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    Battle for Tendercoal

    (IT might get a bit slow, but it's worth reading all the way through)

    1500 Wh vs Nids.
    "Firesweep" "Cities of Death"

    (Author's note: some of the action "repeats" or "overlaps" as
    the perspective shifts from one squad to the other.)

    Layout = 6 Buildings situated as follows:


    _______________________TOWN HALL___________________




    City of Tendercoal.
    Dusk. The entire city is evacuated, smoke slowly rises
    from the city perimeter. The outside walls of may of
    the buildings are charred black from recent fires, but none
    have taken serious damage. Under cover of darkness, a
    Reconnaissance team of 8 Seraphim slips quietly
    through the entrance of a modern administrative

    Inside the entrance hallway to the administrative
    building, the granite floor and mirror walls resonate
    distinct echoes for each footfall. The Seraphim
    quietly move into the main room, where the ceiling
    extends up two floors. A mezzanine balcony with a
    brass railing runs around the entire perimeter.

    Seeing that the room is clear, the Seraphim return the
    the outside of the building and hastily usher in 20
    civilian medical personnel and escort them down to the
    basement where they turn on the lights and begin
    moving tables to create space. Some of the medics
    begin unpacking their equipment.

    They are setting up a field hospital in anticipation
    of heavy field casualties.
    (STRATEGUM MEDICAE as per Cities of Death)

    The fighting will be tight, and causalities are
    anticipated to be heavy. Quick First Aid will save
    many lives here. If the building holds.

    Tyrnids were seen yesterday approaching the edge of
    the Tendercoal. No scouts, no probes. Just a huge
    dark brood of oncoming insects, making no attempt to
    conceal their approach. When the large Trynid
    formation was spotted, the population responded by
    setting fires around the city perimeter. The
    butcher-insects stopped when they reached the
    fire-barrier, where they recoiled from the smoke and
    flame, and retreated out of sight for the while.
    Probably until darkness. They will return for

    The fires basically saved the town. The entire town
    population of 50,000 escaped alive, and they alerted a
    small Ordo Herecticus Force nearby.

    The Tyrnids are somewhere outside the city, the fires
    hacve gone out, and now it's a race between the Sisters
    and the giant Insects to reclaim the Tendercoal and drive the other out.

    The perimeter fires began to dwindle by evening, and
    the last of the flames died during an orange sunset.
    The orange glow of ground fires and the orange sunset
    upon the city made Tendercoal shine like it was made
    of polished copper. As the fires exhausted their fuel, and the
    dry sun melted into the horizon, the bright orange glow
    yielded to the ominous gloom of charred black
    buildings, and a fresh coat of oncoming ink from the
    starless night sky.

    Back in the administrative building, the Seraphim
    leave the medics in the basement and ascend the
    basement stairs. The Seraphim and the Medics are
    among the first to enter the city since the evacuation.

    The Seraphim move into the main room of the
    administrative Building, and start up the main stairs.
    The stairs are wide and carpeted, allowing a silent
    ascent. At the top of the stairs is the Mezzanine walkway
    with its brass banister going all along the perimeter.
    The Seraphim slowly move along the walkway. From up
    there, they have an unobstructed view to all windows
    and doors on the ground floor. Perfect for deployment.

    Seraphim Sister Superior gives a signal to lock and
    load. In the gloomy room, they crouch behind the
    railing and wait. Sixteen Bolt Pistol Barrels slowly
    appear between the brass rails, silently taking
    positions among the shiny rungs.
    Then complete quiet.

    A few blocks away, a black Immolator tank rumbles along
    the street. From inside the flame-throwing, light
    tank, the driver looks up from the dials and gages,
    and sees the Administrative building. She steers
    toward it, as ordered. The hulking tank pulls up
    behind the office building, and creeps to a stop.
    While parked next to the charred building, the Black
    Immolator is virtually invisible with its black paint
    against the charred black exterior. Looking at it
    from as little as 15 feet away, the Immolator utterly
    disappears against the wall.

