Medusa V: Successful Defense of the Harvest Shield - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Medusa V: Successful Defense of the Harvest Shield

    Well, I just got back from the Syracuse GW store, where they were running the official Defense of the Harvest Shield Event. It was a 9 hour, 100,000 point battle . Every board in the store was pushed together into an L shape with 'Order' and 'Chaos' attacking from different ends:

    |____ Chaos

    In the intersection was the Harvest Shield Generator. Immobile 'monoliths' sat at at the edge of each gaming table. These were the main entry points for Necron forces until they were destroyed. The other entry point was the table with the Harvest Shield Generator.

    The other factions entered from their respective edges, though as the game went on the entry point was moved up (new players came on throughout the _was_ a 9 hour event).

    Necron players could use anything and everything they owned (noone brough c'tan, but the store provided a Nightbringer). Other factions could bring 1000 points per player; even so, the Necrons were outnumbered 2 to 1 by points.

    The victory conditions were:
    Non-Necrons won if they destroyed the Harvest Generator by assaulting their way up it
    A draw occurred if all the 'monolith' entry points were destroyed
    Necrons won otherwise

    I missed the first turn and a half myself but even for the turns that I did see, this was a battle beyond my abilities to record a blow by blow (simply too much was going on for one person to record it all). Throughout the battle Necrons Deepstriked Monoliths into the battle lines of their opponents, in the early turns they sent them against Order, then shifting to dropping them on the hordes of Chaos in later turns. Much of the rest of the Necron forces holed up in the various cities across the board.

    In response to these entrenched positions the forces of disorder released Genestealers and Lictors into a number of the cities on their side which succeeded in bringing some disruption; but the main tactic of Chaos was to attack in a titanic table spanning wave, a sea of orcs, obliterators, and tyranid monstrosities.

    The space marines assessed the situation to be so dire that they utilized their drop pods as offensive weapons, dropping them on the buildings sheltering the Necrons (drop pods dropped on buildings forced an armor save for each model sheltering in the building and in the drop pod, and removed the building replacing it with the drop pod). As a result the forces of order penetrated the closest to the Shield Generator, but were far more stretched out than Chaos.

    Ultimately, only one 'Monolith' remained as the time limit was reached. In a last ditch attempt to force a draw the combined forces called in the Titan fire support they'd been saving - the Titan for Order resulted in a weapon destroyed, and the Chaos Titan missed... and the battle was over, the Shield was activated.

    Our name is Death, our number is Legion!

    I put this in battle reports as I am attempting to report on a specific battle, sorry if this should have gone in the Campaign section...

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