Tyranids vs. Tau, 1850 points, Omega Firesweep (Medusa V, COD) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Tyranids vs. Tau, 1850 points, Omega Firesweep (Medusa V, COD)

    Dusk and Dawn did not occur


    Vermithrax (flying hive tyrant)
    Scything talons, lash whip and bonesword, adrenal glands (WS), implant attack, toxic miasma, toxin sacs, winged, synapse creature, the horror, and warp field.

    Grendel (hive tyrant)
    Venom cannon, twin-linked devourer, enhanced senses, toxin sacs, synapse creature, and the horror.
    Two Tyrant Guard with lash wipes and rending claws.

    Quickdeath 1 (leaping tyranid warriors)
    Four warriors with scything talons, rending claws, extended carapace, flesh hooks, leaping, and synapse creature.

    Quickdeath 2 (leaping tyranid warriors)
    Four warriors with scything talons, rending claws, extended carapace, flesh hooks, leaping, and synapse creature.

    Quickdeath 3 (leaping tyranid warriors)
    Four warriors with scything talons, rending claws, extended carapace, flesh hooks, leaping, and synapse creature.

    Six genestealers with rending claws and flesh hooks.

    Hormagaunt 1
    Ten hormagaunts with scything talons

    Hormagaunt 2
    Ten hormagaunts with scything talons

    Sivaks (flying tyranid warriors)
    Three warriors with scything talons, rending claws, flesh hooks, and winged.

    Ymir (carnifex)
    Venom cannon, barbed strangler, enhanced senses, and reinforced chitin.

    Gamera (carnifex)
    Barbed strangler, twin-linked devourer, enhanced senses, extended carapace, reinforced chitin, and spine banks.

    Garthim (carnifex)
    Venom cannon, crushing claws, enhanced senses, extended carapace, reinforced chitin, and tusked.


    Shas'o (bonded)
    Plasma rifle, cyclic ion blaster, hard-wired multi-tracker, hard-wired target lock, and shield generator.
    Two bodyguards with plasma rifle, missile pod, hard-wired multi-tracker, hard-wired target lock, hard-wired drone controller, and targeting array.
    Two shield drones (one per bodyguard).

    Shas'el (bonded)
    Fusion blaster, plasma rifle, hard-wired multi-tracker, hard-wired drone controller, and targeting array.
    One shield drone.

    Crisis 1
    Plasma rifle, missile pod, hard-wired multi-tracker, and shield generator. Team leader.

    Crisis 2
    Twin-linked missile pod, hard-wired multi-tracker, and targeting array. Team leader.

    Stealth Team
    Team Leader with fusion blaster, markerlight, and targeting array.
    Two stealth suits with burst cannon. One has a drone controller, the other a targeting array.
    Two shield drones.

    Fire Warrior 1 (bonded)
    Shas'ui with pulse rifle, markerlight, and hard-wired target lock.
    Nine fire warriors with pulse rifles.

    Fire Warrior 2 (bonded)
    Shas'ui with pulse rifle, markerlight, and hard-wired target lock.
    Nine fire warriors with pulse rifles.

    Ten kroot with kroot rifles.
    Two kroot hounds.

    Strain leader with neutron blaster.
    Five stingwings with neutron blasters.

    Ionhead 1
    Ion Cannon, smart missile system, landing gear, targeting array, multi-tracker, disruption pod, and decoy launchers.

    Ionhead 2
    Ion Cannon, two burst cannons, landing gear, targeting array, multi-tracker, disruption pod, and decoy launchers.

    Broadside Team (bonded)
    Team leader with twin-linked railgun, twin-linked plasma rifle, advanced stabilization system, hard-wired drone controller, hard-wired multi-tracker, and hard-wired target lock.
    Two broadsides with twin-linked railgun, smart missile system, and advanced stabilization system.
    One shield drone and one marker drone.

    The Tau ground commander in the area was becoming more and more concerned with the tactical situation. Every time the Tau attempted to expand their operations the Tyranids would attack. In an effort to establish a forward operating base in the Tyranid and human areas, he was sending a well equipped force into an evacuated section of the nearby imperial city. Their goal: secure the area, prepare a strong defensive position, and wait for reinforcements. As the Tau expeditionary force approached the ruined cluster of buildings a huge swarm of Tyranids was picked up on a spy satellite. The enclave commander immediately datavised the information to the Shas'o. "Curse those devouring monstrosities!" thought the ground commander.