    A slight whistling sound is heard. The sound is in
    the sky above the Administrative Building. It quickly
    gets louder, then louder until,
    A cloud of Falling acid slams into the Immolator from
    the sky. No damage. Very lucky.

    Biovores are somewhere out there.
    Their acid eats through power armor very fast.
    The driver has been hit by Bio acid before, but not
    today. She has the tank buttoned-down and she is
    safe from the acit within the bowels of the
    tank. At first it feels cold, she remembers. Then it
    feels like you're exploding. She rubs part of their
    neck where the scar tissue remains.

    Another distant, but strange sound. This one much
    louder: "Boom-Crunch, Boom-Crunch, Boom-Crunch"

    Once you hear a Carnifex walking on pavement, you
    never forget it. He was at least a few blocks away,
    and by speed of his footfalls, is moving slowly and
    cautiously. There could be time to stall him or even
    kill him before he reaches the field hostpital.

    To the right of the office building is the Town Hall.

    The Town Hall is small square building made of Grey
    limestone, with a very tall, 4-Story White Steeple.
    It looks very much like a small New England church
    with a much over-sized steeple.

    The next building past the town hall is a slate Church
    with red glass windows. The Church is surrounded by a
    spearhead iron fence bordering the street. A few feet
    away on the street are two black manholes within 6
    feet of each other. (SEWER RATS)

    The two manhole covers simultaneously lift up, and
    each cover hits the ground with a loud clang.
    "Plunk, Clang!"
    "Plunk, Clang!"
    A dark, chitinous mass begins to stream out of the two
    holes, and move along the road. Termagaunts.

    Around the side of the Church, another manhole opens,
    "Plunk" "Clang!"
    More Termagaunts. Looking down at this from about a
    hundred feet above, the street is transformed into a
    river of dark exoskeletons and spikey limbs flowing
    like a river around an elbow turn down the side of the
    Church, then continuing along the front of the Church.

    In partial view of this, are stationed three
    Heavy Bolters inside a small garage. Two of them
    catch sight of the flowing Termagaunt brood, and both
    open fire. The sound of Bolts shattering exoskeleton
    is muffled by the sheer volume of Termagaunts.

    The Termagaunts pause at this threat.
    Just then, a second squad of Seraphim led by a
    Cannoness descend from the sky directly above the brood,
    and land in perfect formation, directly behind the already confused
    Termagaunt Brood.

    There is a strange silent pause as the large insects
    turn to face the landing Seraphim.
    "Click, Click,"
    goes the sound of two Flamer Safety Switches being
    switched forward to the 'on' position. Followed by,


    A huge bath of flame covers the brood.
    Nearly a quarter of the brood dies in the flames and
    bullets. The brood gathers itself and instinctively
    charges the Seraphim. The independent Cannoness is
    immediately surrounded and cut off from the Seraphim.
    Several Termagants are killed in the melee. The
    Seraphim Jump away, losing only one girl.

    From the air, the retreating Seraphim can see that the
    Cannoness is completely surrounded by a thick belt of
    Termagaunts. She literally spins on her heels
    slashing her Blessed Sword through several of them.
    She tries to jet away with the Seraphim, but the bugs
    wrap around her feet. The Cannoness savagely fights
    on, but she is barely visible now, obscured in a tangle of
    giant insects. She knows this is where she will die.

    Looking up, she signals the Seraphim, pointing
    frantically at a parking lot up ahead. She is then
    dragged down to one knee. Two of the creatures jump
    on her back, and she falls, swinging her sword in a
    ferocious two-handed arc as she crashes to the ground.
    The insects climb over each other trying to get out
    of the way of the long, sharp, golden sword as it plunges to
    the ground for the last time. Two more gaunts are
    killed, But it makes no difference. Once on
    the ground, the back of her arms are impaled as she
    lands face down on the pavement. Her skull is then
    crushed, and she passes into a bloody martyrdom.
    Her elegant white armor is eventually picked apart by
    the merciless brod.

