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    Narrative, Space Marines vs Eldar, LONG

    First off, I want to say that this is not a standard battle report. While I have kept the action in general turn order, that is nto the point of it. I am trying to tie my army, my opponents army, Medusa V and the general fluff we have worked out together, so this may be a bit heavy going. There is also quite a lot of stuff that is aluded to, but nothing comes from, so try not to be too disapointed about that :wacko:
    EDIT: oh, I forgot to mention, it was a 2000(ish) points strongpoint attack, with me (Space Marines) defending. I'm not including army lists, because that might ruin some suprises.

    So, without further ado, I give you:

    The Battle for Mining Station C482d

    ++++++++++Intercept, received 0403400021+++++++++++
    +++++++++++++Astrotelepathic duct 602+++++++++++++
    ++++++++Astartes Strike Cruiser Burning Claw++++++++++

    Start intercept transcription:

    ++++++++++++++OMEGA LEVEL SECURITY++++++++++++
    +++++++++From: Interrogator Rejir To: *****+++++++++++

    My Lord Inquisitor,
    Firstly, allow me to apologise for the delay to this missive, and while I know that the Almighty Emperor cannot forgive my failure, I hope that you will be able to accept it, and grant me your continued patronage.

    Secondly, allow me to explain this tardiness. The information in this report had to be stitched together from a variety of sources, due to the nature of the engagement in question, and it has taken me many days to verify what sections of it I can. Even though I have been most stringent in my research, there are still several parts of the tale I cannot be entirely certain of. However, everything contained has been reported by at least 2 separate witnesses, and I believe this to be a fair representation of the events in question.
    Emperor forgive my folly, should this tale be inaccurate.

    The morning broke slowly, the sky hazed by unusually dark and low hanging clouds, very out of character for the time of year. Indeed, the sky had been clear only hours before.
    Mining Station C482d stood, outlined against the gunmetal sky atop Charybdis crest, as it had for the last few years. The three bunkers and the small power plant went almost unnoticed by all, save the dedicated comms and monitoring units in the Geryon strip mine facilities, which were it’s metaphorical parents.

    The servitors wired into the mining stations long-range scanning equipment registered a series of unusual readings, away to the southeast of the facility. As always, the readings were received in Geryon Facility 482, but strangely these signals could not be readily identified. The logic-engines and servitors at Facility 482 decided the most likely explanation was a malfunctioning warp engine in low orbit, as the readings seemed to resemble a fluctuating geller-field. This report was again transmitted outward, this time to a number of Imperial strategic and orbital stations, which forwarded the signals to a number of Imperial ships in the Medusa system.

    The Black Dragon Strike Cruiser Burning Claw responded to this signal, moving from its geo-synchronous orbit above the Hydra’s Tooth (where the chapter had previously been engaged in actions around the waste management refineries), and taking up a similar position above Charybdis Crest. During this flight, several Black Dragon thunderhawks were dispatched to the mining facility, dropping off somewhere in the region of twenty to thirty scouts, and a Whirlwind light ordnance vehicle, which secured the monitoring bunkers and set up a defensive cordon around the area.
    Several battalions of nearby guardsmen were ordered to investigate by strategic command 616, but even the closest were several hours hard march distant, and none of the commanders present deigned to order a quick pace.

    The strange readings were, in fact, an old and partially damaged warp-gate opening, and allowing a large force of Eldar to penetrate the depths of Charybdis Crest. Why they should do this is still unknown, but I believe that the Eldar responsible were somehow baiting the young Black Dragon Captain into making an attack. The few Eldar artefacts recovered from the battlefield bear markings that have previously been identified with the Splinter Craftworld Ulthwe-Anor, which we have confirmed to have engaged with the Black Dragons, and Captain Taal more specifically, on several prior occasions.
    My Lord, to some extent the above paragraph is my own speculation, but I believe that you will agree with the conclusions that I draw from it. Whatever these Eldar want with Taal, it cannot cast light favourably on a Captain of the Astartes to warrant such individual attention. Can the chapter be consorting with the Xenos, as well as making a mockery of the purity of humanity, of the Astartes themselves? You and I know that the Black Dragons must be brought to account over these matters, and I gather this evidence in the hopes that soon you will be able to make their heresy clear to all.
    I digress, and for that I shall beg the Emperor’s punishment.

    A quick succession of high-powered sniper las shots penetrating the heavy mist was the first sign of the Eldar attack, but none felled its target. As the Black Dragon sentries raised the alarm and rushed back to stronger positions, the dank fog began to dispel somewhat, allowing the scouts to see the arrayed finery of the Eldar host.
    At it’s head, on the southernmost point of the battlefield strode a mighty Avatar, it’s fiery tread scorching the ground. Alongside this god of war ran a team of screaming, sword wielding aspect warriors, accompanied by a silent group, encased in heavy armour and seeming to move by a series of short-ranged teleports. To the east of this force walked a mass of guardians, backed up by a hovering weapons platform. On the far east of the facility was the group of snipers, whose inadequacy had led to the failure of the surprise attack. Behind them, to the north, was another squad of guardians, similarly crewing a weapon platform, and finally, to the far north, there crept a squad of green-clad aspects, wielding heavy swords and pistols.

