An unfortuante Series of Battles (Part I) Tau vs Tyrannids. - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    An unfortuante Series of Battles (Part I) Tau vs Tyrannids.

    I have decided to put together a couple of reports for some interlinked games between my Tau army and a mate’s Tyranids. We decided the result of each clash was to dictate the next battle. At the time we were not sure how, but knew we would figure it out. I am going to put these reports over a couple of threads as it is a bit much to cram them all into one. These are the first four games of 40K I have played so I apologize now for any problems with the lists, although I would appreciate any constructive criticisms. The lists may appear to be odd to more experienced gamers, however, despite the advice of others I decided there were a few mistakes I needed to make for myself. Unfortunately it turned out there were far more than I would have liked.

    When we first started the games we had not intended to write any reports or therefore keep any notes, so the details of the first two games are a bit sketchy. Also, game four turned out to be far too stressful for either of us to make notes so it will have to be done from memory, although I do have the army lists. Game four was definitely the highlight (for us anyway) and will hopefully be worth the read. I will cover battles one and two in this first thread.

    Both games were on a 4x4 board, the scenery was not changed between games

    Battle 1 - 150 pt Combat Patrol, 1 squad each.

    12 fire warriors
    Drone controller
    Marker Drone

    Genestealers – probably about 10 of them. I can’t remember how they were kitted out.

    Battle 2 – 500 pts - Cleanse



    Missile Pod
    Plasma Rifle
    Targeting Array
    Stimulant injector


    Crisis Suit - Shas'ui
    Multi tracker - Hardwired
    Burst Cannon - TL
    Missile Pod

    Crisis Suit - Shas'ui
    Missile Pod
    Plasma Rifle - TL
    Multi tracker - hardwired


    Fire Warriors x 2
    10 warriors inc. Shas'ui
    HW Multi tracker
    HW Target lock.

    Total 493


    1 Carnefex
    3 Tyranids
    2 units of Genestealers about eight models in each
    1 unit of Termagaunts 10 models, I think
    1 spore mine

    Silver Sun clutched a data disk, a frown crossed his face. It was such a small object, but had cost too many Tau lives already. He knew that more would fall before they could rest, to be sacrificed for the greater good. Silently he cursed the Ethrials who had sent him to this forsaken planet. The mission was supposed to have been a simple search and recovery of important data from an abandoned Imperial outpost. He should have known better, these things were never simple…

    (Battle 1)

    A scouting party of a dozen Fire Warriors had initially been sent in to retrieve the data; however the Ethrials had failed to register the Tyranid presence in the area. The party had been ambushed by a pack of Genestealers circling round behind a hill, as they tried to approach the post. The Fire Warriors noticed the threat as the Genestealers came over the crest of the hill, but it was too late. A salvo of panicked firing proved to be wildly inaccurate and only one of the beasts was dispatched; even the marker drone seemed to be faulty as the designator pointed off into the distance. This only seemed to enraged the mob further as it swept down the hill, the first animal pounced on the squad (1 Genestealer made contact after a fleet of foot roll of 5”, there was less than 1/4” in it, typical). The sound of screaming was quickly cut short by the frenzied slashing of talons, gore doused the area as limbs were shattered and flesh torn. More beasts joined in the slaughter and four warriors were ripped apart by razor sharp claws. The rest of the unit had no desire to endure the same fate and fled, leaving the Genestealers feeding on the flesh of the fallen

    (Tyranid victory)

    (Battle 2)

    Orders were orders and despite distaste for such a reckless affair the information had to be recovered. Two squads of fire warriors were dispatched with two crisis suits Silver Sun decided to accompany them personally; they could not afford any more screw ups. The raiders approached the post early in the morning; however the sun was already climbing into the sky. There was no chance of slipping in quietly, the Tyranids were sure to be expecting more trouble and would likely be around in stronger numbers, this would have to be done the hard way. The battle was brief but bloody.