    Back in the air, the Seraphim Vet Superior sees exactly
    what the late Cannoness was waving at so frantically. Only
    a jump away in a dim parking lot sit three lone
    Biovores in the shadow of a building. The Seraphim
    steer over land directly in front of the Biovores. The Biovores
    seem oblivious and make no reaction to the force
    landing in front of them.


    For a moment, all seven of the Seraphim warriors'
    faces are brightly lit by the orange glow of their
    flame and muzzle flashes as they open fire. Then
    suddenly dark again. The three Biovores lay dead.
    Poison gas slowly rises like steam from the three dead Biovores,
    who lay charred, torn, bloodied, and eagle spread on the pavement.

    The Termaguant brood is right behind them.
    They charge the Seraphim from behind, killing two
    more. None of the Seraphim manage to get a hand on
    any of the Termagaunts this time. The Seraphim jump
    away in the direction of the Office Building, landing
    in front of a small, red brick school house.

    As the Seraphim land in front of the Schoolhouse, they
    are greeted by a small squad of Stormtroopers emerging
    from the school's interior. Stormtrooper Sergeant
    Gregor Mitchell stops and quickly exchanges salutes
    with Seraphim Superior Marcienne of Viencennes.

    "Schoolhouse is clear," reported Mitchell, "proceeding to establish a
    gun-line to protect its perimeter."

    One Trooper is planting a small Imperial flag on the
    font lawn to signify a cleared building. Seeing the
    modest size of the Storm Trooper Squad for the task,
    the Seraphim Superior surveys the situation and replies,

    "Mitchell, that's a pretty damn ambitious mission for
    only 5 StormTroopers with Leadership 8."

    She continued,
    "My Sisters will help. But there's a Termagaunt brood
    right on our heels, and maybe if we combine
    forces, we can cut them down like rats in the street
    if they attempt to charge this building. We just
    might have enough firepower between both our squads to
    hold out."

    More Termagaunts appear from a different direction
    only yards away. Not good. Not good at all. The
    gaunts charge and envelop both the Stormtroopers and
    the Seraphim. Both squads lose their scoring status,
    and the Imperial Flag in front of the Schoolhouse is
    torn down. The Schoolhouse building is lost to the

    The Immolator, assigned to patrol the Office Building
    slowly crawls around the corner and sees the Seraphim
    landing in front of the Schoolhouse. Then the
    Immolator driver sees a wave of bugs rushing the
    Schoolhouse. The driver guns the engines toward the
    red brick building.

    It's not fast enough. The Termagaunt brood has
    already overrun the Troopers and Seraphim, and the
    insects are already flooding into the Schoolhouse
    through the windows. With a determined look, the
    driver raises the dozer blade and rams hard
    into the school. The dozer blade punches hard into
    the corner of the Schoolhouse, making a loud clang
    sound like a massive bell. The corner of the building
    gives way, and the bricks crumble, leaving a large
    opening. Through the hole, dozens of eyes stare back.
    A moment later, the Immolator fills the hole with
    flame. The windows on the opposite side of the
    building breathe orange flame for a moment, and all of the
    Termagaunts inside are baked alive in the red-brick oven.

    But the bright spectacle has caught the eye of the
    Carnifex, lurking in the church two buildings down.
    She launches a Warp Blast at the Immolator,
    Immobilizing it. Seconds later, more Termagaunts
    scurry in from the same direction and fill the
    schoolhouse once again. As they attempt to push the
    tank away, half of them are killed by the Flame Cannon
    as it fires again. Then the Immolator is hit by
    another Warp Blast. This time, the tank explodes,
    killing more Termagaunts. Once again, more
    Termagaunts appear from the enemy side and fill the
    Schoolhouse a third time. The schoolhouse is once again
    teeming with the creatures.

