Imperial Guard vs. Daemonhunters - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Imperial Guard vs. Daemonhunters

    Welcome to my second battle report. This time it's 180 points with a special set of rules. My Imperial Guard army is just two squads of 10 men (not legal, but it's all I've got).

    I have two squads both with grenade launchers and veterans sergeants with power weapons and bolt pistol or storm bolter.

    The DH have 4 grey knights, 1 GK psycannon and a justiciar (I'll explain why its 20 points over the limit later).

    The battle begins with my first guardsman squad charging valiantly across the field firing lasguns as they go. Only a few can fire and they predictably do nothing. Squad 2 charges behind squad 1 but are out of range.

    In the DH turn they level their stormbolters at the charging guardsmen and 9 of them bite the dust (all, but the sergeant). In the next turn he fires back with his stormbolter, seeking vengeance for his lost men. He rolls two sixes to hit, and two fives to wound. The dice are handed over to the DH player and, bless the emperor two 1's are rolled. The Grey Knights fall and the crowd around the table is shocked. The Grey knights retaliate and charge headfirst into combat. They promptly kill the offending sergeant without any problem.

    By this time squad 2 took up firing positions and unleashed a volley of las-fire. One wound was scored by the bolt pistol and yet another grey knight fell. But in the next turn they grey knights shot and charged the remains of squad 2 to secure victory.

    They had won, but at what cost.

    This was my first battle with my IG and I think they performed admirably for an outmatched army. I didn't check his list before the game and he got away with it. He said his list was 175 points, when it was actually 200. I confronted him the next day and he said that he didn't use a psycannon. But all the guys watching the game knew that he did. He then realised that the psycannon excuse wasn't working and said that he didn't use a justiciar in his squad. He claims it's just like a veteran sergeant and it's optional to use one. We then remind him that he said in the battle that he got 3 attacks on the charge for a justiciar and not 2. In the end he didn't admit it and being the stubborn fool that he is didn't admit it until 3 days after the battle.

    I really hate players like that, I've known him since primary school and he is definitely a repeat offender. I once played a battle against him, and right after he massacred me he said sorry, I was 300 points over the limit. I attempted to get his army list before the fight but he said that he threw it out when he got to the table.

    Anyway, that's my rant over, hope you enjoyed the report and may the IG triumph for yonks past this date.

    Catch Ya!

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    Interesting report. With what he had"The DH have 4 grey knights, 1 GK psycannon and a justiciar " That would make his unit6 man strong. That unit comes to 200 points even. As for the Justicar he is not optional. You must take him to have a squad. I would not play this kind of person.
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