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    Medusa V: SM vs Eldar

    On Saturday, my marines took on a 2000 point Tyranid force. Here's the army breakdowns

    Space Marines: Be Swift as the Wind and See, but not be seen
    Chaplain on bike, bolt pistol, frags

    5-man vets, lascannon, plasma gun, tank hunters

    6-bike squad, Vet sgt w/ PF, BP, Combat Shield, 2 Meltas, HB Attack Bike
    6-bike squad, Vet sgt w/ PF, BP, Combat Shield, 1 Melta, 1 Flamer, HB Attack Bike
    6-bike squad, Vet sgt w/ PF, BP, Combat Shield, 1 Melta, 1 Flamer, HB Attack Bike
    5-man squad, lascannon, plasma gun, infiltrate


    8-man dev squad, 4 ML, Infiltrate
    7-man dev squad, 4 ML, Infiltrate
    Vindicator, EA, Smoke, Searchlight

    His Eldar force was initially going to be his first try at an Iyaden army, but he misread the rules and had to switch to a biel-tan after he had deployed his army and I'm not sure if he got the points total right. Here's his force:
    Magna Ra
    Farseer (alone) w/ Fortune [that's all, no weapons, nothing extra]
    5 Dark Reapers, exarch with Missile Launcher, Crack shot and fast shot
    5 Dark Reapers, exarch with Missile Launcher, Crack shot and fast shot
    6 eldar rangers
    8 Harlequin troopers (couple of power weapons and kisses)
    2 Death jesters with brightlances and phase field generators (lets em move 3d6)
    solitaire with tons of gear (dread mask, phase field, d-field, kiss, power blades, neuro)
    Wraithlord w/ scatter laser
    Wraithlord w/ brightlance
    Falcon w/ starcannon, holo field, spirit stones and crystal targeting matrix

    We played a gamma Take and Hold mission and I got the first turn. Here's how things started:

    The objective was a rather large piece of terrain there in the middle of the field. It was only level two though so you could see over it, especially as the terrain directly above it was level 3 rocky terrain (4+ cover) and the building below it was a level 3 bunker (3+ cover on the inside, 4+ on top). The building in the upper left corner was a level 3 tower while the two buildings around it were ruins. The dark grey terrain were impassable, level 3 terrain and while it might not be apparent in these rough maps, I was able to position my guys in the rubble (on left) and around the bunker in such a way that his dark reaper squad in the upper left did not have line of sight to anyone ;^) As I'm writing this, I realize that I used the same letters here for a few guys. S on my side is for my land speeders. He has 1 S in the tower for his snipers and the other S is the Solitaire. Also, the topmost F is his Falcon while his other is his Farseer. Sorry about making that messy.
    Anyway, turn 1, I boosted two bike squads up while I dropped the third back and out of cover. I was hoping his snipers would take a shot at them as I was 95% sure I was just out of range. My two speeders boosted up with the bikes as well. The two lascannon squads managed to hit his falcon twice but thanks to that nifty holo field, I only stunned it. My dev squads unloaded on the dark reapers across the board and killed 2. On his turn, his harlequins moved up as did the death jesters with one of them taking down a speeder. His solitaire didn't like his options so stayed put. The two wraithlords moved out in the open but only the scatter laser guy on the left had a shot (D6 resulted in a 2).

    With more of his guys out in the open, I had a good turn, the two bike squads in the middle moved forward and managed to shoot up half his harlequin troop. Unfortunately, they broke and ran out of charge range. The other bike squad in the middle took some pot shots at the wraithlord and managed to wound it. On the right, the bikes moved up and mowed down the exposed death jester while the speeder took out a sniper. My lascannons shot at the falcon, but only managed to stun it again. The dev squads though managed a great round of shooting by introducing 4 krak missiles to the scatter laser wraithlord, all of which hit, all of which caused a wound. The other dev squad but 3 frag missiles on the reapers across the board and wiped them all out (including Magna Ra). On his turn, the snipers shot at the speeder but didn't do anything. The reapers in the corner had line of sight on my bike squad and had a great time taking out half of them. The solitaire and wraithlord charged the chappy and surviviors and whittled them down to the vet sgt and chaplain. The sgt got a powerfist on the wraithlord so it was down to 1 wound. The chaplain also got a hit on the solitaire for a wound, but took one in return.
    Turn 3:

