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    Shootout at the Geryon Strip Mines

    +++Transmission Begins+++

    TO: Captain Sicarius of the Ultramarines, CinC Adeptus Astartes in Medusa V Theater of Operations
    FROM: Chaplain Caedfel of Blood Angels Task Force Falchion
    ASTROPATH: Rye N’ Delp
    SUBJECT: Missions in support of Operation Rolling Thunder
    THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Zeal is it's own excuse.

    Honored Brother Captain---

    Working as part of Medusa Task Force 138 “Thor’s Hammer,? (Lt. Col Forger commanding, war name "Forger of Civilization" on the command net) elements of Task Force Falchion redeployed to support Operation Rolling Thunder in the vicinity of the Geryon Strip Mines. Though we were loathe to put our pursuit of Warboss Gofgor Ug Mor Daka's horde on hold, we quickly found other foes to smite in the Emperor's name. Units of Eldar raiders were sighted, fixed, and engaged. The details are as follows:

    Tactical Squads Arturus and Jacobus, and Assault Squad Barnabas, moved into an outer ring of ruins of old mining prospects, supported by Brothers Terentius and Clemens in a Landspeeder. At this point they came under fire from some of the taller ruins. Veteran Sergeant Jacobus (in battlefield command of this section since Veteran Sergeant Davidus is recovering from wounds suffered from a orkoid dreadnought, as is Veteran Sergeant Gasparus) ordered squads Arturus and Jacobus to take cover and return fire with heavy bolter and missile launcher, while Assault Squad Barnabas set about rooting out the xenos filth. Terentius and Clemens made several strafing runs on the Eldar positions, denying their freedom of movement with heavy bolter fire.

    The xenos forces consisted of a squad of close combat specialists (Cross Reference Datafax: "Striking Scorpion"), a unit of snipers, and a unit of some manner of jump pack troops (Cross Reference Datafax: "Swooping Hawks"). Squad Barnabas wiped out the Swooping Hawks before being killed to a man by the Striking Scorpions. The remaining man, however, was Veteran Sergeant Barnabas who crushed the Scorpions with his power fist. Barnabas, unfortunately, was badly wounded by sniper fire. The remainder of the battle ended with the surviving xenos snipers being taken out by heavy bolter fire from Squad Arturus and the landspeeder.

    Forensics point to these xenos being related to raiders we have fought on two other occasions. We do not know why they continue to shadow us, only that we will continue to fight them whereever we find them. Task Force Falchion will continue missions in support of Operation Rolling Thunder. Even now intelligence is reaching me at our command post at Geryon Base on how the operation is progressing. With the blessings of the Emperor, I have no doubt that we will succeed.

    The Emperor Protects,

    Chaplain Caedfel

    +++Transmission Ends+++

    ((Combat patrol mission against my friend and his Eldar again. Never took powerfists before, Barnabas really did a job on the Scorpions. I'll try to take powerfists from now on, they're worth the points. Only one squad raged the entire game; the rest of the time the tac squads were able to sit back and shoot. And the speeder was a joy. For you Eldar players out there rooting for my friend, he got his first win of the campaign after playing me...put the hurt on a new player to our group who has Deathskull orks. The trukk he took for the combat patrol they played is a plastic model of a Corvette Heavily converted, but neat. As with the Geryon Base thread, any Imperials wanting to post batreps at the strip mines can do so right here if you like ))

    "Wife! You are abusing that Leman Russ model!"

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    +++Transmission Begins+++

    TO: Chaplain Caedfel of Blood Angels Task Force Falchion
    FROM: Deathwing Master of Sanctity Nicodemus Lot of Fortress Monastary Redeemer
    ASTROPATH: Van'il Poe
    SUBJECT: Reinforcement of the Geryon deployment zone

    My distinguished Blood Angel Brother at arms---

    The recent uprising on Eldar activity in the Geryon region of Medusa V is most unfortunate. Conferring with my trusted Epistolary Uriel Bartholomew, we have reason to believe there must be some kind of Xenos weapon buried either in the Strip Mines, or the surrounding area. These attacks to Geryon are too often, and too brutal for this to be anything else.

    My Fortress Monastary is in high anchor over Geryon proper. Should aid be needed, no explanation need be given. Simply seek it. The Deathwing will rain from the skies and cleanse this Xenos infestation with bolter and fire. They have pushed me too far this time, they must now be cleansed. I am already drawing up plans for a counter offensive in the region. We are only a beacon away my Brother.

    May we one day fight side by side.

    For the Lion,

    Nicodemus Lot M.O.S.

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