    Back in the Office building.
    A small cloud of gas explodes through the windows
    behind the crouching Seraphim. Two of them choke
    badly on the gas and lose consciousness, but they are
    quickly carried down to the first floor, where they
    are quickly administered antidote serum. One wakes
    up, one does not.

    Fearing another poison attack from the unknown enemy
    position, the Seraphim Superior orders the medical
    staff to seal off the basement, and she and her squad
    jump out through the shattered second story windows.
    Once outside the building, the Seraphim catch sight of
    some Retributors set up in a garage.

    Looking through field glasses, the Heavy Bolter Officer
    spots a line of Termagaunts climbing up the Courthouse
    Steeple. The Retributor squad opens fire at the
    climbers, and many of the Termagaunts are killed,
    falling several stories, screaming and smashing on the

    Back in the office building, one the medics in the
    basement hears a noise from behind one of the doors in
    the basement. It is very old wooden door with black
    iron cross members and huge rivets. They all freeze
    and look at each other, knowing that they could never
    get out of the basement in time if attacked. Slowly
    the latch lifts, releasing the door. The door slowly
    starts to pull open. Total blackness is seen behind

    An older doctor is standing closest to the door. He
    is portly, bald, and has a pink face, blue saucer-like
    eyes. Hearing the door, his yes get terribly wider as he
    slowly scans the eyes of the others in the room,
    realizing this will be his last moment before something
    terrible. Maybe the Trynids found a way under this
    building? Maybe some of them are hiding in the remote
    areas of this basement? He can hear the blood
    pounding in his ears as he leans back to face into
    the dark passage.

    A Paletine pulls the door the rest of the way open and
    steps into the light with her Retinue behind her. She
    is a beautiful sight. Absolutely Godlike compared to
    the horror they were expecting. She has slightly
    Asian features with beautiful jet black hair, and
    shiny white power armor trimmed with gold.

    The staff in the room collectively sigh in relief, and
    the older doctor puts his hand one to his hart, and
    nearly doubles over, bracing himself on the back of a

    The Paletine, realizing the shock she had just
    caused, places her white-armored hand on his back,
    and gently states,
    "Reinforcements, doctor. Pretend like we're not here."

    The old doctor straightens up, smiles weakly, clears
    his throat, and gestures the way out up the stairs.

    "I pray I don't see any of you again in this room," he
    utters with a weak smile.

    The Retinue follows her up to the ground floor. Her
    polished white power armor glistening in the dim
    light, she moves to look through one of the first
    floor windows. To her shock, she sees a group of
    Genestealers running full speed towards the building.
    She stumbles backwards, and can barely get out the
    word, "ENEMY!" when the Genestealers crash through the
    windows without breaking stride. The ensuing attack
    is terrible. The Sister Squad is caught, trampled,
    and slaughtered.

    The Genestealers begin to search the building for
    survivors, and fail to notice the Immolator which
    had spotted them, an pivoted in immediate pursuit.
    The Immolator stops at a broken window, rotates its turret
    to point its Flame Cannon through one of the
    broken windows.


    Over Half the Genestealers are baked, shrieking in
    the curling flame. The Seraphim outside near the garage
    notice this scene, and jump in front of the fleeing
    Genestealers, blocking their path. The Seraphim Flame
    most of them, and charge into the rest. Only Two
    Genestealers now remain. The beautiful Paletine and her entire
    Retinue lay dead among the scorched Genestealers. Three
    of her limmbs have been cut off. The Seraphim jump high
    and away onto the Steeple next door.

    "Plunk, CLANG"
    Near the Garage, and directly in front of the Heavy
    Bolter Retributors, a manhole cover pops open, and 10
    Termagaunts armed with guns emerge and open fire on
    the Retributors. Several of the Retributors are
    killed. To everyone's surprise, a large window at the
    warehouse is flung open.

