Hey all, detailed here is a report on a small battle (close to 1000 points) between one of my friends and myself.
This is a little old and it is both the first and second half of the battle (I had put the first half on here before). ANY comments are welcome, so go ahead and talk it up. Hope you like it.

Bear with me here, I didn't have my list with me when we played the game so the point summary may be a little off .
Just to clarrify, this entire report on the casualties etc. is totally acurrate. (We wrote down those stats, go figure :rolleyes: )

My List:
HQ: Wolf Guard Battle Leader term armor storm bolter power wep fashioned into a hammer (not a thunder hammer)
Bodyguard: all term armor 2x Stormbolter and powerfist, 2xassault cannon and power wep, 1xLightning claw marine 1xThunder Hammer and Storm shield

6xGrey Hunters with bolters and close combat weps inc. power fist
6xGrey Hunters with bolters and close combat weps inc.power fist
10xBlood Claws with close combat weps and power wep. and powerfist

5xScouts plasma gun, power weapon, and close combat weps

3xLong Fangs inc Sergeant, missile, Lascannon

His List:
(Not exactly sure of the numbers, also these guard are beefed up with a whole bunch of things which, I frankly had forgotten to write down when we played the game)
Commisar beefed up with power wp and something else, and command inc a psyker with force wep and some powers
Lieutenant power wep and a command with vox system with steely resolve 4 entire army

3xAutocannon teams

3xSquads of Guard (around 12-16 or something per squad)
1xSquad of Storm Troopers 10 guard inc helfire guns? a grenade launcher, sergent with power wep (I'm pretty sure about this 1)

1xLeman Russ Battle Tank tooled up (hunter missile extra armor and storm bolter (i think))

Battle Report: We were playing a take and hold scenario

Pre-Battle stuff: we decided not to roll 4 deployment of terrain so we just placed 4 large pieces each (jungle terrain)
[I have a map i made but i couldn't figure out how to insert it into this report if (if you would like to see the pre-battle set up then click on the link below)]

[IMG]CDocuments and Settings\user\My Documents\My Pictures\SWvs IG.bmp[/IMG]

The air around Thor Bloodfist was muggy and full of unfamiliar scents, however one scent was all too familiar: the scent of fear. Through the dense jungle foliage (with the aid of his space marine ocular augmentation) Thor could just make out the faint flashes of Imperial Guardsmen skurrying around making the final preparations before the battle. All around him the small Space Wolf strike force moved into position making sure that they kept out of enemy's sites. Battle Leader Bori Daemon bane was visible off to Thor's left moving forward and acting as the anchor of the line. As he watched he saw Bori unlatch his hammer from his belt. A hush fell over the vox system as Bori began his pre battl speech.
"Remember my Wolf Cubs the relic we are recovering is said to be of great importance to the Sons of Russ. So you will sell your life in order to keep that relic safe for our recovery! You need not know any more. Now my Wolf Brothers give them hell!"
At this the entire strike force let out a great howl. Had he been nothing more than a simple guardsmen the sound of this would have sent a shiver down his spine. However as the case would have it he wasn't. He was a Space Wolf, a member of Logan Grimnar's Great Company, a veteran of more than 20 different campaigns, and the current Sergeant of his Blood Claw Pack. Thor unhooked his axe from his belt as the howl subsided.
Thor turned towards the Guard line just in time to see the flash of a sniper rifle. Instinctively he moved forward, however as he did he felt the thud of the shot as it thudded into his shoulder plate, the force of the impact knocked Thor to the ground. All around therewere the sounds of gunfire being exchanged, then all other noises ceased as a battle tank opened up and fired into the dense foliage, the ground rocked as the shell exploded somewhere within the forest. Thor jumped back tto his feet and again moved into position with his squad.
"Ready yourselves! We have work to do!"

Turn 1
(The Space Wolves had won the roll to go first)

Thor and his squad moved forward keeping in cover and moving towards the objective. The two Grey Hunter squads on the right flank moved forward into the dense jungle foliage keeping in cover and out of site. On his left Bori and his bodyguard moved forward trusting their armor would protect them from anything the guardsmen could throw at them, the two assault cannon armed Wolf Guard stepped forward ready to unleash their deadly payload on the insolent guardsmen who would dare challenge the might of the Space Wolves. The Long Fang named Bjorn who was armed with a lascannon set his sights on the guardsmen's only Battle Tank. Thor could see his arm shake slightly as he finally pulled the trigger, next to him Hakon fired his missile launcher at the autocannon teams.
"Lascannonn has hit and penetrated the tank's armor; one guard is down from the missile explosion."
The vox bristled with the sounds of gunfire as the Wolf guard with assault cannons fired into the autocannon teams.
"Another two guard are down, remember move forward and secure the relic, all other objectives including survival are secondary, now get that relic and an extra ration of ail for the ones who hand it to my bloody paw at the end of the battle!"
Another Howl arose only to be drowned out by the sounds of the ammunition exploding inside the Leman Russ tank.
Commissar Reginald von Schleiffen of the 25th Kelvan Scout Regiment unhooked his ornate power sword from his belt and held it up. The blade shone with a bluish light lent by the inner workings of the sword itself.
“Move forward and secure the relic.�
Next to him his own command squad began to move making sure to cover their commanding officer. Next to him was an imperial sanctioned psyker whose own powers rivaled those of a Space Marine Librarian. He carried with him a special weapon often referred to as a force weapon, his eyes glowed with an unearthly light as he began to focus.
“Enemies sighted. Fire at will!�
Sounds of lasgun fire, and the thuds of autocannons echoed across the battlefield.
“Commissar, no casualties have been reported, they just bounced off their armor!�
“Frak!� The members of his command squad turned to him looking for some words of comfort from their commanding officer: “Well they’re not going to kill themselves!�

