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    Orks vs Eldar: 1000pts 6 turn VP

    this is my first battle repot so be nice , any way my freind zac who plays orks went up against some newbie on the weekend and this is how it played out...
    5' by 3' battlefield, i dont know much upgrades that were used so you'll have to make do.
    Farseer HQ with a few powers and a 4 warlock bodyguard.
    4 warpspiders used as elites (min is 5?)
    7 dire avengers with an exarch
    16 guardian defenders with 1 warlock using conceal
    6 rangers
    ! war walker with 2 brightlances
    4 dark reapers

    Warboss with 2 mega armoured nobs and 1 heavy armoured nob in a warbuggy.
    14* shoota boys 2 bigshootas 1 rokkit launcher
    19* slugga boys 1 big shoota 1 rokit 1 flamer
    4 sqiugs 6 grotz
    dreadnaught with big shoota and rokkit
    looted basilisk

    the eldar player won the first turn.
    turn 1-
    the farseer casted fortune onhis unit and then casted guide on the dark reapers. The player then moved most of his units forward towards the on coming ork horde. the dire avengers and rangers ran into cover. all units that coulda fleeted and the warpspiders jumped an extra 4" on the flank.

    All the orks moved forward, the HQ buggy moved 24" up to opposite flank to the warp spiders. the battlewagon shot down 2 of the warpspiders, earthshaker hit 4 times on the farseer squad but all were saved . the sluggas big shoota killed the guardian warlock.

    turn 2-
    the eldar moved forward again after fortune was cast on the Farseers squad. Guardians were in range on the HQ buggy, the war walker sighted out the dreadnaught and ripped it apart with a brightlance, the dark reapers picked off 6 grotz. guardians imobilized the buggy and destroyed its big shoota.

    shoota boys mover into a bunker. the rest of the troops advanced, the HQ squad unloaded. the battlewagon shot down the last 2 waarpspiders. Sluggaboys big shoota took down 3 guardians, War Walker lost a brightlance to the earthshaker and couldnt move next turn caused by a heavy bolter shot. the HQ squad assulted the guardians of which 3 Died.

    turn 3-
    Moved the Dire Avengers towards Grotz. Farseer squaad killed 1 nob from range, war walker killed 1 nob, rangers scoped out a single grot from six shots.(this guys a noob, snipers at grotz?!?!)

    Advanced again. Shot down 4 dire avengers with a combined ffort from the battlewagon and the shootaboyz. the slugga boys squad had extremly good luck killing off 3 warlock bodyguard with range!!! The HQ squad assulted the farseers dismentaled squad after the earthshaker killed off the guardians with an inaccurate shot.

    turn 4-
    dire avengers assaulted the squigs , whilst the last warlock got smashed up by a power klaw. the dire avengers killed squigs.

    The battlewagon shifted 4" forward and killed two darkreapers. Slugga and Shoota boyz killed the last Dire Avengers, whilst a nob wounded the Farseer.

    turn 5-
    Failed to cast fortune and perils of the warp took a wound off the farseer. the two dark reapers failed to kill anything, the rangers killed 4 shootaboyz. Farseer died in combat All hope rushed from the Eldar warriors who managed to survive this far.

    All the Ork infantry moved towards the last of the Eldar, the battlewagon killed a Dark reaper whilst the sluggas killed the last. the shoota boys ripped bullet holes in 2 rangers, The Warboss grinned with satisfaction, He would eat well tonight.

    final turn
    The Rangers killed 1 slugga with a miserable effort.

    Advanced on the reamining Eldar, shot down 3 rangers, the remaining ranger failed his morale test and fled.

    Remaining OPTS-
    1 fleeing Ranger

    Warboss, 1 nob
    18* sluggas
    10* shootas
    imobilized buggy
    looted Basilisk


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    As soon as I read 5 by 3 I could tell it was an Ork victory in some aspect. Who the hell plays on a 5 by 3?
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    that is a odd board..
    PM me about Aurora Prime Vassal fights! Willing and ready!

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    sniping grots is ok unless you have a slaver with a squighound with him. if the grots get pinned then you have to keep moving your boyz without them, denying them a better save.

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