    I'm not exactly sure what I was thinking this turn. Rather than charge the second bike unit into combat with the solitaire and wraithlord, I went around them and ended up charging the farseer. At the time I remember thinking to do that to get out of line of sight to the reapers in the corner, but I don't know why I chose the farseer over the other combat. Brain fart, I guess. Anyway, that's what I did with those guys and amazingly didn't kill the farseer. He had Fortune on himself so got to reroll his 4+ save and avoided all but 1 wound. On the right, my bikes and speeder moved up and took out the remaing harlequin troopers. I must not have had line of sight to the falcon though so the speeder shot at the snipers again. My lascannons only shook the Falcon this time so I knew he'd be moving this turn which he did as he snuck off behind the level 3 rocky terrain. The combat with the chaplain and solitaire went poorly as he clobbered both my guys. On his turn, the solitaire had some good rolls and a great charge on my right flank bikers. His Wraithlord tried to pop my speeder but managed to only roll a 1 for armor penetration so fell short. During his turn, the combat with the farseer still did not end as neither one of us got a wound.
    Turn 4:

    During my turn, I started to move my dev and lascannon squads out of cover so I could make full moves towards the objective over the next 2 turns. I stayed behind the cover of the impassable blocking terrain on the left so those lonely dark reapers up there still had nothing to shoot at. My 3rd speeder came in this turn and scattered badly, but still had a shot at the wraithlord and finally finished him off. the other speeder took some more shots at the snipers but didn't get much. My bikers kept the solitaire tied up for my turn as well as his although I did lose some bikes. My other squad finally took out the farseer. On his turn, the falcon did the nifty move-shoot-move behind cover but only killed one guy. The remainig death jester phase-fielded next to my tactical squad and charged in, but he had some awful rolls again and ended up getting himself killed for his trouble. I got a 6 on my massacre roll and moved so that I had a shot at that pesky falcon for next turn. His dark reapers enjoyed having my speeder drop into the middle of the field with no cover and kindly blasted it to bits.
    Turn 5:

    Well, my lascannon had a perfect shot at the falcon but managed a 1 on the penetration roll so no dice. My bikes had moved up behind the falcon though and unloaded a melta shot, 3 heavy bolter shots and some twin-linked bolter fire just in case. The heavy bolter and melta shots didn't even hit while 6 bolter shots did. Two made glancing hits and the holy bolter rolled double-5s to finally take the falcon down! My troops all started making their way to the center of the board now while my bikes tied up the solitaire for another round. The speeder got the snipers down to 1 guy finally but he never bailed. On his turn, his solitaire finally got the last of the bikers and swept towards the objective.
    On turn 6, everyone ran for the center although in hindsight, I should have swung the speeder around to try to take out the solitaire. As it was, on his turn, his reapers shot down the exposed speeder now at the center of the board and his solitaire charged in to the dev squad now near the objective and whittled them down to half.

    Still, it was a good crushing victory for me and I think I'm finally getting the hang of my army. My past wins (the few wins I've had that is) have usually been due to my opponent making bigger mistakes than I do, and these last two games that did not seem to be the case (although both opponents did have well below average rolls while mine were probably a tad on the + side). It didn't hurt in this last game that my opponent fielded units that were even more costly than my bikers though and had less models on the board than I did. That hasn't happened before ;^)

    Hope y'all enjoyed it!

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    This is a really interesting army you're going with, and I'm glad to see it working out. Good fight too.
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