Turn 2
Thor ran through the opening in front of the Long Fangs opting to sell his life rather than losing any of the venerable old Wolves. At least that’s what he would tell them after the battle when in one swift move he had come close enough to the objective to see the object…All around the other wolves moved the Grey Hunters moved towards the edge of the tree line in preparation for the coming assaults that were bound to occur. Bori and his bodyguard again moved forward making sure to keep only in sight of the autocannon teams by using the giant fallen tree as a shield. The Long Fangs too moved forward, not wanting to be left out of the coming conflict.
The young Blood Claws realized their mistake too late as they were now out in the open in the sites of the remaining autocannon members. Even as he watched the autocannon teams began to reload their weapons. Then in an explosion of sound and bursts of blood and gore they were gone all that remained were the bloody tatters of clothing and the occasional limb, however even this did not last as another final; round from an assault cannon detonated the ammunition stockpile behind them.
Thor let out a howl as the scent of blood filled the air mixed with the sound of burning, he could even hear the guardsmen so close now that Thor could pick out individual scents. The lust for blood and combat barely contained in his chest. Then after one more howl he lunged forward…

The Commissar watched as the autocannon teams were reduced to bloody tatters in bursts of highly explosive shells.
“Move forward and return fire!� He yelled into the vox.
“Commissar they’re out of range!�
“What do you mean out of range?�
“We cant see them!�
He couldn’t do anything now all he could do was watch and hope for the best. His men were dying, and he could do nothing about it. All he could do was pray!
Look for the conclusion of this battle report coming soon!

Turn 3
Assault cannon, and Storm bolter shells ripped through the Guardsmen ripping through flesh and sending bursts of blood flying. When the bloody mist settled half of the Guardsmen were lying broken and bloody on the ground their chests riddled with holes. Within Seconds Thor was among them ripping and tearing with his power axe and firing at close proximity with his bolt pistol. Next to him the other members of his squad who had made it into combat completely wiped out those guradsmen foolish enough to get within reach of their weapons.
Seeing their fellow squad members ripped apart by a seemingly unstoppable enemy, the three remaining Guardsmen fled back through the jungle racing through their fellow members to escape the impending slaughter.
Thor and his fellow members pursued running straight into the Guard unit behind the first unit. The slaughter then began anew.
Bori and his bodyguard moved forward monitoring the vox constantly. From the reports gained from the vox Bori learned of the Grey Hunters of Squad Egil had ambushed the Storm Troopers taking half of the squad apart before the Troopers hacked off the arm of one of the marines. With the slaughter of their fellows still fresh in their mind the Storm Troopers fled running into the dense jungle behind them. The scouts also played their part attacking the Lieutenant and his squad taking down several of the Guardsmen for no loss.
The Grey Hunters of Squad Hauvard had remained hidden staying behind the hill and waiting until the guard advanced a little farther. The Long Fangs weary of the battle began to set up camp right in front of the relic keeping their weapons handy in case the Guard were stupid enough to come within sight of the venerable warriors.
From his point of view the battle was going quite well all that remained was for Bori and his retinue to move onto the objective and cover the Long Fangs.
Commissar Reginald felt a pang of fear as he saw the men of his regiment slaughtered by giant power armored monstrosities. Swallowing his fear Reginald signaled the charge and he and his command charged into the combat between the blood soaked Blood Claws. The marines in front of him began to dissect the second unit of guardsmen as Reginald entered the combat, with a swift slash of his power sword one marine fell to the ground clutching the stump that was left of his leg. Next to him the psyker began to slash out severing the head of another marine before he could turn around. The rest of the guard were inspired by this great feat of arms however they could do nothing to the armored monstrosities who in return ripped apart eight or so of the guard.
The Guardsmen panicked and turned away from the combat only to turn back to face their enemies at the sight of the regimental standard.
This was going to be a costly fight.

