This was a surprising fight. The Imperial rolling was incredible. I half expected a thunderhawk land on the field and induct these guardsmen into the adeptus astartes right then and there.

+++++ +++++
Tharishel, the striking scorpion, scrambled forward through the twisted rubble of an imperial hab-block following close behind the exarch that had lead them to this point on the battlefield. He knew his companions were close behind him, and the Mon-Keigh patrolling the parapets seemed unaware of their presence.

Suddenly, an imperial autocannon barked to life. Pasting shot upon shot into the rockrete building they occupied. They had been spotted, and the alarm rose like a wave through the Mon-Keigh forces. Heavy bolter fire rippled through his unit, as several of his allies disappeared in a gory burst of viscera, including Melchior, the exarch.

As if in answer to the sudden violence, the Mon-Keigh defensive positions erupted in a series of small fragmentary blasts that scattered through their lines. Looking up, he saw a flock of swooping hawks sailing high overhead. Their grenade packs raining death upon the enemy’s position. He allowed himself a grim smile. Reinforcements had arrived.

A pair of twin falcons sailed over the battlefield, their pulse lasers rocking the crude imperial armor on their tracks, but the turret continued to track the swift vehicles. Tharishel was about to continue the advance when a squad of mon-keigh rounded the corner, and covered them in blazing fire. The screams of the dying almost drowned out the whip-crack reports of the lasguns as they fired on those who didn’t burn. Bloodlust burned in his veins as he leapt at the imperial guardsmen, the song of battle singing through his soul as he cut down the enemy. It was only then that he realized he wasn’t the only survivor. Only one other had managed, though Tharishel could not recognize the gore-covered warrior as he cut down the Mon-Keigh. As the cowards turned to run, he shot them with his mandiblasters, finishing them. He stepped over their broken corpses toward an imperial missile team.

The Mon-Keigh battle cannon continued to roar as it fired at the relentlessly advancing Falcon tanks, barely slowing them down as they deftly evaded the crude projectiles.

Tharishel continued his advance, and cut down the pair of guardsmen without breaking stride. He armed his haywire grenade as he leapt upon the hulk of the Mon-Keigh tank. With barely a pause, he threw the grenade inside. The detonation was spectacular, as Tharishel easily dodged the chunks of metal that scythed out of the rapidly expanding fireball.

Tharishel looked to the Farseer. The Imperial morale had been crushed, and their vehicles had been rendered useless. With any luck, they would be able to arrive in time to aid their beleagured brethren within the Geryon Mines.
+++++ +++++

When I saw all the armor and heavy bolter/autocannon teams, I thought I was done for. I had the first turn, but because of escalation, I only had one unit (my scorpions) on the board. He had everything -but- his armor. (Leman russ and demolihser, basilisk, pair of hellhounds, 2 armored fist squads). With the exception of his demolisher, everything showed up right away. I almost got pasted but managed to get from cover to cover. with 2 striking scorpions and a squad of swooping hawks. (Boy were they underestimated by my opponent ) All in all a great game. Could have turned out much differently if he had managed to pin me down.