There were two main 4x6 tables and one smaller 3x3 table. One table held an Imperial Refinery, the mission objective. That table was inhabited by ruins on the Refinery side and had 3-4 forests on the Evil side. The other table was wracked with terrain with a table spanning wall in the middle. The Evil team started on the wall table unless they had DS units, which could enter on the Refinery table. The walls were AV 12 and took 2 glancings or 1 penetrating to knock down a section. We had 3 players there (I was Evil) and they (Good) had 1 player defending, their decision. That tabel held 3 Earth Shaker Cannons that could fire on the Refinery table every turn but scattered 3d6 combined. We had to knock down the walls and take those out with had the same rules and AV of the walls. Once those were down, all remaining forces on both sides would reinforce the Refinery table.

The Refinery table had 2 Good and Evbil members start on it. The Refinery had 6 BS2 Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters for defense. The side with the most points on the Refinery after 6 turns would win. Each destroyed Earthshaker was worth 100 VP for the Evil side.

The little table was 250 pts vs. 250 pts one on one. Good started inside a little fence area and Evil started outside. Evil had to blow the two power plant parts )AV 11 and 12, same rules for walls) to take the Heavy Bolters offline. Whichever player won there could take there full 750 pts and reinforce a table of their choosing. Regular army points was 750.

2x Sisters of Battle
Dark Angels

2x Tyranids
2x Chaos
Lost and the Damned

The Lost and the Damned and me would arrive starting Turn 2 on the Refinery table. Alpha Legion attack the power plant and everyone else busted walls. Dark Angels defended the wall, Sisters held the plant and everyone else held the Refinery.

Evil Turn 1:

Everything advanced and a Venom Cannon dropped a far wall piece. On the power plant table, 3 Sisters were gunned down as the fences could be fired through.

Good Turn 1:

Dark Angels moved to intercept threats and Sisters fired back on the Alpha Legion, dropping nothing.

Evil Turn 2:

My Chaos Lord, a Lictor I was controlling and all the Lost and Damned showed up on the Refinery table. (Note: The L&D were allowed to be on the Refinery table even though they didn't DS). Evil dropped another wall section and some Marines but mostly advanced. On the Refinery table the Sisters saw several losses from Russ fire and the Lictor assaulted a 3x Lascannon Platoon, killing 1 group. On the power plant table the fence was dropped.

Good Turn 2:

The Sisters again did nothing on the power plant table. The Dark Angels killed a few Gaunts but moved to block the holes. On the Refinery table the guns opened up and when the dust cleared all the a few Troopers had dropped, Good had horrendous shooting luck.

Evil Turn 3:

The power plant was taken by Evil as the Sisters died to shooting and we ruled they could assault the plants in spite of Rapid Fire, blowing them both with Melta-Bombs. Heavy Bolters down!

One Earthshaker fell on the wall table with yet more slow advance.

The Refinery table saw our Alpha Legion come help and we succeeded in dropping all the forward Guard units, still leaving alot left. (He had 1500 points instead of 750.) The demons arrived but couldn't assault dut to bad scatters and took up cover. A Strom Trooper squad also came in and flamed a building, leaving one level Guard free.

Good Turn 3:

Dark Angels dropped some Fire Warriors and gribblies. The wall table looked lost.

The Refinery table saw most of the newly arrived Alpha Legion fall including all the Cultists and a Marine squad. All Good units held but the Lascannons finally fell to the Lictor.

Evil Turn 4:

Another battery fell on the wall table along with alot of DA.

The Refinery table saw most of the Sisters infantry eradicated. The Lictor assaulted some Sentinels and cut one down but died in return. The demons cut down some Sisters and took a building.

Good Turn 4:

The DA player moved in a defence ring around the Batteries and dropped a few more Gaunts. Alpha legion was eradicated as were all the building holding demons. L&D suffered 2 Immobilized tanks.

Evil Turn 5:

Shooting kicked up and saw the Batteries die, so everyone moved over to the Refinery. The DA players army was put back at full strength to keep it competitive. He put everything in the Refinery surrounding my Lord. With shooting we eliminated alot of Marines and the rest of the Good units close to the Refinery, making victory for them seem farer and farer away. The Lord assaulted the DA Termies and killed 4 of them, piling in.

Good Turn 5:

The newly arrived Tau, Tyranids and the last of my demons were drowned in las fire and Bolter rounds, making our reinforcements seem not there. With little able to hoof it to the objective, the Good dug in and aimed. The rest of the DA Termies fell.

Evil Turn 6:

Shooting and the Lord wiped out all DA resistance and we were declared the winners.

Not much detail as I was only on one table and alot happened. There was actually varying players from turn to turn as people dropped and jumped in and the usual mega-battle hijinks ensued. It was still a good scenario and a good win for Evil.