    I won the roll for deployment zone and also for first turn. For strategems I selected combat engineers, sewer rats, and demolition. I received four sewer counters, placing two around the statue memorial that would be Bill's focus for defense and two in the largely intact ruin that was in the southeast corner. My genestealers and a unit of quickdeaths became sewer rats. My demolition target was the center building on turn one, since it was a dangerous ruin. I wanted to be able to move through it, but without the dangerous terrain tests.

    Bill selected preliminary bombardment, demolition, and ammunition store. Ammunition store was placed on the statue memorial, as might be expected. I guessed that his demolition target was the same ruin to the southeast that I had placed my two sewer tokens in. Since he was trying to kill my reserves, I also guessed that it would go off on turn three. Unfortunately for Bill, the only preliminary bombardment that hit was on Ymir. It did cause five wounds, but I made every save.

    The map after deployment.

    Symbol Legend.

    Picture of the board after deployment.

    The crisis suit hit the ground in a ball as the Tyranid projectiles hammered at it. As the torrent of fire subsided, the Tau felt gnawing agony in his left foot and thigh. The suit had been breached by ravenous devourer worms. The fire caste pilot screamed in agony as the biological horrors ate their way up his leg, into his groin. The Shas'o was able to decipher what was happening by looking at the stricken pilot's biometrics. With a sigh of resignation he cut the doomed Tau out of the local communication network. There was nothing to be gained by anyone listening to him die.

    Move forward, avoiding entering the building that is going to explode this turn. Ymir stays put, but Garthim moves to partially screen the gunfex. My warriors advance, using the monstrous creatures as shields. Hormagaunt 2 captures a building. My demolition fails to go off. Gamera fires at Crisis 2, hits, and rolls a one to wound. Garthim hits the same suit with a venom cannon, also rolls a one to wound. Ymir hits Fire Warrior 2 with his barbed strangler, killing one and also killing two kroot. The kroot are pinned. Grendel unloaded on Crisis 1 and killed him with devourer fire (rolled three ones for saves).

    Determined to prevent the hive tyrant from killing any more Tau, the Shas'o marked it and its guard as a priority target. He and his bodyguards jumped forward, stabilizing during the descent and launching a full spread of missiles and a hail of plasma. Ionhead 1 added its main cannon to the firepower directed at the tyranid leader. Smoke and airborne debris obscured the creatures and the shooting slowed. With image enhancement enabled, the Shas'o saw the results a few seconds before the others. One guard was flipped onto its back, legs kicking slowly in the air. The other guard was still standing, though it was blackened and had smoke rising off its charred body.

    TAU TURN 1
    Bill moves some forces around. Ionhead 1 kills a tyrant guard. Ionhead 2 hits Garthim three times, wounds twice, and I roll a pair of ones. The broadsides, assisted by a markerlight hit from their drone, put two more wounds on Garthim. Fire Warrior 1 unloaded on Grendel, but could not harm the tyrant and guard. Fire Warrior 2 shot at Garthim to no effect. The Shas'el hit Grendel with plasma, but failed to wound. The Shas'o and retinue hit Grendel several times with plasma and missile pods, but only inflict a single wound on the remaining tyrant guard.

    The map after turn 1.

    Picture of the board after turn 1.

    The carnifex watched a flight of purple creatures break off from the main Tau force and head south. The walking hive tyrant had implanted several instinctive orders in the carnifex's brain. One was to prevent any prey from moving south. The carnifex raised its barbed strangler and fired several rounds into the prey's flight path, hitting one vespid in the stomach. The resulting ball of tentacles entangled the other five stingwings. The mass fell sixty yards, hitting the pavement with a sickening thump that was punctuated by cracking sounds from inside.

    Move forward. The genestealers emerge from the sewers into the building that is to the southeast and capture it. Hormagaunt 1 captures the ruins to the northwest. The Sivaks pass their dangerous terrain test, landing inside the center building and capturing it. Garthim nails Ionhead 2 and stuns it. Gamera hit the vespid with his barbed strangler and wiped them out. Ymir hits the broadsides once with a venom cannon, then rolls a one to wound. Now, here Bill pays for two mistakes. Vermithrax managed to charge the stealth suits by less than half an inch. He then proceeds to hit three times and rolls three ones to wound. The surprised stealth suits do no damage in return. Grendel and his guard charge Fire Warrior 1, resulting in four dead Tau. The fire warriors pass their leadership test and pile in.

