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    Medusa V, Hive Persues: Inqusitor Yossanrion vs Waaagh! Chuzwazza

    Here is a 750pt battle I played today for Medusa V, at Hive Persues.

    My List

    Canoness Alexandria
    Blessed Weapon, Cloak of St Aspira, Inferno Pistol, Book of St Lucius, Jump Pack, Krak and Frag Grenades

    Cannoness Alexandria has led her Sisters on more battles than the stars themselves. A fearless leader, she insipires those aroudn her, and prefers to deal with her enemies "personally".

    Lord Inquisitor Yossanrion
    Inquisitor w/ Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon, Excruciators

    Inqusitor Yossanrion ruthlessly pursues the Heretic scum across the Galaxy. She is currently on route to Medsua V with her loyal Sisters, and Guardsmen, in the hunt for a certain Chaos lord. A powerful Psker she has been known to use the Warp's energys to rend her foes apart. Not afraid to get her own hand dirty, she is often seen taking charge on the front line herself, wading through a veritable sea of dead heretics. She has oft ripped the heart out of a rebellion with her bare hands.

    The Elite of the Order Of The Zealous Heart
    10x Sisters Of Battle, Heavy Flamer, Flamer, Veteran w/ Eviscarator and Bolt pistol
    Led by Sister Sarah (and her faithful mule) theses Sisters were chosen by Alexiandria to fight at her side. Nothing but death will stop these holy servants of the Emperor.

    The Order Of The Zealous Heart
    10x Sisters Of Battle, 2x Flamers

    The Untoucables
    5 x =][= Storm Troopers
    Nameless soldiers, they follow Inqusitor Yossanrion without hesitation, cutting down thier foes with deadly accuracy.

    The Purger
    Immolater, Twin Linked Heavy Flamers, Extra Armour, Smoke, Holy Promethium
    - 83

    The Wrath
    8x Retributors, 4x Heavy Bolters
    = 148

    = 750

    Ork List
    Toold Out Warboss.
    2x 20xOrk Slugga Boyz Mobs (with 3x Rokkits)
    1x10x Kommandos, 1x burna
    1x10xStorm Boyz

    Report: Deployed as a division of the Anzac Division of Medusa Defence Task Force 138 "Thor's Hammer" the my personal army, Yossanrion's Witch Hunters comenced an engagement against an Orkoid Contingent from Waaagh! Chuzwazza. The details are as follows:

    Upon hearing that an orkoid horde was drawing near Hive Persues, I set out with my forces. Facing me was Waaagh! Chuzwazza. I expected to show these Xenos the purifying flames on the emperor.

    The Xenos rushed towards us, with hereitcal cries of "WAAAGGH!!" Assailing my ears. The opened fire with so called "Rokkits" and removed to holy sisters from the feild. However, I was not to be out done, and my task force shot back, killing 5 Orks. The Orks clame ever closer, so close that the "Storm Boyz" could assault one squad of my sisters. They promptly sent the Holy Sorotias back to the Emperor. Enraged, I prepared to unleash hell. The Immolater, packed with holy promethium, set alight the Warboss and squad, killing half of the mob. The other Sister Squad destroyed the storm boyz, and the retributors killed 2 Kommandos. The Orks charged forward again, killing more sisters, and the Kommados getting into Close Combat with them. The Immolater's expert driver kept it out of harms way. After it had backed away from the ork horde, the holy tank charged forward, destroying the rest of the squad, bar the Warboss and one ork. The Retributors took aim at the other massive mob, and killed 9. In combat that Canoness rushed to the aid of her Sisters, and killed a Kommando, for no losses, though the Kommados held. The Warboss rushed forward, and ripped the immolater apart with his power claw, and the reamining boyz squad charged into the sisters. The Canoness finished of the Kommados, and the Sisters were destroyed, bar one brave Sister. The retributors them openod on the Warboss and his remaining ork, utterly removing them from existance with Mass Reactive Bolts of a disturbingly large caliber. The Sisters and Canoness in combat were defeated, inevtibly. Still, it was a nessessarcy sacrifice. The Retributors opened up for the last time on the reaming orks, destroying them all, expect leaving one, who fled. I allowed him to live, to warn the other Orks Inqusitor Yossanrion, and the Order Of The Zealous Heart defend Hive Persues.

    The Emperor Protects,
    Inqusitor Major Yossanrion

    The Result: Victorius Slaughter to My Witch Hunters
    "Man" Of the Match: The Immolater, it took out 196 pts by itself.
    "I did nothing" unit of the Match: Inqusitor Yossanrion, and her 5 Storm Troopers. They did jack all.
    Lessons: Ork charges hurt. Immolaters are wonderful, so are retributors.
    Honourbe mention: Firedrake, she suggested I add another squad of Sisters instead of an assassion. cheers.

    For the Emperor!

    Last edited by Lord Yossanrion; July 10th, 2006 at 14:52.
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    Thats a very nasty ork list you vsed. Congratulations on defeating it with sisters losing their precious 3+ saves.

    My eldar play very differently to orks though so your mass flamers wont work nearly as well...:shifty:

    Well done though, if eldar lose Medusa V I hope its the guard/SoB that win.
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    Woot! Nice win Lord Yossanrion. My Sisters havn't had the chance to face the Orks in battle yet (too many chaos and Dark/Eldar in the Geryon Mines and Ash Wastes).

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    Son of LO
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    Good to hear that the extra squad of Battle Sisters pulled through for you. Congrats on yet another win.:sleep:

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