Standard combat Patrol. My dark angels v. my brother's medusa V army.

Dark Angels Third Company Redemption

Tactical Squad (6 guys)
Plasma Gun

Tactical Squad (6 guys)
Plasma Gun
Plasma Cannon

Ravenwing Bike Squadron (3 bikes)
Veteran Sergeant
Power Sword
2 Meltaguns

The Conquerer's of Hell

Chaos Space Marine Bike
Power Weapon
Daemonic Strength

3 Chaos Space Marine Bikes
Aspiring Champion
Power Weapon

Chaos Marines (5 guys)
Heavy Bolter
Plasma Gun

Chaos Marines (5 guys)
Missle Launcher
Plasma Gun

My brother (Keegan, from here on out) deploys first.
I get first turn.

Bikes boost to the top right corner (from my side).

Plasma cannon shoots at bikes.
Kills one.
Lascannon misses.

Keegan's Turn

Boosts bikes towards Plasma cannon squad.

Heavy Bolter kills 2 from PLasma Cannon Squad.
Missle Launcher and Plasma gun each kill one bike.

My Turn

Sole bike towards heavy bolter squad.

Plasma Cannon Squad shoots all at enemy bikes. Gets one bike.
Lascannon wounds a bike. Makes invulnerable save.

Bike assaults. Kills two.
No return damage. Fails moral check. Fails to capture. Continue to fight.

Keegans turn.

Bikes move toward my Plasma cannon squad.

TL bolters at Plasma cannon squad. No casualties.
Missle Launcher at Lascannon team. Kills one.

Bikes assault. Lt. kills one. Champ kills none. I fail to hit. Pass morale check.
Previous assault. Chaos fails to wound. I kill two. Passes morale check.

My turn.

Lascannon misses.

Lt. combat. We bounce off each other.
Veteran sergeant wins the combat. Moves three inches.

Keegans turn.

Missle Launcher at bike. Fail jink save.

Lt. combat. Lt. kills two. Sergeant wounds Lt. Fail Morale check. Makes two no retreat saves.

My turn.

Lascannon kills one from Missle Launcher squad.

Lt. Combat. Aspiring champ kills the serge. Bikes move 5". currently 13" away from Lascannon squad.

Keegans turn

Missle Launcher kills one. TL bolters kill none.

Bikes charge my squad. Lt. kills three. My squad finishes the Lt. Champ fails to wound.

My turn. Instant combat.

We bounce off.

Keegan's turn. again instant combat.

Champ kills the serge.

Loss for me.

Now that the presence has been established, the 3rd company will bring the whole of its force.