    The Astartes defence teams wasted no time in preparation, immediately firing upon the forces marching upon them. The Whirlwind fired a long salvo into the advancing Banshees to the east, felling over half their number, while the scouts in the eastern-most bunker fired upon the Eldar god-in-flesh, their missile launcher causing a huge burst of magma to burst from it’s shoulder, and making the creature roar in anger. The heavy bolter carried by the scouts in the middle bunker took down another two banshees, leaving only the fastest warrior, wielding the largest blade, standing.
    The Eldar returned fire, while constantly moving forward, with concentrated fire from the guardian teams and the rangers felling all but one of the scouts in eastern bunker, trying to claim revenge for the affront caused to their god of war. The Warp Spiders glowed and vanished, reappearing in front of the Whirlwind and unleashing a wave of shimmering wire into it’s firing tubes, preventing it from devastating the Eldar forces for the time being, before the Spiders teleported again, glowing brightly in the passing haze. The Banshee exarch ran forward, darting into the edges of the woods covering the eastern side of the base. The ancient and mighty Avatar marched through the same forest, breaking into a run as it spotted the tank that had so devastated his children, smashing into it’s rear armour. His wailing sword tore through its tracks, ripping into the interior of the vehicle, and detonating its missile stores. The Whirlwind’s machine spirit died.

    Black Dragon thunderhawks roared down, unloading Veteran Squad Bael and two commanders (later identified as Brother Captain Taal and Brother Chaplain Kreos, my Lord) a short distance west of the three bunkers. The commanders ran into the woods, awaiting the marines carried by the second and third thunderhawks, which had been delayed by the low visibility and dangerous approaches to the field of battle. Almost simultaneously, a drop pod smashed into the ground, just in front of the guardians to the southeast, and Tactical Squad Sorrel leapt out, bolters blazing. Poor visibility, and the disorienting magic of the Eldar lessened the Black Dragon’s accuracy, but nevertheless a large number of Eldar fell, and their comrades looked on in shock at the immediacy and ferocity of the assault that had befallen them.
    The scouts in the middle bunker ran out, shadowing the veterans who were sprinting towards the wreck of the Whirlwind. At the last moment, the two squads separated, the veterans bravely charging the ancient god incarnate, and the scouts slamming into the still-glowing Warp Spiders. The Warp Spiders defended themselves as best they could in their disoriented state, managing to fell a single scout, knocked unconscious by the exarch’s gun barrel. Three Spiders fell to the scouts’ blades, and another to their valiant sergeant, Brother Kaelis’ crackling power fist. Even as the Spiders died, they vanished again, and the scouts made do with taking cover in the shallow gully to their left.
    The charge of the veterans was a wonder to behold. With fury and righteousness they banished the mortal form of the Eldar god, but even in death did he make his mark, the dreadful flames contained in his shell consuming one of the venerable Astartes.

    Yet for the Eldar, not all was lost. The mighty, statuesque form of an ancient Wraithlord strode from the mist to the southeast, surrounded by another horde of guardians. They had witnessed both the death of their god, and the rain of death that had been unleashed from the drop pod, and they were full of vengeance for their fallen kin. The marines of squad Sorrel did suffer mightily at their hands, with six marines falling to the firepower unleashed upon them. Finally, the towering Wraithlord smashed into their ranks, tearing another marine asunder. The remaining Astartes fell back, heading towards the pod they had just left. The vast wraithbone construct was immediately behind them, just fractionally too slow to catch them, but so full of anger that it rendered the pod’s doors entirely inoperable, trapping the remaining marines inside.
    While the rest of the Eldar moved forward, the east flank was the scene of yet more action. The Spiders reappeared, and angry at the impunity of the scouts, unleashed their wrath upon them. Another scout fell, his body cut to shreds still inside his armour. The last Banshee also turned their way, screaming her hatred she charged, but seemed so overcome with sadness that her strikes were robbed of her strength. Not one man fell before her last charge, and the fell fist of sergeant Kaelis finally crushed her life from her.

    With the Eldar drawing in, the remaining Black Dragons looked to be under pressure. The scouts, emerging from the gully, charged straight at the Warp Spiders, tearing another apart with well placed bolt shots, before killing another two up close. Another scout was clubbed down by the Spider exarch, giving his last remaining aspect-brother time to escape the battlefield, before the triumphant Brother Kaelis tore him apart in a shower of blood.
    The veterans ran for the centre bunker, knowing that they were too far from the blossoming firefights to do much good, and knowing that the bunkers must be held if this battle was to be won. Overhead soared the last two thunderhawks, as two Dragon Claw squads leapt down, jump packs flaring in the unnatural gloom. The squads made landfall in the centre of the mining station, with Brother Captain Taal and Brother Chaplain Kreos joining them in preparation for their strike.
    The remains of the Astartes forces slammed into the ground in another two drop pods, unloading Tactical Squad Imsaho behind the northernmost bunker, the scouts holding it having fallen recently to the combined firepower of the entire eastern and northern flanks of the Eldar force. A third drop pod landed within metres of the first pod, and Venerable Brother Ixion strode out, surrounded by flame and death, encased in his walking tomb. The guardians ahead of him fell; their warlocks magic no match for the flames emerging from Ixion’s huge fist. Only three guardians and the xenos witch survived the flames, and two more fell as Ixion stomped into combat, smashing them into a bloody pulp.

