I played my space marine prey in the new city fight terrian with the new codex on city fight.

i had useless strategems he had the one that dident let you get a cover save.
The game we played was attack the preys building and vice-versa.

Hive Fleet Cobra:
2 broods of 3 warriors with both Adrenial glands, Extended caraspace, enchaced senses, leaping, toxin sacs, 8 sything talons (4 ea), 2 Death spitters, 1 venom cannon, 1 barbed strangler.(VC, DS, ST-BS, DS, ST).

2 broods of 33 termagaunts alltogeather

5 rippers with both Adrenial Glands.

2 zoanthropes with synapse creature, warp blast.

10 hormagaunts.

1 GUNFEX ahh yeah

1 raviner with 2 ST

Total points:1001
Total units:58
Total Wounds:80

Preys list: might be off my a bit.
1 Razor back or Rhino

4 terminators(dono weps)(i think one was a assult marine? or all)

2 squads of 10 marines each with rocket launcher and plasma

1 terminator chaplin bolt pistol and a axe thing it looked like

1 land speeder tornado.

6 scouts with sniper.

Total Points:1000(around)
Total Units:17
Total Wounds:N/A

The feild was 3 Buildings in the top zone and in the middle and 2 Buildings in my deployment.
for the HQ's mine was in the middle his was in the topright.

For some reason he had to deep strike his marines but no vehicle or scouts. But i was okay with that.
I on the other hand had to capture all the buildings to get +20 campain points and for every squad i kill in a building i get %10 of there points to the campain points.

i deployed 1st and went 1st..


i set up with the termagaunts on eathover side of the middle building with hormagaunts with the left flank, The zoanthropes set up infront of them and the rippers went to the left flank. the raviner went right and so did the gun fex. and the 2 broods went on the sides of the building behind the gaunts.

he deployed 6 of his scouts ontop of the building that was his HQ and the vehicles behind it.


(sorry bout the small img)


Turn one Nids:

i moved every thing up and got ready to fire. and of corse FOC

ShootingFleet of claw to )
ok my gunfex did the most in the 1st turn. he shot the tank and got 2 hits with VC befor i even shot the BS i got a 4 and a 5 for hitting. i got a 4 and a 6 in the glancing table, so he went BOOM!!,my fleet of claws went realy crappy except for the raviner who got a six my zoanthrope shot at the scouts killing one and my warriors shot at the scouts killing 2.


i got a roll of a 6 so i can charge my raviner into the scouts..talk about lucky rolls!
i killed NO scout getting no wounds.

Turn One Prey:

all he could do is move his tornado out into the open.


aimed at my fex killing nothing wounding nothing.


Did one wound to my rav but i killed 0 scout(3 left)

Turn Two Nids:

Moved every thing up.on the left flank the warriors gaunts and zoanthrope got clutterd up while the rippers took the middle building and the hormagaunts took the top of the building


Nothing went on realy. my fex killed the tornado.and every thing that could FOC FOCed.

my gaunts were ready to charge the scouts so they did.
Gaunts killed a scout(2 left) but they killed a gaunt
Raviner did squat all

Turn Two Prey:
he started to deep stike his men. the first one to come on was one squad of his marines right behind my warriors and gaunts. the 2end one to come in was right behind my HQ building.while his terminators dident make it in yet




His deep stiked marine shot at my gaunts killing all but 4.


i killed a scout but he killed my raviner.

Turn Three Nids:


every thing on the left flank went to the marines even the other warriors and the gunfex while the zoanthrope keeps synapse on the gaunts in battle


every thing that was possible shot at the 1st marine squad.killing the whole squad.
the 2 broods of 3 warriors shot at the other marine squad with the gunfex and terma gaunts killing all but 3.


my warriors leaped into the last marines killing one while i got wounded on a warrior.
the gaunts killed of the last of the scouts.

Prey turn three:
he deepstriked his terminators beside my fex.




he unloaded on my fex wounding him once.


he lost a marine in the warrior battle running away 6 "

Turn FOUR nidz:


everything took a building.


every that could shoot shot at the terminators killing two.


this was a funny one my rippers charged him terminators.
he wounded one base 2 times and i killed the rest of the squad next to the chaplin.
i charged to lone marine with my warriors doing squat.

Turn FOUR prey:


No moving


No shooting


I killed the last marine.
he killed a ripper squad and i wounded him once.. TWO MORE WOUNDS TO GO!!

last turn Nidz:


Just in case every thing renforced the building next the the gunfex




fex charged the last guy on the feild.
He did nothing getting a bunch of ones and twos in both hits and wounds
while my rippers did one more wound.
and my fex killed him

End game.

i had a 16 termagaunts in his building scoring 96 points but a squad of warriros was in it to it was VERY close. but i think there was victory points. i dont own the cities of death it was an omega game..so i might have overkilled him

It was funny i killed all his units he killed like 120 points of mine.

so how do you think the battle went. iam waithing for him to get his code to report it fully on the campain game so yeah..