1500pt Iron warriors vs Dark Angels - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500pt Iron warriors vs Dark Angels

    Our final practice match before the tournament this weekend.

    1500 points, Gamma level, Cleanse. DA vs IW

    HQ- leuitenant: Bolt pistol & servo arm (Used this bcoz he had it modelled, since changed to power fist)
    3x 8 man tactical sqauds with heavy bolter & champ.
    2 squads of 2 Obliterators
    5 bikes. 1 melta gun. 1 champ
    2 Predator's with TL Lascannons and Heavy bolters
    1 Havoc squad, 2 Missile launchers, 2 Autocannons
    Dreadnaught, TL Autocannon, DCCW (since swapped this for basilisk)

    -Chaplain (reclusiarch), Terminator honours, bolt pistol, frags.
    -Command squad: Company champion, melta gun, 4 marines with Close combat weapon & bolt pistol. Drop pod.
    5 man tactical squad, lascannon.
    8 man tactical squad, Plasma cannon, Plasma gun
    9 man tactical squad, power fisted serg, melta gun, drop pod
    5 Deathwing Terminators, 2 assault cannons
    Landspeeder with Multi melta
    Landspeeder Tornado, heavy bolter & assualt cannon.
    Devastator squad (6 man), 4 Missile launchers.
    Predator annihilator, Heavy bolters

    Terrain was fairly even, he had some high ground aswell as some good hard cover. I had 2 large forests to maneuver around, plus a large building.

    I rolled first turn.

    TURN 1: dark angels.
    -Landspeeders move to edges of forests, hiding and ready to pouce.
    -Whirlwind scattered off target.
    -Plasma cannon got hot.
    -Lascannon in tac squad misses (at this point i was thinking my horrible luck was still continuing from last game:x )
    -Devastator squad destroyed 1 Predator.
    -My predator destroyed the second predator. (at this point i was feeling a little better!:yes: )

    TURN 1: Iron Warriors.
    -2 tac squads move into adjacent corners, 1 remains still to fire.
    -Bikes turbo boost towards my predator, keeping themself hidden.
    -Dreadnaught & havocs wipe out my 5 man tactical squad.

    TURN 2: DA.
    -Drop podding tactical squad arrives about 6" away from Havocs :shifty:
    -Speeders move out into the open since the Predators are gone. Multi melta kills dreadnaught. Tornado kills 1 marine.
    -Whirlwind kills 1 marine, Pinning test passed.

    TURN 2: IW.
    -Both Obliterator sqauds arrive behind my lines, 1 kills the whirlwind, the other fails to kill my predator. (this was the 2nd main turning point next to killing both preds, deep striking near plasma is a no no! :ninja: I learned that the hard way againt tau and lost all 5 terminators).
    -Bikes turbo boost to 6" away from predator (trying to use that melta gun at all costs, since they pred's are gone and the havocs are about to be assaulted.
    -Havocs blast tac squad at point blank, killing 2-3.

    TURN 3: DA.
    -HQ arrives via drop pod between chaos HQ & bikes.
    -Terminators Deep strike in the centre, near enemy marine squad.
    -Tactical squad assaults Havocs, killing 2.
    -The plasma squad takes 3 wounds off of 1 obliterator squad (killing one, wounding 1).
    -Predator manages to kill a biker despite inv save.
    -Terminator shooting only kills 1 marine.

    TURN 3: IW.
    -Bikes Immobilse & stun predator with melta gun.
    -Wounded Obliterator charges plasma squad, no casualties.
    -Other Obliterators kill 1 Marine for devatstor squad
    -Marines desperately charge Terminators, knowing what 2 assualt cannons will do. failed 2 out of 4 armour saves, losing 2 termies. kill 1-2 marines.
    -Heavy bolter in tactical squad manages to immobilise speeder, but the ravenwing veterans pass their jink save. (hehe, first time ever!)
    -Havocs are finished off by tactical squad, the last survivor flees
    -WOunded Obliterator continues to chew through plasma squad

    TURN 4: DA.
    -Last havoc shot in the back by tactical squad, haha, cruel but fun! Mercy is for the weak :shifty:
    -Speeder zooms towards my corner to support the devs against the 2nd Obliterator squad, comined they manage to instant kill both of them.
    -HQ charges Bikers to save the predator, chaplain falls short of getting into the fray but his command squad manage to wipe out the bikers, now without their vital inv save.
    --Obliterator wins combat causing plasma squad to flee, leaving him wipe open to some plasma fire when they auto-rally!

    TURN 4: IW
    -Tactical squad move into bunker to make a last stand. Firing their bolters at the lurking speeders.
    -HQ doubles back away from terminators.
    -Marines are finished off by terminators.
    -Obliterator charges nearby devastators to avoid the inevitable hail of fire, killing 1-2.

    TURN 5: DA
    -plasma squad rallies and fires are marines in bunker, taking down 3-4.
    -Terminators & powerfist tactical squad head towards the bunker..
    -Predator blasts the HQ, instant killing him.
    -Land speeders also head towards bunker, defended by the brave but doomed chaos marines.
    -Devastators lose 1-2 more to obliterators powerfist, only the serg remains.

    TURN 5: IW
    -Marines fire at landspeeder, unable to hit the fast moving target
    -Devastator sergeant heroically slays the last Obliterator!.. (yes i couldnt believe it either, GO SERG! :w00t: )

    TURN 6: DA
    -Everything closes in on the bunker and the only remaining enemies.. All but the heavy bolter are overcome by incoming fire.

    TURN 6: IW
    -With nothing else left to do, the lone heavy bolter holds fast & sprays off one last volley, causing no harm.. Assessing the incoming enemy units, he knows this is his final hour.. the battle is over.

    RESULT: Massacre to DA's.
    My thoughts on why: getting first turn & killing both pred's. HAving Oblits appear right next to plasma squad. Along with good use of the landspeeders & reserves.
    Luck was reasonably even.


    Dark Elves - Game #28 vs High Elves: Draw
    W L D
    21 5 5

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    Sent em packing back to the warp, good show!

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