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    Marines vs Orks [750] Diego Ra Campaign V


    Having been repulsed at the tomb access by a greater-than-anticipated Ork response, Captain Drake determined that a diversion would be required in order to draw the Orks away from the site, certain at this point that the Ork Warboss was unaware of the significance of the location of the last combat. The survivors of that conflict confirmed that there appeared to be an access of some kind, though the mechanism for entry was of alien origin.

    While the Explorator team attained access to the underground complex, Drake would ensure that Warboss Grotstompa remained occupied. A direct strike at the Warboss’ location would draw Orks from all around. With a little luck, he could slay the Warboss and end all organized resistance for the remainder of the expedition.

    My buddy was looking for an excuse to use some Terminators so we figured that a classic “Assassination? scenario was an appropriate justification for calling in the crème-de-la-crème of the Imperial Fists. The scenario would use reserves and deep strike; the marines win if they kill Grotstompa, and lose if they don’t. The game lasts a variable number of turns. We decided on 750 points.

    We played on our 4’ x 4’ table, again re-arranging the scenery to reflect what might be an Ork camp. Og Da Boss had to start within 18? of the center of the table, with any Elites, Troops and/or Heavy Support choices he wished. All other units would come on in reserve. The Marines would have the first turn and could move on from any table edge or deep strike to begin the game.

    Turn 1
    The Thunderhawk gunship circled the suspected hideout of the nefarious Ork Warboss Og “Da Boss? Grotstompa. Preliminary scans showed that this was his probable location, and it was confirmed by a scout squad less than 3 hours ago. In that few hours, Captain Drake had readied his assault force, and would be calling on the expertise of veterans of the First Company to attempt this “decapitation? strike. As the Thunderhawk set down, he confirmed his orders with the Sergeant Praxus and Veteran Sergeant Koll that they would arrive as soon as he and the tactical squads were on the outskirts of the encampment.

    Drake decided to indulge old Turo and give him a chance at payback, so he brought along the freshly repaired Dreadnaught to help him lead the ground element. As they came on the board, they had good enough vantage points that they could announce their presence with a hail of lead. Firepower from Drake and Turo picked off a few Ork Boyz. Erstwhile, the Terminators teleported-in on the other side of the camp, and the assault cannon found its mark, immobilizing one of the Kanz. The Assault Squad dropped from the Thunderhawk at an advantageous position behind a building. The noose would be tightening soon.

    A roaring sound overhead was impossible to miss.
    “Oi, iz dat summa me fighta-bommas dat wuz supposed ta be ere yezturday??Og looked around at blank stares from his retinue. “Err,whuttum I askin yooz fer, ya dunno nuffin’,? he muttered under his considerably pungent breath.
    “Get’z da ladz all tagever, I ‘av a feelin’ sumfin is brewin.?
    Just then, a few of his lads virtually disappeared in clouds of bloody mist as the familiar crack of bolter fire and the uncanny whine of assault cannons could be heard nearby.
    “Yep, sumfin’ is brewin alroight!?

    Smarting from the loss of a Kan who wouldn’t be bringing his power-klaw to bear, the Orks leapt into action. Slugga Mob 2 moved to try to intercept the assault marines while everyone else concentrated on blasting the Terminators—all to no effect. Not a good start for the Orks….

    Turn 2
    Knowing that he had to keep my Orks occupied long enough to allow the slower-moving foot troops to arrive, he launched his assault squad at Og’s Mob, intending to sell them dearly and stall for time. Their shooting downed a couple of boyz and their charge slaughtered a bunch more, but the Sluggas fought back bravely, led by Og himself, and killed a couple of the assault marines. The Terminators maneuvered and took out the other Kan with a rending hit from the assault cannon.

    Slugga Mob 2 rushed to the aid of Mob 1 and dispatched the remaining Marines, though a few Orks fell as well. Now Og was free to maneuver out of the trap…but which way? I’d have to figure that out before the next turn. The loss of my Kanz really hurt—I was kind of relying on them to handle the Terminators and/or Dread. Now where was that git Grotnutz and his boyz? I needed his power klaw…

    Turn 3
    The Fists closed-in for the kill, squeezing the Orks between a formidable line of Terminators and the Tactical squads led by Drake and Turo. Nothing to do but dish out some serious whoop-@$$ with their gats. With so much lead flying all over the place, it was like the Pringles jingo—“Nobody can eat just one.? Orks died left and right, and the few survivors of mob 2 joined the few survivors of Mob 1 under the banna of Boss Grotstompa. Things were looking rather grim.

