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    Medusa V: Sisters vs Dark Eldar 750

    This battle report format is shamelessly stolen from Lord Yossanrion and no disrespect is intended.

    Witch Hunters vs Dark Eldar
    750 Points

    Transmission: Engagement At Geryon Strip Mines
    Destination Inquisitor Eitan
    From: Astropath Shol
    Author: Palatine Kaer
    Thought for the Day: Heretics crave the cleansing fire of absolution. They need not fear, for we shall deliver.


    Palatine Kaer's patrol mission came up upon what appeared to be an abandoned mining complex in Geryon. Though all was silent the built-in binoculars of the Sister's power armor were able to pick out intricate blood patterns along the walls of a building. Immediately, Kaer ordered her Sisters to spread out and search for enemies and survivors.

    As the Retributor's take up position on a hill for cover fire, two dark beams of light shoot out of a large pile of rubble in the distance. The Sisters quickly hit the floor and luckily none were killed. Running up behind a hill and a forest was a Talos and a Wych Squad. While from behind another hill came a Warrior Squad with Dracon.

    Palatine Kaer and her Celestian bodyguard moved up behind the building in a Rhino, using it as cover from the now exposed Dark Lances, while the squad between the hill with the Retributor's and the Forest with their fellow Battle Sisters moves forward, preparing to root out the Dark Eldar in the rubble. The Retributor's take aim and lay down a hail of heavy bolter fire at the rubble, the many groans signaling a good amount of kills (7 in total) while the Storm Bolter armed Sister in the middle squad took aim, bringing down another witch.

    Unfortunately, just after that, the hiding Wyches jumped over the hill and ran right towards the Battle Sisters caught in the open, the Talos moving out from behind the forest and between the hill. The Dracon leading his Warriors up the sides of the building. The Dark Lances take out one of the Battle Sisters before the Wyches slam into them, the Wyches killing 4 of the 9 left in that squad, though they held out.

    Palatine Kaer ordered the Sisters squad inside the forest to move out and engage the Talos, while they sped down the building, coming up to the Dracon and his warriors, disembarking and blasting into them, the Rhino finishing off the squad in the rubble. The Battle Sisters fired at the Talos, bringing it down to one wound, while the Celestians kill 5 of the witches. In the close combat, not much happens, neither side losing models.

    The Talos and the Dracon/Warriors charge into their respective targets, the Talos killing three Sisters before it is destroyed by the Evicerator wielding Superior who then moves her squad to prepare to support the Wych battle. In one massive charge, most of the Celestians die to the Dracon and Sybarite, but the Palatine, Superior, and remaining Celestians manage to kill the Warriors. Disastrously, the Wyches kill their remaining opponents and massacre into the waiting Sisters squad.

    With one swipe and a roar of triumph, the Superior in the Battle Sisters squad kill a Wych and break the morale of the Wyches, running them down to the ground. Over many blows, and the death of all the Celestians, Palatine Kaer and the Celestian Sister Superior manage to kill the Dracon and Warriors.

    With numbers diminished, the Sisters return to Hive Sybilla and their Canoness Ariel, bloodied, but victorious.

    The Emperor Protects,
    Palatine Kaer

    End Transmission

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    Good work! ^_^

    No Offence taken, I liked your report!
    Anzac Clan!
    Final Fantasy!

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    Excellent work. It's good to see the Dark Eldar take a beating, given how well they're doing thus far.

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