    The Shas'o was falling back, trying not to be distracted by the huge winged hive tyrant that was on top of the stealth team. He watched as three winged warriors landed in a heavily damaged building directly in front of his force's main defensive line. A quick voice command set the flying horrors as an override target for most units. The suppression barrage was immediate and frightening. Burst cannon fire, missile pods, plasma, and even massive railgun projectiles struck the building. After a full two minutes the fusillade faded and the Shas'o could see the structure was in immediate danger of collapse. "Good." thought the Shas'o, "A pile of rubble would be a fitting tomb for those animals." Then, incredibly, a winged serpentine form wriggled through a window and launched itself across the street at Fire Warrior 2.

    TAU TURN 2
    The Shas'el hits the Sivaks with plasma, but I make the cover save. Fire Warrior 2's team leader markerlights the Sivaks and reduces their cover save for the Shas'o and retinue. All that firepower proceeds to do one wound as Bill rolls bad and I roll good for cover saves. The Ionhead 1's burst cannons do better, causing six wounds that manage to save four. Its ion cannon wounds Garthim twice, only to see me make the saves. The rest of Fire Warrior 2 fires at the Sivaks, hitting just twice (with rerolls). I make both the saves required. The kroot cause three wounds to the Sivaks and I make the saves. The broadside team leader hits Garthim with his railgun and rolls a one to wound. The other two broadsides blaze away at the Sivaks and, after I make a lot of cover saves, cause a single wound. One unwounded Sivak remains. Vermithrax kills three from the stealth suits and runs down the survivors as they try to flee. Grendel missed all three attacks vs. Fire Warrior 1. Lucky for me that his guard kills one, I take no wounds in return, and I sweeping advance there as well.

    The map after turn 2.

    Picture of the board after turn 2.

    Struggling to reload, the fire warriors saw the winged warrior coming at them. One of the Tau managed to get off another shot as the Tyranid landed among them. The wound only further infuriated the beast. Claws tore off one fire warrior's head, while a huge scything talon cut another's arm off at the shoulder. When the Tau tried to flee the warrior cut several more down. The few who escaped ran into weed-choked alleys where they were later hunted down by packs of hormagaunts.

    Move up, including Vermithrax who lands right in front of the luckless Shas'el. Hormagaunt 1 captures the refinery area. The genestealers scramble to get out of the doomed building. Quickdeath 3 emerges from the sewers next to the statue memorial. They use their smokes spores (combat engineer strategem). Gamera hits the broadsides with his barbed strangler, catching Crisis 2 in the blast as well. The markerdrone is killed as is the elite crisis suit. The broadsides fail their pinning test. Grendel blasts away at the side armor of Ionhead 1, shaking it twice and stunning it. Ymir kills the broadsides shield drone with his venom cannon. Garthim fails to hit Ionhead 2. Vermithrax charges the Shas'el, destroying the junior commander's shield drone and taking him to one wound. The Shas'el stands fast. Grendel and his guard charge Ionhead 1, missing the skimmer every time. The last Sivak charges Fire Warrior 2 (making his dangerous terrain test), killing two and taking a wound in return. The fire warriors break and try to run, but are destroyed in a sweeping advance. I only get a one inch consolidate.

    Keying his radio, the Shas'o again ordered the kroot to attack the winged nightmare that was slowly picking apart the Shas'el. He could see the leader of the pack reach up and touch the radio's earpiece, then look in his direction. The words that followed were a terrible surprise. "No can do Mah'loh. That thing is going to kill somebody and would rather it not be us. We think it will probably be you." The kroot started moving back through the debris, away from the winged tyrant.

    TAU TURN 3
    Shas'o and retinue jump back and Ionhead 2 moves south along the eastern board edge. Bill's demolition charge destroys the building I thought it would, killing two genestealers and entangling the brood. Ionhead 2 kills two members of Quickdeath 3. The Shas'o's group blazes away at Grendel, but Bill rolls an astounding number of ones. They kill the wounded tyrant guard. The kroot try to charge Vermithrax, but fail their leadership test. Vermithrax kills the Shas'el.

    The map after turn 3.

    Picture of the board after turn 3.

    The flying hive tyrant launched itself over the trio of crisis suits, easily avoiding the wild shots that followed it through the air. It landed directly behind them and struck down a shield drone that moved between it and the enemy leader. The three crisis suits fired their jetpacks in a futile attempt to escape, but the Tyranid was quick. It cut one suit in half before it left the ground and impaled another with one giant scything talon. The tyrant's lash whip tangled around the Shas'o's legs, jerking the crisis suit out of the air and bashing it against the ground. Then the biological weapon contracted, pulling the dazed Tau commander into the shadow of the Tyranid.

    Move forward. Hormagaunt 1, outside of synapse fails their instinctive behavior test and rushes toward Grendel. Garthim misses both shots at Ionhead 2. Gamera hits the broadsides with his barbed stranger. I roll a one to wound. Ymir hit the broadsides three times, I roll two ones to wound, and Bill saves the single venom cannon hit that did wound. Grendel blows Ionhead 1 out of the air. The wounded Sivak charges the kroot, kills three and is killed itself. Quickdeath 3 charges the broadsides, kills one and wounds one (three rending hits!) and wipes out the broadsides in a sweeping advance. Vermithrax leaps over the Shas'o and company, then charges them. Out of four hits I roll three ones to wound, only killing a single shield drone. However, Bill fails to wound me in return. The Tau commander fails his morale check and the unit is destroyed by the winged hive tyrant's sweeping advance. The kroot and Quickdeath 3 are locked in combat due to consolidation moves.

    The ionhead gunner screamed over the internal communications system, "We are royally screwed!" as he tracked the tank's burst cannons onto another genestealer. "I know, I know. I am trying to find a clear path out of here, but the fracking things are everywhere."

    TAU TURN 4
    Ionhead 2 kills two more genestealers, taking that unit below half strength. The kroot cause a single wound to Quickdeath 3, lose two kroot in return, fail their morale check, and are destroyed by a sweeping advance.

    The map after turn 4.

    Picture of the board after turn 4.

    Jinking and banking, the ionhead was avoiding the worst of the Tyranid barrage. They were taking hits and auxiliary systems were coming online, but the engines and controls were undamaged. The tank commander suddenly yelled, "Hive Tyrant! Right behind us! Full power and turn hard, now!" The pilot instantly obeyed and the huge scythe bashed against the hull, rather than cutting through an engine.

    The genestealers get unentangled and rush out toward Ionhead 2. In fact, everything I have converges on the tank. The Ionhead survives all the shooting, because I manage just one glancing hit (the ionhead is moving fast) from Ymir and shake it. I also charge the tank with Vermithrax, Quickdeath 3, the genestealers, and two members of Quickdeath 2 manage to contact the tank. Total result: one hit by Vermithrax that shakes it.

    Switching to the Tau command frequency, the hammerhead pilot spoke quickly and clearly, "Base Ryu'mbar, this is Strike Force Intercept, Ionhead 2. All other components are casualties and we are attempting to disengage. I repeat, my hammerhead is the only thing left. Tyranids are everywhere. We are attempting to disengage."

    TAU TURN 5
    Ionhead 2 moves twelve inches, toward the northeast corner.

    The map after turn 5.

    Picture of the board after turn 5.

    The flying tyrant was actually experiencing a very human emotion: frustration. As its earthbound brother managed a steadily constricting noose that was corralling the nimble Tau fighting vehicle, the winged monster chased after it.

    Move to surround and shoot at the ionhead as able. Garthim manages to hit it once and shakes it. Ymir misses all three shots. Gamera hits it, but rolls a one to penetrate. Grendel misses it every time. I charge it with four Quickdeaths and Vermithrax. I get four hits on its side armor from the Quickdeaths, then roll three ones and a two for penetration.

    More aerial spore mines appeared above the ionhead, blocking the last avenue of escape. The pilot screamed, "Nowhere to go!"

    TAU TURN 6
    The ionhead moves more north, to the board edge.

    The map after turn 6.

    No picture of the board for turn 6.

    As the hammerhead slowed, attempting to do a complete reversal of direction the lumbering carnifex discharged its barbed strangler one, two, three times. The seeds punched through the fighting vehicle's armor, germinating and filling the tank with deadly vines. Growths erupted out of the access hatches and front windscreen, then the ionhead smashed into building and exploded.

    I surround Ionhead 2. Gamera shoots it out of the sky with his barbed strangler.

    The map after turn 7.

    Picture of the board after turn 7.

    Vermithrax (two wounds left), Grendel and Guard (one guard unwounded), Garthim (one wound left), Quickdeath 2 (full strength), Quickdeath 3 (one wounded, one unwounded), Hormagaunt 2 (eight remaining)


    VICTORY POINTS: Tyranids: 1852 (not including capturing every building) Tau: 354 Tyranid Victory.