    With nothing for it, Og decided to make a break for it and charge the Terminators. He noticed a rokkit slam into them from another direction, killing one Terminator, and he could hear (and smell) that the Trukkmob and Buggy had arrived. His shooting did little, but they still had their choppas… However, only Og managed to kill the sergeant, while taking a wound himself. The other terminators pounded all but 2 boyz into the dirt. Looks like the Marines have this in the bag.

    Turn 4
    As Drake, Turo, and the Tacticals moved up, the Terminators prepared to finish their business. Powerfists vs. choppas—no problem (except that the choppas get to go first). Og hacked down another Terminator, but the others made their saves. Now, it was their turn—one hit. One splattered boy. Og was still alive. :w00t:

    Grotnutz raced in and helped finish off the last two Terminators in short order, his Trukk boyz mad with battle-lust. They consolidated back into the Trukk. The warbuggy fired a rokkit at Turo and destroyed his assault cannon.

    Turn 5
    Well, the Terminators held their ground, but after the arrival of the Trukk mob, the result was inevitable. Still, the Marines had the chance to close, and now fired at the Orks. In a standard round of shooting, they managed to “shake? the trukk with a glancing hit (whoop-dee-doo), and killed the last two Slugga boyz and put 2 wounds on Og.

    Grotnutz was ordered to charge the marines, though he didn’t need much prompting. Meanwhile, Og made for some cover. The rokkit buggy fired a salvo at Turo and crippled his close-combat arm with a glancing shot. The Orks did some damage in the assault, with 3 marines going down in the hail of blows, and Grotnutz then “shook? Turo (again, whoop-dee-doo) and destroyed his storm bolter with a couple of rips from his claw.

    Turn 6
    Now that the Orks had spent their pent-up Waaagh! power, they were a little easier to deal with. Drake barged to the front of the combat and hacked down several boys while Grotnutz was beat down by Turo and a few marines. Only one boy remained, and he was shot down while trying to flee. The Marines consolidated towards the Trukk.

    The Trukk took off hastily, smokescreen covering its retreat. It ended up near Da Boss, who clambered aboard and with a long burst from his big shoota, zoomed off to round up some more boyz. The Buggy followed, covering his retreat with a salvo of rokkits that hit Turo and overloaded his power-plant, taking him out of the action.

    Drake fired off a burst from his storm bolter at the cloud of dust and oily smoke, mainly to vent his frustration. He noted Turo cursing over the comm-link and realized his own frustration would pale in comparison to that of a great space marine hero trapped in his own sarcophagus, unable to do anything but scream. They failed to slay the Ork Warboss, but this could only be considered an overwhelming victory in any other sense. It was small consolation, but he now had to marshal his forces and press his advantage. He would have another chance.

    Well, I escaped with a moral victory in this one. I never had the opportunity to bring all my forces to bear at once, and even the ones I had were forced to deal with two distinct threats (though I tried to focus on just one at a time). The Kanz (once again) proved worthless except as fire magnets, but in a surprising turn, the Buggy performed spectacularly, killing a terminator and pounding Turo down with shot after shot, finally “destroying? him on the last turn (I was expecting another "weapon destroyed" result... :rolleyes: ). I thought the terminators were a bit unlucky with their saves, and even one more round of combat would have spelled doom for Da Boss. Makes that one Terminator that died to a rokkit that much more significant.... Still, Og leads a pretty charmed life against everyone except Eldar, so I suppose the result is in keeping with his mystique.

    My buddy and I decided to end our campaign here since we are turning our attention to Cities of Death. It seems reasonable to me that this final victory by the Imperial Fists secured the strategic objective, drawing enough Ork attention away from the Tomb access point that the explorator team could accomplish their mission of pillaging the tomb for archeotech and whatnot. What did they discover? Well, if my buddy decides to collect Necrons or Chaos, I guess I can figure that out…

    Hope you all enjoyed the series. Cheers.

    4 bionic bitz for Og "Da Boss" Grotstompa
    40 grots stomped
    400 boyz killed in action
    4000 light years of "Ere we go, Ere we go, Ere we Go" without a break
    $40K spent on GW

    I'm a SM commander with about 20 service studs in my head.

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    Well done. I enjoyed this as much as the others. Maybe after CoD Og will come back around.
    Why use science and education when ignorance and superstition will work just as well.

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    I love these man! im sad to hear they are leaving for awhile! no way should you count that as a marine victory! The orks knew something was up, and woulda smelt da umies'. you definatly win this campaighn
    PM me about Aurora Prime Vassal fights! Willing and ready!

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