    Out pops the broadly smiling face of Inquisitor
    Jebodiah Bush, wearing a giant black preacher hat.
    Smiling, he bellows down at the Retributors.


    He spreads his arms, and slowly raises his hands. As
    though being controlled by his hands, four windows on
    his right and four windows his left simultaneously
    open. The muzzles of hellguns and plasma guns poke
    through each window. Moments later, different colored
    beams of lethal energy plunge into the backs of the
    Termagaunts. All but 4 die. Jeb launches into

    "HA HA HA HA, Ooooh... *hack* HAH... HAH ...HAH HAH
    HAH HAH Aaaah... HAH HAH HAAA! *hack* *hack* HAH
    HAH HAH"

    Laughing insanely, and now belching and gasping for
    air between laughs, Jebodiah falls over backwards onto
    the dusty floor in building, disappearing from the
    window, still laughing. Even though he is on the
    third story, his loud burps of laughter and gasps are
    quite audible to the Retributors below.

    The Retributor Sisters look up incredulously at where
    the lunatic had appeared, and remind themselves to be
    grateful. More Termagaunts attempt to climb the Town Hall
    steeple. A squad of sister Troops advances and rapid fires the
    climbing Gaunts. More gaunts fall to the ground while
    the Seraphim flame the remaining climbers. The
    Veteran Seraphim plants up an Imperial flag at the top
    of the steeple. The town hall has been cleared.
    For now.

    Inquisitor Jeb regains control of himself and stands
    up. One of the Stormtroopers dusts off his preacher
    hat and hands it to him. He puts his hat on, cocks it
    slightly to the side, and looks back out the window.
    From the warehouse he sees the Office Building, and he
    can hear the screams of the Genestealers dieing in
    Immolator Flame.

    "I love the smell of napalm in the morning", he thinks.
    "I sure would have liked that guy".

    He sees two Genestrealers jump wildly
    through the office building windows in attempt to
    escape the Immolator flames behind them.

    "Office looks clear, that's good, " he mutters, as he clears his
    throat, hacks up a big one, goes to the windows on the
    other wall, opens the pane, and spits the gob out.
    From this window, he can see more Termagaunts moving along
    the street heading toward town hall.

    Jeb whirls on his heels to hollers to his troopers,


    In perfect unison, the dark-visor-ed Stormtrooper
    squad steps to the other row of dusty window panes,
    and each opens a window in front of himself.

    Jeb sticks his head out the window and hollers,
    "OH NO!" He yells down at the Termagaunts, "I'D SURE

    As a literal delivery of his punch line, the Troopers
    rapid fire down at the Termagaunts. Six Termagaunts
    die, and four Termagaunts remain standing. Jeb whirls
    himself around on his heels, and makes two fists in
    front of his chest like he just made a touchdown.

    "YES," he says into the room. "I LOVE this."

    Smiling like an absolute lunatic, he spins back around
    and says down to the dieing Termagaunts,

    "Snap Crackle Pop goes the Beetle! hoo Hoo HOOO!"

    He takes his hat off to wipe sweat from his forehead.
    "Oh God, I gotta sit down. Sometimes I really kill myself."

    The remaining Termagaunts begin moving toward the
    warehouse. Presently, Jeb glances back out the
    window, and his eyes fix upon some movement within the
    red windows of the church across the street. He knows
    it's a Carnifex in that chruch.


    Jeb elbows the Trooper to his left who ignores him.
    Jeb brings his wrinkled, pink-skinned, white-whiskered
    face in close to the Trooper. He quickly loses his
    hysteria and calmly speaks to the Trooper.

    "You know, you gotta laugh a little more, son.
    This could all end in five seconds, soldier."

    The Trooper can smell the Bourbon on the Inquisitor's
    breath. Jeb sticks his head back out the window, the
    large brim of his black hat flapping in the wind,
    hollering at the Carnifex.