    I think that, between Bill and myself, about one third of our rolls were ones. There were several times that all ones were rolled for three or even four dice. What was killing Bill is this: Tyranids having a bad turn of melee against Tau is nothing. I just end up killing him the next turn. However, Tau having a few bad rounds of shooting against rapidly approaching Tyranids is a disaster.

    Another point worth mentioning is that Bill consistently did the exact opposite of what he wanted with morale checks. If he wanted to fail a check, then he made it. If passing the check would be beneficial, he failed it. The frustration he experienced was pretty easy to understand.

    Cities of Death gives Tyranids a lot of what they love, which is cover saves and blocked lines of sight. I was using the terrain to limit Bill's shooting, while getting close enough to assault. He made a huge mistake in letting me get in charge range of Fire Warrior 1 and the stealth suits. Honestly, I thought that Vermithrax was going to wipe out the stealths and then be left standing in the open. Bad rolls helped me and then the winged tyrant just tore the Tau apart. Unit after unit.

    Gamera was also very effective this game. Of course, killing crisis suits is a great use for high strength venom cannons and barbed stranglers. That barbed stranglers also cause pinning is just gravy. Whenever I manage to pin a unit of broadsides I want to jump for joy.

    Tyranids: Hive Fleet Kohr-Ah

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    31 (x2)

    Good battle report as usual.

    I'm hoping Bill will win one of these with his Tau!!

    I still think bill will be better served against your Nids taking Railguns on the Hammerheads over Ion. That 2+ save on the Fexs is tearing him up. The railgun has two firing modes and he can solid shot the hard targets and area attack the softer ones. Yes, the submunition is AP4, but that will beat/equal most nid saves. If anything you will cause a lot of wounds and the law of averages will cause you to fail half of those saves.

    I still suggest the Stealth and Fire warrior teams take marker drones(as they are networked). I just feel he is short on marker lights overall. The fire warriors use their marker drone(s) to raise their BS to 4 or 5 dramatically improving their shooting. The fire warriors have S5 30" guns with loads of potential for causing wounds.

    A couple things on points. This may be mistakes, but he has bonded on a few suits and they are alone. Save the 10 points and not Bond individual suits. Same goes with some multitrackers on crisis suits with a single weapon. Again, this could be typos on the battle report here.

    What is Bill's ID here on Libraium?
    40K: Tyranid, Necron, Space Wolves
    Fantasy: Dark Elves, Lizardmen, Orcs & Goblins, Dwarves

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    9 (x3)

    Nice BP... by the way, did you used to have a battle report site/web page? Because names like quickdeath and grendel ring a distant bell in my memory. Someone smack me with a fish if im the last one to catch on to this.
    "...a swarm of mechanised locusts sweeping over the land, stripping it bare of resources, bringing death and destruction to anything that stands in its path. Emperor preserve us against the predations of these so-called Orkish cults of speed!" - Cardinal Nomura at the Conclave of Hessen

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    16 (x1)

    I loved it.
    Great write up,
    Pic were GREAT also
    After Reading it all, I realised there were pictures,
    But of course it was so well written that I fully new what was going on anyway.
    Great to see a massacre,:w00t:
    Totally wiped the Tau all over the floor.:rolleyes: :yes:
    And that funny last bit where all the nids were trying to Tag the last Tau unit.
    Last edited by AJ Tyrant; August 1st, 2006 at 06:49.

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    85 (x1)

    In COD I think that the railhead could be interesting. Any quick tank with a railgun on it would be. However, against Tyranids who are often getting cover saves you cannot discount the volume of fire and lesser price of the ionhead. Notice the one problem with tanks against me: even with bad luck, I tend to keep them shaken or worse.

    Not certain on the effectiveness of taking marker drones for those units. I know Bill sees them as less than useful for stealth suits due to the restrictions on his moves. His markerlights on team leaders always serve him well.

    I do not think the multi-trackers and such were typos. He does what I do at times and that is forgetting to remove stuff when I change a unit around. Still, he does tend to bond everything.

    I have been posting battle reports here for a while. All of the names are from fantasy or science fiction stories, games, legends, movies, etc. "Quickdeaths" were in the old Alpha Dawn game and Grendel is from Beowulf.

    Bill has posted on here before, but he rarely does. I'll mention it to him next time I email or talk to him on the phone.
    Tyranids: Hive Fleet Kohr-Ah

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    27 (x1)

    Good battle report an yay nids. by the way i like your choice of Monterous creature names.
    You?! No!
    --Famous last words of Asmodean

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