ok this is my first try at a battle report so here it gos

i had

1 bike force commander with p lance and lightning claw in arificer armor
6 bikers
5 bikers
6 scouts
5 marrines +plus rhino
2 land speeder tornados both with mms and one with heavy flamer the other with asault cannon

he had

1 emp champ
1 chaplin with artificer armor and jump pack
1 high marshall with termie armor power sword andstorm bolter
5 termies
10 marrines w las cannon
9 marrines w las cannons

in the first turn he moved his emp champ to wards a tower neerby and ended his turn
in my turn i moved my rhino up to the building in the center and un loaded the marrines and loaded my scouts i moved the marrines into the building and started to move the rhino round the building and deployed the smoke launchers

in his turn he moved his chaplin towards the building on his own and ended his turn

in breif he pushed me out of the building then got toasted by land speeders 5 strong bikers moved be hind the rhino for cover from bolter fire rhino soon reached a marrine squad unloading the scouts the first assault began

i lost miserable when the emp champ slammed me in the rear but began to look up when my bikes managed to kill the emp cham ppulling out scouts dead i began to harry his men with heavy bolter fire and lightning hist and runs on his flank

but soon his termies arrived at the same time as the second bike squadron led by my bike hq a massive brawl developed with 11 bikes and a bike lord vs 5 termies and a high marshall after losing 3 bikes i charged the high marshall wiht the bike lord

i lost but the turn imet ended and i had much more ponits left but if he had one more turn i would have lost

phew :unsure: