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    15th Elysians vs Death Guard, MV, 1000 points

    Tooled demon prince W plague sword (bad mistake, manreaper is a better choice vs IG), nurglings, rot, demonic kitchen sink
    7 plague marines (2 PGs, AC W power sword)
    7 plague marines (2 PGs, AC W power sword)
    7 plague marines (2 PGs, AC W power sword)
    7 plague bearers
    Dread (plas cannon)

    Heroic Captain, Power fist, trademark item, las pistol Command squad:
    Master vox, melta, medic, vet sgt W auxiliary GL

    1st platoon
    Command squad, lt with power weapon
    Medic, vox, melta gun, VS with AGL

    Squad: vox, Demo charge, GL, VS with AGL
    Squad: vox, Demo charge, GL, VS with AGL

    2nd platoon
    Command squad, lt with power weapon
    Medic, vox, melta gun, VS with AGL

    Squad: vox, Demo charge, GL, VS with AGL
    Squad: vox, Demo charge, GL, VS with AGL

    Drop sentinel, multi melta

    Vulture, Twin linked auto cannons, 2xrocket pods, armoured ****pit. Chaff/flares

    Terrain, a valley running north-south from one long edge to the other, a building in the southern half (which I got)

    He deployed in a line in the northern valley bottom with all 3 deathguard squads, the Demon Prince joined the middle one, the dredmought between the centre squad and the eastern one, the defiler on the western hill top at the board edge with a commanding view of the battlefield.

    My deployment
    You blinked didn’t you?

    Turn 1
    Elysians -
    How about that time?

    Death guard, he advanced all his units except the defiler, the squads moving forwards and further apart, presumably to spread their fire

    Turn 2
    Command squad arrives, and sentinel and Vulture, but both troop squads are reticent.

    Command squad drops east of the defiler, slight deviation but 5 inches south of where I wanted still leaving it in melta range of the defiler.
    Sentinel drops neatly behind the defiler (eat that)

    Vulture appears on the north west corner table edge.

    Shooting - the sentinel hits and penetrates the rear armour of the defiler (no surprise there) and blows the battle cannon off. The command squad melta gun then adds a penetrating hit to its side armour and destroys it.

    Death guard:
    In a somewhat ill-advised move, his troops split even further, with both the dread and the eastern squad peeling off to meet the vulture (are the really expecting to chase it?), the other 2 squads head towards my command squad in the north west.

    The vulture edges forwards, just within rocket range (24 inches) of the nearest squad

    The dread and DG squad in the North east discover that thanks to aircraft rules adding 12 inches to range, they are out of range. The nearest squad to my command squad manages three bolter and a plasma shot, the result is a dead guardsman (the medic)

    Vulture opens up on the nearest squad, its rockets down 2 Deathguard, its ACs take another but the bolter fails to add anything else.

    Vulture exits table

    Turn 3.
    Vulture returns on the western table edge above the ruins of the defiler
    2 troop platoons arrive:
    Platoon 1 drops around the western end of the death guard line, the command squad deviates bizarrely south, but the two troop squads land on target to the north west of the two death guard squads Platoon 2 drops between the 2 halves of the DG army, its command squad again deviated, this time north west, squad 1 lands on target, and squad 2 deviates south east ten inches which still leaves it nicely within about 4 inches of the Vulture damaged Death Guard squad.

    The command squad and the sentinel start to track across to the main deathguard line Shooting, Oh my, 1st platoon, squad 1 - drops a demo charge neatly on top of the western Death guard squad - wipes it out - to a man!
    1st platoon squad 2 tried the same trick with the second DG squad with the prince with it, deviates and takes out 3 of its own squad members as well as 2 CSMs (Ow), Its GL missed, its vet sgt chambered a krack grenade into his Auxiliary GL and dropped a 3rd squad member, remaining lasgun fire from the squad was laughable 1st platoon command squad: shoots at the same DG squad and DP (now down to DP and 4 DG) and fails to make a dent

    2nd platoon, squad 1 : drops demo charge on top of the DP and his squad, bang on target - instakill the DP and wipes out the squad. (mwaha) 2nd platoon squad 2: tried the demo charge trick on the last DG squad and deviates off (clearly took a dislike to some of the local flora - this attempt at humour was not much consolation to Ross who had 1 dread and 4 DG left at this point, with his plague bearers not yet on the table). The vet sgt dropped another CSM with his auxiliary krack grenade (at 3 points you got to love these), but the GL and remaining lasguns failed to achieve anything.
    2nd Platoon command squad was left with a dilemma, go for the dread with its plasma and Aux Krack grenade (rear armour) or go for the last 3 CSM in an attempt to stop the plague bearers arriving. In the end I felt I had to deal with the plague bearers through other means, not because the dreadnaught posed a bigger threat, but because I felt I would probably fail to take out the 3CSM anyway. Missed the dread with the melta, but penetrated his rear armour with the aux Krack grenade, - destroyed.

    Death guard (all 3 of em)
    The plague bearers fail to turn up (oh dear), but before he can charge, the vulture coasts in, he manages some pot shots with his AC bolter pistol and the 2ns platoon command squad, dropping a single guardsman, but the last 3 DG are promptly wiped out in a swathe of autocannon, rocket and bolter shots from the vulture - game over

    Absolutely how it should be done, I made about half of my scatter rolls which was about right, I think he made several tactical mistakes (not supporting the defiler with infantry against a deep strike army, splitting up his forces and most heinous of all, imagining he can hunt a vulture with a foot squad and a dread) and had a bit of bad luck with the dice (mostly around reserve rolls)

    Everything you have been told is a lie!

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    479 (x8)

    Sweetness, I loved how all of the aux krak grenades killed something. This was truly a by-the-book elysian game, worthy of being an instruction manual.
    Blais's Paint Studio-Getting broken armies good soft scores since 2009

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