Ok, so this was the July 40k tournament at Recess, and I went in with a different list than I normally do. This battle report won't have a turn by turn description, but rather a summary of what happened, as best as I can remember it.

My list:
Canoness (111 pts)
+ Jump Pack
+ Cloak of St A
+ Bolt Pistol
+ Eviscerator

Canoness (117 pts)
+ Jump Pack
+ Cloak of St A
+ Bolt Pistol
+ Blessed Weapon
+ Frag Grenades

Battle Sisters Squad (x2) (410 pts total)
7 SoB
1 with Flamer, 1 with H. Flamer
VSS with Bolter and BoSL
+ Rhino (Smoke, EA)

Battle Sister Squad (199 pts)
7 SoB
2 with Flamer
VSS with Bolter and BoSL
+ Rhino (Smoke, EA)

ISTs (163 pts)
2 with Plasmas
+ Chimera (M"L", HHB, EA, Smoke)

Celestians (x2) (342 pts total)
3 Cels
2 with Meltas
SS with Bolter
+ Immolator (EA, Smoke)

GKs (FA) (225 pts)
7 GKs

Exorcist (EA) (x2) (280 pts total)

1847 points, 9 Faith, 8 vehicles

Ok, now for the report: ROUND ONE

Mech SoB (and freinds) vs Speed Freeks
Terrain: Open field with some forests
Mission: VP, Table Quarters
IATFP vs Freeman

Opponent's list had the following (and a bit more):

Warboss in Eavy Armor with Powerklaw
Big Mek in Eavy Armor with Powerklaw
Burna Boyz
Grot Bomb Launchas
Trukk Boyz (I think that's what they were, anyway)

This one got messy, and fast. Anything containing something as deadly as Burna Boyz and moving 24 inches is NOT to be taken lightly. Fortunately, I was able to delay the inevitable with a well-timed act of faith which granted me invulnerable saves. The Grey Knights killed a few greenskins, and the ISTs put up more of a fight that I thought they would, but were overwhelmed. I blew up a few trukks here and there, but it wasn't enough to secure a win.



Mech SoB (and freinds) vs Imperial Guard
Terrain: Cityfight
Mission: Objective Markers
Opponent: John "Josh" Baker

Opponent's list had the following (and more...):

Leman Russ w/ Battle Cannon and Lascannon (x2!)
Sentinal Squad (2 squads of 3)
3 Lascannon teams
Autocannon Team as part of Command Squad

Well this one was odd. Not a whole lot of killing happened. The mission was really cool, I liked it. The large amounts of AT took out both Exorcists before they could do anything. Realizing that "holy crap that's alot of firepower, no way I'm killing all those guys" I parked squads near the objective markers. On Turn 4, I rolled to see which one gave bonus VP and I rolled one, which I was by. All I killed was an Armoured Fist Squad and their transports, but I DID destroy the weapons on the sentinels.



Mech SoB (and freinds) vs Tau
Terrain: Cityfight
Mission: VP, 18inch deployment zones
Opponent: Double Pete

Opponent's list featured:

Five Pirahnas (I think's that's what they are, could been Goldfish or something )
ONE Broadside with TL RR and MP (or SMS, not sure)
Pathfinder Team
Kroot (with a frew Krootox here and there)
Shas' ??

This one was fun. My opponent was new 40K player and his army list reflected that. Double Pete had already lost two games, and with his list ill-equipped to take out 8 vehicles rushing forward, his odds weren't looking so hot. I got first turn. Exorcist one fires 3 missiles into the Skyray and destroys it. Exorcist two fires 2 at the Ionhead and turns it into scrap. Next turn, the GKs land right on target (excellent Reserves AND scatter roll ) and blast away at a Kroot squad in a nearby building. Sisters flame and rapid fire several Kroot in another building. An Immolator with Celestian unloads in front of the Broadside. Both Meltaguns fail to hit. The Immolator doesn't get destroyed (but it's weapon is blown off). Turn three, his Crisis Suits show up (why he DS'd them is beyond me). After killing a Sister or two, The Sisters zoom up and rapid-fire the suits to bits with a little help from Divine Guidance. At the end of the game I had everything still on the board except for 2 ISTs, a Sister, one squad of Sisters, and both Celestian Squads. I didn't get my Canonesses into CC at all, as I rocked out in the shooting phase. I think I'm starting to get the hang of my army :yes: .


RANKING: (Victory Points): 9th out of 15 players
(Battle Points): 5th out of 15 players

W/L/D as of 7/22: 1/7/1