Turn 4
Thor jumped into the swirling mass of men and picked out his target. The enemy witch picked his way though his own troops an unattural light flickering through his eyes, then he struck out with unnatural speed bringing his weapon around in a wide arc. The weapons hit Thor with such force that the wind was knocked out of his three lungs.
Time seemed to slow as the psyker chanted on. His eyes burned brighter and the air around him began to shift. The walls of reality thinning as the psyker summoned the power of the warp. Then he paused the light in his eyes burning out.
His head snapped back as a chainsword flashed and bored through the flesh and bone of his sword arm. Thor regained his breath and swung his axe embedding it inside the psyker’s chest. Thor’s bolt pistol barked and the psyker’s head exploded in a shower of brains and blood. Thor ripped the axe out of the psyker’s chest and reversed his grip swinging it backwards into an unfortunate guardsmen.
Another marine fell to the power sword of the Commissar as the remaining guardsmen were torn apart by the Blood Claws. With all of the guardsmen down the remaining Blood Claws closed in with the Imperial Guard command squad.
The battle was drawing to a close however it wasn’t over yet.
Bori moved forward monitoring the vox as reports came in. His bodyguard moved with him spotting another squad of Guardsmen moving through the foliage to close in on the blood claws and the objective. The two assault cannons and strom bolters of his bodyguard barked as they unleashed their deadly explosive ordinance into the hapless guardsmen as they wandered into range. The smoke cleared and half a dozen guard lay dead on the ground.
Reports flooded in from the other squads.
Squad Egil had moved back towards the center of the field, and the only remaining combat worthy unit.
The Scouts behind the rock completely desimated the remaining guardsmen and had moved around the rock ready to aid the Blood Claws if need arose.
The Long Fangs moved forward again, camping right on top of the objective.
Squad Hauvard finally made their move running over the hill and charging into the remaining guardsmen beginning their brutal work.
Commissar Reginald watched as his vox caster fought desperately with a space marine, however the contest was over before it even began. The remains of the vox crackled with reports of the progress of the guardsmen. The Storm troopers had emerged from the woods and fired into the backs of the Grey Hunters as they moved towards the remaining Guard. Nothing happened!
The Storm Troopers charged. Their screams echoed over the vox as they were ripped apart.
Commissar Reginald stepped back parrying blow after blow…
The battle in the middle of the field between the Grey Hunters and the guardsmen continued. Many of the remaining guardsmen were ripped limb from limb in a valiant last ditch attempt at survival and victory. Their final attempt was rewarded however, as one marine was injured enough to be brought out of action his skull cracked open by the vengeful guradsmen.
Reginald’s min snapped back to his own survival as he watched his regimental standard bearer speared with his own standard. The marine lifted his lifeless corpse and stuck the flag into the ground leaving the guardsmen on.
Commissar Reginald flew backwards as his regimental apothecary threw his Commanding officer out of the way as a wall of bolt pistol shells thudded through his body. A boot kicked out at the Commissar as he began to get up. Commissar Reginald von Schleiffen’s last image of the battle was of his remaining men running away from the ferocious creatures known as Blood Claws. Then all was black…
End of Game

Thor picked up the Commissar and flung him over his shoulder. All around the sounds of bolters and lasguns were dying down. The Blood Claws of his squad stood around, allowing their minds to return after having given into their primal rage. Blood pooled on the ground and ran off each member’s armor as rain began to fall. Thor picked his way through the bodies until he came upon the psyker. He leaned down and picked up the limp body throwing it over his shoulder also.
All around the Space Wolves began to clean up the battlefield helping the wounded and carting off the dead. Already the one dead Space wolf was being taken care of. His gene seed was going to be removed from his throat, ready to be placed in another future Blood Claw.
The four other wounded marines were also being taken care of having their wounds cleaned and bound. The battle had been less costly than first believed however it had still cost a marine his life.
On his shoulder the Commissar stirred. Thor turned toward where his lord now sat, he walked over and dropped the two bodies at his feet and knelt before the venerable warrior.
“Venerable Lord Bori I bring before you the Guard’s two leaders, a psyker and a Commissar.�
“Rise Thor Bloodfist. You and your squad have fought well today. However was not the objective to regain control of the relic? And did you not attack the guardsmen first before they could explain their actions? Were you a Grey Hunter you may have been demoted, however you are not. And seeing as how your squad’s defeat of more than half of the Guardsmen allowed your venerable older brothers a firm foothold. Therefore it is my recommendation that you be promoted to a Grey Hunter. Congratulations Thor Bloodfist, may Russ guide your way and protect you from danger. And may the Emperor have mercy on the souls of those who meet your axe!�
Thor let out a howl of joy which was echoed across the battle field by his Battle Brothers. With one last jovial howl Thor leapt glancing over his shoulder at the waking Imperial Guard Commissar. He would have one hell of a time explaining himself to his own commanding officer; if he survived.

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