    He pauses as though he is listening to the Carnifex.



    One of the Troopers speaks, "Sir, I think there's..."

    Suddenly the door to the third floor warehouse
    storeroom bursts into splinters. A screaming Lictor
    smashes through the frame and enters the room. It's
    too late to shoot. He leaps upon one of the Troopers,
    and while holding him down with his legs, engages two
    others. The Inquisitor tries to shoot, but his Pistol

    "God-dam the God-stinking-dam-God-dam-STUPID mechanism
    designed by the God-dam BONEHEADS in the God-dam stupid..."

    Jeb runs out of words and whips the pistol onto the
    floor with all his might. Looking at it in disgust,
    he pauses a moment, then rips off his hat and throws
    that on the floor too.

    The remaining three Troopers turn to run for the
    opposite door, but the creature hooks an arm around
    them and flings the lot of them about the room. Men,
    helmets, dark visors, and guns all tumble in different
    directions. Jeb slowly looks up at the approaching

    "and just what the HELL do YOU want! CAN'T YOU SEE I

    The Lictor stands up fully, and begins flailing his
    great arms around his body.

    "I'm REAL impressed!" Jeb hollers.

    The Lictor picks up the Inquisitor by the arms. The
    two stare face to face. The Inquisitor looks fiercely
    into the cruel face of the Lictor. With his face as
    red as a beet, Jeb growls with a strange calmness,

    "Your mother rides bicycles without seats, mate."

    The Lictor tilts his head sideways, and slowly rips an
    arm off the Inquisitor. Jeb hacks up another luger
    and spits it into the Lictor's eye. The Lictor is
    stunned for a moment. Jeb head butts the giant with
    no effect. The Lictor loses interest and impales the
    Inquisitor's chest with a talon, then flings the man's
    bloody body through a window.

    Jeb lands on the pavement, on his side, facing the
    Courthouse. One eye has been swollen shut from the
    fall, but with the other he can see across the street.
    The two Genestealers and two Termagaunts are
    finishing off the Sister Retributor squad. It looks
    bad. He casts his eyes up to the sky, and his line of
    sight follows the white, tall thin steeple pointing
    into the sky like a finger to heaven. Some birds
    appear to be circling the Steeple, and they are
    descending quickly. A lovely vision to die with.
    BUt the birds appear to be getting much larger.
    No. Too big for birds. They are Seraphim.

    "God they're beautiful." He thinks.

    The Seraphim swoop down and bathe the ground with
    flame. The flame bakes the two Genestealers and two
    Termagaunts into a solid, charred mass. Jeb tried to
    yell a hurrah, but he realized he was choking with
    blood. With his appetite for destruction well
    satisfied, he closed his eyes and slipped blissfully away.

    "Perfect day." Was his dieing thought.

    The Seraphim on the Steeple were able to see most of
    the town from their position. Through the dusty windows
    of the warehouse, they could see two Lictors moving ravenously
    through the warehouse interior. They saw the old
    Inquisitor's body thrown from the building and land
    in the street. It didn't look good for the remaining
    Stormtroopers in the warehouse. Even if the Stormtroopers
    escaped the Lictors and reached the bottom floor, they will have to deal with
    the Termagaunts waiting at the bottom. The Warehouse
    is lost for now.

    To the other side, the Schoolhouse was visibly on
    fire, and has obviously been claimed by an
    encirclement of Termagaunts. To the immediate left of
    the Steeple, the office building remains secure for
    now, but it is clearly endangered by the Termagaunts
    assembling outside the Schoolhouse. The Warehouse is
    now being entered by a four Termagaunts, while the
    Genestealers below are attempting to enter the front
    of the courthouse.

    "Not THIS building. Not if I can help it,"
    the Veteran Superior says, and with that, she signals
    her girls to follow her to engage the vermin below.
    The Seraphim flamers handily clear the few bugs at the
    base of the Courthouse. One of the Seraphim notices
    the dieing Inquisitor laying in the street, outside
    the warehouse. She can see him smiling as his eyes
    slowly close and he expires in a puddle of dark blood.
    She notices that his smile did not fade.