    A high-pitched whining to the east announced the arrival of the largest Eldar units, a Vyper; and a Falcon, containing the war council of Ulthwe-Anor (this was confirmed later, using the few recoverable fragments of vid-feed taken from the close range surveillance/defence servitors. The Black Dragons had disabled these defences (reason unknown) and destroyed the majority of the recordings of the battle. I was only able to recover so much footage because I knew what I was looking for. Again, my apologies for the interruption, Lord).
    The Eldar continued their steady advance, the Wraithlord breaking off it’s pounding attack on the drop pod and marching with intent towards the newly arrived Astartes dreadnought. The majority of Eldar firepower was by now concentrated on the newly arrived Dragon Claws, cutting down eight of the ferocious warriors in total.
    The Wraithlord, building up speed, slammed into Brother Ixion. Ixion turned, smashing his fist into the Eldar construct’s arm, shattering and splintering the wraithbone, but exposing part of his dreadnought’s power plant in the process. The Wraithlord seized it’s chance, tearing a huge gash in the back of the mechanical tomb, causing a massive surge of electricity to short out Brother Ixion’s body, but in the process shattering yet more of the ancient Wraithlord’s body. The triumphant construct limped toward the bunkers, battered, bloodied, but not yet broken.

    The final moments of the battle were upon them. I am not sure why the Eldar choose to withdraw after these final exchanges, as although they had taken heavy losses, they clearly had the upper hand, and were gaining momentum. Whatever the reason, I shall finish the tale of the battle before I draw my conclusions and state my suspicions. The Emperor protects he who Believes.

    One squad of Dragon Claws, with Taal and Kreos attached, sped off to the west, charging the rapidly approaching Striking Scorpion aspect warriors, in the hopes of slowing the entire Eldar west flank before they got too close to the bunker complex. Inspired by the Chaplain and the Captain’s examples, the Dragon Claws wiped out the entire squad of elite Eldar for only a single loss, but they did not have the momentum to carry the charge into the guardian squad to the southwest.
    The other Dragon Claws leapt east, towards the closing Eldar vehicles. As the Falcon flew past, unloading it’s passengers behind the eastern bunker, they Dragon Claws opened fire on the Vyper, meeting it in mid air and tearing it out of the sky in their need to avenge their fallen brothers.
    Veteran Squad Bael finally reached the centre bunker, despite taking two casualties from sniper fire, and secured the door. If the Eldar wanted this building, they had to kill them first.
    The guardians to the southwest ran forward, eager to dispense justice upon those who had killed the Scorpions, and unleashed a veritable wall of shurikens toward the Dragon Claws, leaping upon the survivors in their desire to put right the injustices of war.

    Brother Sergeant Kaelis led his surviving men towards the limping Wraithlord, his intent clear. The few remaining scouts charged into the vast construct, which managed to smash one down with it’s flailing, almost panicked, limbs, even as Brother Kaelis leapt onto it’s back, powerfist raised, and tore it’s head from it’s body. The last two surviving scouts followed Kaelis as he sprinted towards the easternmost bunker, knowing that they had to hold firm, even if it was a futile gesture.

    At this point, the Eldar stopped, and retreated. I don’t know if this was because the death of the Wraithlord marked some kind of significant moment, or because the seer-council had achieved whatever goal it had set itself, but whatever the reason, this is the end of the fight. The Black Dragons were content to secure the immediate area, and recover what they could from the battlefield, with only minimal effort made (as far as I have been able to ascertain) to follow the Eldar back to their warp gate. By the time other Imperial forces (and myself) arrived at the scene, almost nothing was left to suggest any kind of battle had taken place. Some new plasma scarring on the bunker walls, several new craters, some scorching, and 6 tiny Eldar trinkets were all that indicated a large conflict had just been fought. The cursed Astartes had expunged (almost) all traces of themselves from the region, and only through very diligent detective work have I been able to piece so much together. On further inspection, the warp gate the Eldar used was found to be inactive. Possibly the Eldar destroyed or sealed it in some way upon their defeat.

    My lord, the Black Dragons Astartes Chapter, while strong and undoubtedly successful on the field of battle, are mutants, and I believe that this is not acceptable. On Armageddon it was decided that a dangerous battlezone, combined with little to no external support could be a useful way of keeping the numbers of this chapter low. I suggest we attempt to repeat this strategy, by removing as many other forces from their current battlezone (the Hydra’s Tooth) as possible, without arousing suspicions.

    I await your reply, as always, your humble servant.
    Interrogator Rejir.

    +++++++++++++++++Transcript Ends+++++++++++++++++

    I hope you enjoyed that everyone, and let me know what you think!

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    good story!

    bring that eldar pride low brother!
    PM me about Aurora Prime Vassal fights! Willing and ready!

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