply rent by a Warrior’s axe. Chanting Litanies of Hate through gritted teeth, he surges to his feet, laying about with all the savagery of his training. One of the white-skulled heavies is torn asunder from the hips, and another’s head and shoulder are ripped off on the backswing. One more of the Immortals goes down hard, metal spine shattered, only to rise again, even as the pieces are reuniting. In the space opened by its fallen minions, the Lord steps in with a mighty swing. Crozius meets Staff in a fury of incandescent sparks. Dreopin’s arm is inexorably pressed downward.

    Turn Six:
    The razorback and scouts fire at the destroyers, killing one. Nothing results from the close combat.
    Three immortals stand up and the destroyers and the scarabs destroy the razorback. In close combat the lord goes down. An additional turn is rolled for and the game continues.

    Unable to target any of the machines on the ground without endangering his leader, the Razorback driver turns his mighty dual bolters on the Destroyers hovering to his side. The heavy slugs arrive almost simultaneously with Hawker’s next krak, sending shards from one of the monsters raining down upon the ruins. Facing the new threat, the remaining warmachines fire down on the transport. One track and several of its drivewheels are blown off and the Razorback spins to a halt. In the next instant, the tide of Scarabs flows over its sides. The air seems to shimmer around the constructs as they pass through the armored sides as a stone slips into water and smoke billows from the stricken machine.
    Dreopin and the hateful Lord circle, with the Master of Sanctity keeping his foe between the warriors and himself. Around them, pieces of Immortals are rejoining and the brutes rise again. Feinting a slip, Dreopin sags backward. Closing for the kill, the Lord does not register the ploy as such until its cranium is crushed. From a glowing sphere gripped in its talons rises a glittering cloud that settles upon the fallen Necron. The skull of the Lord reforms as if inflated from within, and the creature surges forward.

    Turn Seven:
    The scouts destroy 1 destroyer and the master of sanctity knocks down 2 immortals and a warrior.
    The lord and 1 immortal stand back up and the scarabs assault the scouts but take two wounds instead. The lord again goes down again. Dice roll indicates another turn.

    Hawker sends his last krak into a Destroyer, blowing the skeletal torso from its drive platform. The three scouts see a carpet of glittering forms flowing over the sand from the burning transport. The Scarabs reach the tower’s base and continue upward at the same rate. The first few are knocked off by the marines, but countless others pour over the sides of the building.
    As the cursed Necron leader rises, Dreopin smites down two of the rejoined Immortals. One warrior swings but has its alloy ribs torn off instead. Seizing the falling hulk, Dreopin shoves it into the oncoming Lord and follows closely behind. The Lord sweeps the carcass aside but in doing so leaves Dreopin all the opening he needs. A mighty stroke doubles the skeleton in two and another breaks it across the shoulders. Recentering, the Master of Sanctity swivels to face the remaining Warriors and Immortals.

    Turn Eight:
    The scarabs wipe out the scouts. The master of sanctity downs 4 warriors.
    The lord and 2 warriors stand back up, but there are only 6 Necrons left on the field and so they phase out. The master of sanctity alone remains on the battlefield.

    Atop the tower the Scouts are no longer visible beneath the roiling mass of Scarabs. The swarm sweeps back over the sides, leaving nothing but stained scraps behind. Spinning, slashing, and shooting, Dreopin renders four of the smaller Necrons into metal shards. At last, none of the enemy stand before him. Turning to dispatch those behind him, he is confronted by the sight of the thrice-damned Lord and two other Necrons once again rising from the ground. The monsters pause, then straighten and shoulder their weapons. The skull of the dead Emperor’s face from Dreopin’s helmet meets the lifeless glare of the chromium skull before him. A burning light in the empty eye sockets flickers and a coiling darkness swirls around the metal monsters. When it dissipates, the Emperor’s Master of Sanctity Julius Dreopin is the last living being on the surface of a dead planet. Gazing around at the burning wreckage of soldiers and machines, the man hangs his head. The day was carried, but at what price comes victory? The scream of a descending Thunderhawk tears the sky above.

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    I enjoyed that well written and thought out report. It must have been a close exciting game.

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    Yeah awesome write up great close battle

    If you like the post click the *STAR* <===

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    curse you phase out!!!!! we would have carried the day!
    PM me about Aurora Prime Vassal fights! Willing and ready!

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