    Cautiously holding a hill above the post Silver Sun could see a Carnefex and two Tyranid Warriors, protected by a retinue of Genestealers and Termagaunts. He decided to seize the initiative, and gave the order to fire. A Genestealer brood was quickly cut down by the heavy fire of the Fire Warriors and Crisis Suits. The air filled with the smell of charred flesh. The fast assaulting Termagaunts were soon dispatched as well, victims of a similar fate. A couple of the murderous creatures which had survived made a dash over the open ground towards the Tau lines. A burst cannon opened up and the two bodies carried by their own momentum skidded to a stop, limp and riddled with holes. The Carnefex began to advance, again the sound of plasma rifles cut through the air, however even the crisis suits could not bring down the beast, although it did let out a pain filled scream. Two Tyranid Warriors stood behind the creature, its imposing bulk shielding them from the deadly Tau barrage.

    It was at this point disaster nearly struck, a cluster of spore mines came hurtling down onto Fire Team Alpha. A Tyranid Warrior let out a blood curdling roar, before the Fire Warriors could react the mine detonated, filling the air with deadly gas. Two of the Fire Warriors quickly succumbed, the rest of the squad was resolute and closed ranks.

    In the meantime a pack of Genestealers had slipped unnoticed around the side of the outpost and emerged buoyed by the success of the mines, they prepared to charge the Tau right flank. Fire Warrior Team Bravo were attentive to the danger and rushed forward to a firing positing, a withering hail of pulse rifle shots cut down the entire brood, broken bodies littered the ground. In moving forward Team Bravo had committed a fatal mistake…

    The crisis suits turned their attention to the synapse creatures Silver Sun managed to flank round the Tyranid advance, to pour fire into their rear. However a large metal structure got in the way Silver Sun swore, this was going to prove costly. The Carnefex crashed into the side of Team Bravo. The sickening sound of the rending of Tau flesh could be heard by the rest of the army, the Fire Warrior armor cracking like a freshly cooked crab. The squad was going to pay for its overconfidence. Three fire warriors were eviscerated; the rest began to fall back, too far for the Carnefex to follow. The crisis scouts reacted, cutting down the Tyranid Warriors who were just too far from Team Bravo to join the slaughter.

    Team Bravo rallied, the thought of revenge burnt into their minds as they wiped their splattered team mates from their visors. This Carnefex was going to pay. They opened fire, a wall of shots hurtled towards the Carnefex, most was brushed harmlessly aside, however one shot blew a chunk from the Carnefex’s hide. The monster swayed, but held firm, it was looking decidedly worse for wear, but just as deadly. The members of Team Bravo were ready to accept their fate and join their squad mates as the beast turned its attention back towards them. The crisis suits bounded forwards towards the Carnefex, hoping to save Bravo, plasma rifles missed their target, missiles snaked towards the bloodied hulk, merely embedding themselves in its flesh and a twin linked burst cannon may just as well of been rain.

    The last thing the leader of Bravo saw was a giant scything blade entering his visor, his mind exploded with a bright light and everything went black. The squad fought for their lives with butts of plasma rifles preferred to the bloody ends of their own arms, but they used anything that came to hand. A lucky shot slipped though smashing the Carnefex between the eyes, its knees began to buckle, a smile crossed the face of the fire warrior as revenge appeared complete. He was mistaken, as the claws of the Carnefex blurred as he exploded into a red mist, another warrior was caught in the frenzy. Bravo lost its nerve again and ran. This time they were not coming back. (I was so close to taking down the Carney in cc, however a bloody 3+save foiled me)

    Silver Sun, aware there was still a job to do moved back towards the centre of the post, and ordered Alpha to join him. The other Crisis Suits could deal with the Carnefex. A suit lifted back out of cover onto the top of a gun emplacement and leveled both burst cannons. The Carnefex was splattered with shots, one slipped through an eye socket and blowing through the back of its skull, emptying the creatures head across the grass. The battlefield was now clear

    (Tau victory.)
    3 suits left and Team Alpha – minus two warriors
    Tyranids eliminated

    …Silver Sun shocked himself back to the present, the stench of death had attracted unwanted attention and the Tyranids were determined to eliminate their unwanted presence. The radio crackled with the eta of the evac. force. It couldn’t come soon enough. Defensive lines were set up around an old chapel. Another report came across the radio, they were not alone, this was going to be a long day…

    I hope that you have enjoyed the struggle so far, battles one and two proved to be just a warm up. I will post the others as soon as I am able. Suggestions are appreciated; I may be able to sort out some photos from the other two games.

    Edit. Ok I spelt Tyranids wrong on the thread title.

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