    The Seraphim move forward into a small garage where
    the Retributors were slain. The Garage is secured.
    The Immolator pulls up along side of the garage.

    The driver takes her helmet off and shakes her hair
    loose. "Fill her up," the driver jokes.

    The Seraphim Superior replies,
    "Yeah, you'll need every drop. We can't hold this
    city, but we can hold off these three buildings until
    re-enforcements arrive. Half a town is better than

    Its Turn 6.
    A tie, which is supposed to go into extra innings to
    determine the winner.
    But the Nid player had to leave. Since he had taken
    the "recycling" Termagaunt option, I agreed to concede
    the game. Great fun, though.

    I had two squads swept. Tough love. It happens.
    Perhaps the dice were a bit unfriendly, but we had a great time.

    EDIT- Fixed the spacing of the map.

    Last edited by Red Zinfandel; July 25th, 2006 at 14:45.
    Sisters Repentia: Wow what beautiful models! Wow what terrible rules! -stjohn70

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    5 (x1)

    damn I really enjoyed that normally I scan through a report bbut this one kept me interested the whole time. That inquisitor was absolutely awesome.
    "They shall all taste OBLIVION!,.....which tastes like Red Bull, which is disgusting."

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    34 (x3)

    a quite awsomely entertaining report i must say. very well written. army lists would be nce though to go along with it.
    2000pts Orks 4-2-1

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    37 (x2)

    Thanks very much guys. It's good to hear the kudos after much hard work putting that together. A really good game can be very inspiring.

    THis is what I think makes a good formula for writing a batrep:
    - Narrate from the squads' perspective, the ones who saw the most action
    - Include some vivid images,
    - Add a little humor.

    The INquisitor Model I used is in one of my links below.


    4X4 Table. 6 Buildings. All non-building area is considered Roads. (cool idea)

    I can't reproduce the Nid list, but this is my best attempt:
    - 1 Carnifex with Retinue. (The Fex had some Warp-Blast that was dangerous as all hell).
    - 3 Biovores
    - 1 Squad of about 10 Genesealers led by something independent & nasty.
    - 2 Lictors (Infiltrate, Independent)
    - Endless Termagaunts (Literally: he took some option enabling then to "recycle" once killed)
    - 2 Stragegums: Booby Traps (did nothing); Sewer Rats.

    Bolt Pistol+CCW+Book of St Lucius+Frag Grenades
    7 Celestians
    1 Flamer + Imagifier

    Bolt Pistol +Blessed Weapon+
    Jump Pack +Frag Grenades +Book of St Lucius+ Litanies of Faith

    8 Seraphim
    Twin Inferno Pistols
    Twin Hand-Flamers
    Vet Upgrade+Eviscerator+Bk of St Lucuis+Brazier of Holy Fire

    7 Seraphim
    2xTwin Hand-Flamers
    Vet Upgrade+Book of St Lucuis

    7 Celestians
    2 MeltaGuns

    8 Celestians
    1 Flamer + 1 Meltagun

    Inquisitor + CCW
    INQUISITORIAL MANDATE + Bolt Pistol + Hand

    5 ISTs
    2 Meltaguns

    5 ISTs
    2 Plasmaguns

    10 Sisters
    1 Flamer
    1 Vet Upgrade + Book + Auspex

    5 Retributors
    3 Heavy Bolters
    Vet Upgrade + Book of St Lucius + Auspex

    Immolator + Dozer Blade + Searchlight + Smoke

    Strategums: Medicae & Sewer Rats.
    Last edited by Red Zinfandel; July 25th, 2006 at 14:48.
    Sisters Repentia: Wow what beautiful models! Wow what terrible rules! -stjohn70

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